143 Fabulous French Girl Names for Your Beautiful Bébé

These French baby girl names are a fine choice for your little darling! From classic to unique, you'll find dozens of ideas.

Updated December 7, 2023
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French is one of the five main romance languages, which makes French girl names a gorgeous choice for your little lady. Case in point, Charlotte is a beautiful title with French roots that's been a popular choice in America for going on a decade! For parents-to-be who are hoping to find a fabulous baby girl name, we have a flawless collection of these elegant epithets.

Pretty French Girl Names

These charming options are a combination of both classic and newer baby names that are not only popular but have a variety of unique meanings.

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  • Aimée (eh-mee) - Beloved or friend
  • Avery, Averi or Averie (Ay-vehr-ee) - Leads with wisdom
  • Blanche (blan-she) - White or fair
  • Cécile (seh-seel) - Blind
  • Céline (say-leen) - Moon
  • Chantal (shan-tal) - Stony
  • Claudette (klo-deht) - Crippled
  • Constance (kah-stehns) - Constancy
  • Désirée (deh-zee-rey) - Desired
  • Éloïse (eh-low-eez) - Sun
  • Estelle (ehs-tehl) - Star
  • Fabiola (fah-bee-o-lah) - Lovely bean
  • Gisèle or Giselle (zhee-zehl) - Pledge or hostage
  • Héloïse (ehl-low-eez) - Healthy
  • Inès (ee-nehs) - Chaste
  • Jolie - (zho-lee) - Pretty
  • Justine (zhus-teen) - Fair or righteous
  • Lucie (loo-see) - Light
  • Manon (ma-nawn) - Bitter or wished for child
  • Romane (raw-man) - Roman
  • Séraphine (seh-ra-feen) - Fiery ones
  • Zoé (zaw-eh) - Life
Fast Fact

French girl names are associated with some pretty remarkable women — Josephine Baker, the first African American woman to star in a motion picture, Celine Dion, the award-winning Canadian singer, and Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel, to name a few. 

Classic French Names Perfect for a Baby Girl 

There are certain female names immediately that come to mind when looking for French name ideas. While these classics may be more common than other names, they're timeless name choices that will never go out of style.

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  • Anaïs (a-na-ees) - Grace or beauty
  • Béatrice (beh-a-trees) - Traveler
  • Bernadette (behr-na-deht) - Brave bear
  • Charlotte (shar-lot-te) - Unrestricted
  • Claire (klehr) - Clear, bright, or famous
  • Émilie (eh-mee-lee) - Rival
  • Françoise (frahn-swaz) - Frenchwoman
  • Geneviève (zhen-eh-vyehv) - Woman of the race or family
  • Hélène (eh-lehne) - Torch or moon
  • Joséphine (zho-seh-feen) - He will add
  • Lourdes (lawrd) - A town in France
  • Margaux, Margot or Margo (mar-go) - Pearl
  • Marielle (ma-ryehl) - Rebellious, bitter, or a wished-for child
  • Monique (maw-neek) - To advise
  • Odette (aw-deht) - Wealth or fortune
  • Pénélope (peh-neh-lawp) - Duck
  • Renée (ru-neh) - Born again
  • Simone (see-mawn) - He has heard
  • Sophie (saw-fee) - Wisdom
  • Thérèse (teh-rehz) - Summer or harvest
  • Vivianne (vee-vyan) - Alive
Fast Fact

Odette is another famous name in the performing arts world. She was the queen of the swans in the famous ballet, Swan Lake.

Popular French Girl Names

Just like in America, France has a most popular baby name list that they release each year. Interestingly, out of the top 20 French girl names of 2022, only two of them have French origins. 

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  • Agathe (ah-gah-tuh) - Good woman (Greek)
  • Alba (al-buh) - White (Latin)
  • Alice (al-ise)- Noble or exalted (German)
  • Alma (al-muh) - Nourishing (Latin)
  • Ambre (aum-bray) - Amber (Arabic)
  • Anna (an-uh) - Grace or favor (Hebrew)
  • Charlie (char-lee) - Free man (German)
  • Chloe (clo-ee) - Blooming or fertility (Greek)
  • Emma (em-mah) - Whole or universe (German)
  • Inaya (ay-nai-yah) - Concern or care (Arabic)
  • Iris (eye-ris) - Rainbow (Greek)
  • Jade (jayd) - Precious stone (Spanish)
  • Julia (joo-lee-uh) - Youthful (Latin)
  • Lena (leh-nah) - Light, bright, or torch (Greek)
  • Lina (lee-nah)- Palm tree (Arabic)
  • Lou (leu) - Famous warrior (French and German)
  • Louise (leu-weese) - Renowned warrior (French)
  • Mia (me-ah) - Mine (Latin)
  • Romy (rah-me) - Dew of the sea (Latin)
  • Rose (rohz)  - Rose or flower (Latin)
Fast Fact

The most popular girl name in France for 2022 was Jade. In America, this name ranked at 88 for the same year.

Unique French Names Any Little Girl Will Love 

Of course, we all want our kids to stand out amongst their peers, so if you're hoping to find a French baby girl name that's simply one-of-a-kind, then consider some of these unique options.

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  • Alizée (a-lee-zeh) - Trade wind
  • Audette (oh-det) - Bird
  • Aurelie (ah-reh-lee) - Golden
  • Charlène (shar-lehn) - Man or warrior
  • Clotilde (klow-teelde) - Famous battle
  • Coralie (kaw-ra-lee) - Coral
  • Cosette (ko-zeht) - Little thing
  • Évelyne (ehv-leen) - A wished for child
  • Félicie (feh-lee-see) - Lucky or successful
  • Ghyslaine (ghees-lehn) - Pledge or hostage
  • Jacquette (zha-ket) - He who supplants
  • Melisande (may-lee-sond) - Strong worker
  • Mireille (mee-ray) - To admire
  • Noémie (naw-eh-mee) - Pleasantness
  • Océane (oh-say-on) - From the ocean
  • Oriane or Orianne (aw-ryan) - Gold
  • Ottilie (oat-tee-lee) - Prosperous in battle
  • Philomène (fee-law-mehn) - Strong friend or loved
  • Ségolène (seh-gaw-lehn) - Soft victory
  • Yseult (ee-selt) - Ice battle
Fast Fact

Cosette is the name of one of the main characters in the award-winning book, musical, and movie Les Miserables. Interestingly, her real name is Euphrasie, which means "good cheer" in French.

Lovely French Female Names Inspired by Flowers & Plants

Many pretty French girl names come from a beautiful source of inspiration — flowers, and nature. These French names for girls may sound familiar, as they're quite popular titles in both France and America, and for good reason! They are simply beautiful.

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  • Aeris (eyr-ees) - Earth full of flowers
  • Antoinette (ahn-twa-neht) - Praiseworthy or beautiful flower
  • Camélia (ka-meh-lya) - A type of flower
  • Capucine (ka-puy-seen) - Nasturtium
  • Chloé (kloe-eh) - Green shoot
  • Clémentine (kleh-mahn-teen) - Merciful or gentle
  • Daphné (daf-neh) - Laurel
  • Fleur (flehr) - Flower
  • Fleurine (fleh-rine) - Flower
  • Garance - (gah-ance) - Madder flower
  • Hyacinthe (ya-sehnt) - Hyacinth flower
  • Jasmine (jaz-min) - Jasmine flower
  • Laurette (lore-ett) - Laurel
  • Laverne (leh-vurn) - Alder tree
  • Narcisse (nar-sees) - Narcissus flower
  • Rosalie (raw-zah-lee) - Rose
  • Suzette (su-zeht) - Lily or rose
  • Sylvie (seel-vee) - Woods or forest
  • Violette (vyaw-leht) - Violet flower
  • Yolande (yaw-lahnd) - Violet flower

Religious-Inspired French Names for Girls 

If you would like a more religiously inspired name for your little girl, these French girl names all have a basis in the Judeo-Christian religions.

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  • Alienor (a-lyeh-nawr) - God is my light
  • Arielle (a-ryehl) - Lion of god
  • Babette (bah-bet) - My God is an oath
  • Benoîte (bu-nwat) - Blessed
  • Céleste (seh-lest) - Heavenly
  • Danièle (da-nyehl) - God is my judge
  • Élise (eh-leez) - My God is an oath
  • Emmanuelle (eh-man-wehl) - God is with us
  • Gabrielle (ga-bree-yell) - God is my hero
  • Isabeau (iz-a-bow) - My God is an oath
  • Jeanne (zhen) - God is gracious
  • Joëlle (zhaw-ell) - Yahweh is God
  • Lizette or Lisette (lee-zeht) - Consecrated to God
  • Madeline (mah-lehn) - Of Magdala from Mary Magdalene in the Bible's New Testament
  • Michelle (mee-shell) - Who is like God
  • Nathalie (na-tah-lee) - Born at Christmas
  • Noèle or Noëlle (naw-ehl) - Christmas
  • Solange (saw-lahnzh) - Religious
  • Tiphaine (tee-fehn) - Manifestation of God
  • Zelie (za-lee) - Noble
Fast Fact

Zelie is the name of the French Catholic patron saint of illness, mental illness, marriage, parenting, and widowers. She was also the mother of five nuns.

Beautiful French Names Fit for a Princess

Some French girl names are truly noble, as they have meanings that relate to higher stations such as princesses and queens. What better choice for your baby girl than that of a strong, female leader?

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  • Aceline (ah-say-leen) - Noble
  • Adélaïde (a-deh-la-eed) - Noble kind
  • Adéle (a-dehl) or Adélie (a-dehl-ee) - Noble
  • Alix (ah-licks) - Noble
  • Annette (ah-net) - Grace
  • Arlette (are-let) - Noble and honor
  • Claire (klehr) - Clear, bright, or famous
  • Esmé (ez-may) - Esteemed
  • Étienne (et-ee-an) - Crown or garland
  • Eugénie (you-zheh-nee) - Well-born
  • Fanetta (fa-net)- Crowned with laurels
  • Henriette (ah-ree-ette) - Home ruler
  • Henrietta (ah-ree-etta) - Estate ruler
  • Honorine (own-are-rine)- Honor
  • Maëlle (ma-ehl) - Princess
  • Maëlys (my-lees) - Chief or prince
  • Patrice (paw-treez) - Noble
  • Reine (rehn) - Queen
  • Sigourney (si-gawr-nee) - Daring king
  • Valerie (vay-lay-ree) - Strong and brave

Finding the Prettiest French Name for Your Baby Girl

French-inspired baby names have mass appeal as they sound lovely and sophisticated when spoken and look equally elegant when written out. A French name for your little girl can be an excellent choice if you're looking for an ethereal and beautiful name with classical flair.

143 Fabulous French Girl Names for Your Beautiful Bébé