14 Funny Pictures of Babies to Brighten Your Day

What's cuter than a baby picture? A funny baby picture, that's what.

Updated May 2, 2023

Sure, you can use props and poses to get funny pics of babies. But the amazing thing about new humans is that, if you watch them long enough, they'll do something hilarious without any prompting.

Take this wee girl, for example. Hopefully, her parents are budding Insta influencers, because this right here is pure gold.

Baby Bing


It's Baby Chandler Bing. Could he BE wearing any more clothes?

Boss Baby


Normally, kids don't give this look to their parents until they're teenagers.

We Picked This Just for You


Yeah, we went there. Sorry.

Fun Day at the Animal Park


I know, your first reaction is, "Aww, poor thing!" But your second reaction is to laugh. Just a little.

Just Another Day at the Office


Okay, sometimes props can be fun. We've all had days like this. They're called "Monday."

Hey, How About Some Personal Space?


Parents: Invading personal space since, well, forever.

Stop and Smell the... Blech


A rose by any other name is a weed.



Oh yeah? Well I've got a lion. A LION!

Hey, Pick Up!


"So then I turned around, and he had a LION!"

Baby Burrito


Hey. I don't want to alarm anyone, but have you seen my arms anywhere?

What the...


Oh, a video of my parents dancing! Oh... oh no...

Like This?


When I grow up, I'm gonna be a doggo.

Dude! I'm Flying!


Babies are a lot of things, but right up at the top of the list is "funny." It's unintentional, but that's really the best kind of humor!

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14 Funny Pictures of Babies to Brighten Your Day