110+ Unique Gothic Girl Names With Mysterious Charm

These baby girl names have all the dark fairy appeal, witchy whimsy, and mysterious charm you're looking for.

Published October 26, 2023
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Gothic girl names have a certain old-world mystery and they're uniquely beautiful. From names with Victorian roots to the gorgeous and enchanting gothic names still used today, these names have all the edge you're looking for. Grab your black nail polish and try to find the perfect goth name with dark fairy vibes.

Cute Gothic Girl Names With Adorable Edge

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Who said goth gals can't be cute? Whimsical, witchy names like these balance the edge and charm of a classic goth name. Since this category of names is quite unique, some names have mixed or unknown origins. 

  • Aeliana - variant of "Elaina," meaning "God answered" 
  • Althea - meaning "healer" or "wholesome"
  • Aurora - Latin, meaning "dawn"
  • Belinda - Spanish, meaning "beautiful"
  • Belladonna - Italian, meaning "beautiful lady." Also a toxic plant.
  • Cat - Greek, meaning "pure"
  • Cressida - Greek, meaning "gold"
  • Cordelia - Latin, meaning "little heart"
  • Fay - meaning "fairy" or "fairy-like"
  • Isolde - Celtic, meaning "fair lady" or "beautiful" 
  • Juno - meaning "queen of heaven"
  • Lacy - Latin, meaning "cheerful"
  • Maeve - meaning "intoxicating"
  • Nadia - Russian, meaning "hope"
  • Quinn - Irish, meaning "wise"
  • Ravette - English, meaning "raven-like"
  • Thalia - Greek, meaning "to blossom" or "joyous muse"
  • Violet - Latin, meaning "purple"

Victorian Goth Girl Names With Old World Charm

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There's an unmatched beauty in the arts and literature of the Victorian era and the late Gothic revival. These names hold that same charming beauty and work well for girls with old souls.

  • Arabella - meaning "yielding to prayer" or "beautiful altar"
  • Beatrice - meaning "she who brings happiness"
  • Cecelia - Latin, meaning "blind" or "unseeing"
  • Dorothea - meaning "gift of God" or "God's gift"
  • Eugenia - Greek, meaning "well-born" or "noble"
  • Florence - meaning "flourishing" or "prosperous"
  • Genevieve - French, meaning "woman of the family"
  • Henrietta - feminine of Henry, meaning "ruler of the household"
  • Isidora - meaning "gift of Isis" or "gift of the goddess"
  • Josephine - meaning "God will add"
  • Lenore - often associated with sorrow
  • Mallory - French, meaning "without good fortune"
  • Ophelia - Greek, meaning "help" or "aid"
  • Rosalind - German, meaning "gentle horse" or "beautiful rose"
  • Seraphina - Hebrew, meaning "fiery" or "burning one"
  • Theodora - Greek, meaning "gift of God"
Fast Fact

The name Lenore, and the sorrow often associated with the name, was popularized by the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Raven."

Dark Girl Names With Gothic Vibes

Dark is far from a bad word. In fact, these names prove that dark can also be stunning and beautiful.

  • Absinthe - A reference to the alcoholic drink. Often associated with darkness and mystery.
  • Adrienne - meaning "dark one"
  • Anastasia - Russian, meaning "resurrection"
  • Bellatrix - Latin, meaning "female warrior" or "warlike"
  • Calista - meaning "most beautiful" or "most lovely"
  • Charna - Slavic, meaning "black"
  • Draconia - usually associated with severe cruelty
  • Mara - Hebrew, meaning "bitterness"
  • Noir - French, meaning "black"
  • Perdita - Latin, meaning "lost"
  • Samara - Hebrew, meaning "dark talk"
  • Selene - goddess of the moon
  • Vespera - Latin, meaning "evening star" or "evening"

Mysterious Gothic Girl Names That Feel Esoteric

These gothic names have that certain something that draws you in and leaves you guessing. The mystery of these goth girl names is simply irresistible. 

  • Aradia - Italian, dark goddess
  • Blair - often associated with mystery
  • Calliope - muse of poetry in Greek mythology
  • Drusilla - Roman, meaning "fruitful" or "dewy-eyed"
  • Elara - a moon of Jupiter
  • Faelore - unique name, no recognized origin
  • Hestia - goddess of hearth and home in Greek mythology
  • Isla - Spanish, meaning "island"
  • Jocasta - Greek, meaning "shining moon" or "violet-tinted"
  • Lyra - Greek, meaning "lyre" or "a musical instrument"
  • Morrigan - goddess of war and fate in Irish mythology
  • Odalys - Spanish, meaning "chambermaid"
  • Pandora - inspired by the Greek myth
  • Sapphira - Greek, variation of "sapphire"
  • Sable - symbolizes elegance
  • Thalassa - primordial spirit of the sea in Greek mythology
  • Xanthe - Greek, meaning "yellow" or "golden"

Edgy Gothic Girl Names With a Dark Quirkiness

Edgy gothic girl names stand out in a beautiful way. Some might call them bold, but those with a true appreciation for goth culture know they are quirky and lovely all at once.

  • Amaris - meaning "child of the moon"
  • Crimson - a deep shade of red
  • Dax - French, meaning "leader"
  • Echo - a nymph known for her beautiful voice in Greek mythology
  • Electra - Greek, meaning "shining"
  • Fallon - Irish, meaning "superior" or "descended from a ruler"
  • Harley - English, meaning "hare's meadow"
  • Harlow - English, meaning "rock hill" or "army hill"
  • Jazz - a style of music
  • Jinx - Latin, meaning "spell" or "charm"
  • Kora - meaning "maiden" or "maiden daughter"
  • Lux - Latin, meaning "light"
  • Rogue - associated with a sense of independence or defiance
  • Rue - Greek, meaning "regret"

Gothic Girl Names Inspired by Nature

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Nature may give us beautiful names about light and all the vibrant things. But nature also inspires beautiful dark gothic names that show the other side of the Earth's beauty.

  • Amethyst - a gemstone known for its natural purple color
  • Autumn - the season to signal summer's end
  • Azura - meaning "sky-blue" or "clear blue"
  • Briar - a thorny bush
  • Circe - Greek, meaning "bird"
  • Crowe - variation of "crow"
  • Dhalia - referring to the unique flower 
  • Ember - meaning "spark" or "burning low"
  • Hazel - British, meaning "the hazel tree"
  • Ivy - English, meaning "vine"
  • Luna - Latin, meaning "moon"
  • Mavis - French, meaning "songbird."
  • Onyx - dark gemstone known for its black color.
  • Rae - Hebrew, meaning "female sheep"
  • Storm - suggests a sense of power and unpredictability
  • Zephyrine - Greek, meaning "west wind" or "gentle breeze"

Famous Gothic Girl Names From Dark Icons

They're the women and creatures who inspired many parts of the gothic culture. Honor one with a name inspired by the person or character behind the title.

  • Bronte - inspired by the famous Bronte sisters
  • Delilah - inspired by the Old Testament temptress.
  • Desdemona - from Shakespeare's Othello, often associated with tragedy
  • Elvira - the horror hostess, mistress of the dark
  • Gamora - inspired by the character in Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Gothel - inspired by Mother Gothel in the Rapunzel fairytale
  • Hecate - goddess in Greek mythology associated with witchcraft and the moon
  • Lilith - a figure in Jewish mythology
  • Morgana - associated with the sorceress Morgan le Fay
  • Morticia - inspired by the matriarch of The Addams Family TV show and movies
  • Nyx - goddess of night in Greek mythology
  • Persephone - Queen of the underworld in Greek mythology
  • Raven - inspired by the black bird, associated with mystery and darkness
  • Sabrina - inspired by the famous teenage witch
  • Wednesday - inspired by Wednesday of The Addams Family TV show and movies
  • Winifred - inspired by the head witch from Hocus Pocus
  • Vampira - the iconic horror character portrayed by Maila Nurmi in the 1950s 
Need to Know

The name Raven is gender-neutral but is popular for girls. The name refers to the black bird of the same name and holds great significance with Edgar Allen Poe fans due to the popularity of his famous poem The Raven. The name can also be a symbol of wisdom or refer to someone with dark hair.

Discover the Dark Beauty of Gothic Names

Choosing a gothic name for your little girl doesn't mean she's destined to don black clothing all her life. These names have deep meaning, unmistakable charm, and mysterious beauty. If your baby girl evokes those same vibes, a gothic name might be the perfect choice.

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110+ Unique Gothic Girl Names With Mysterious Charm