110+ Peaceful Cottagecore Baby Names Full of Tranquility

If you're all about the rural countryside and romanticizing everyday life, you might love these baby names inspired by the cottagecore aesthetic.

Published January 21, 2024
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Cottagecore is taking the style and home world by storm. It was only a matter of time before cottagecore baby names hit the scene. These names evoke an old-soul sort of vibe and are often inspired by nature and the countryside.

If you hope to give your baby a slower life with an appreciation for all things simple and natural, one of these bucolic names might be right for your little one.

Pretty Cottagecore Girl Names for Your Little Lady

The cottagecore lifestyle focuses on the slow, the natural, and the vintage. These sweet little girl names embody those cottagecore vibes and have the fairy-like quality you may be searching for in your baby girl's title. 

  • Adelaide - Noble natured (English)
  • Alice - Noble (German)
  • Amber - Jewel (French)
  • Amethyst - Jewel (Greek) 
  • Autumn - Season of harvest (Latin)
  • Beatrice - Bringer of joy (Latin) 
  • Belle - Beautiful (French)
  • Clementine - Gentle one (Latin)
  • Esme - Esteemed (French)
  • Fawn - Young deer (French)
  • Florence - Blossoming (Latin)
  • Harriet - Home ruler (German)
  • Hazel - The hazel tree (English)
  • Honey - Nectar (English)
  • Jade - Precious stone (British)
  • Jewel - Precious stone (English)
  • Opal - Precious stone (Latin)
  • Wren - Small bird (English)

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Fast Fact

 While the term cottagecore can be defined as "an aesthetic or imagery inspired by an old-fashioned, rural lifestyle," there are lots of nuances to lean into. This means you can get really creative with a cottagecore-inspired baby name. 

Baby Boy Names to Fit Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

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Cottagecore boy names can be strong and often inspired by nature and animals. Choose one of these for a baby boy with an old soul and quality that calls you back to the wonders of nature.

  • Alder - Older (German)
  • Ansel - Protected by God (German)
  • Arthur - Bear (Celtic)
  • Asher - Happy (Hebrew)
  • August - To increase (Latin)
  • Bear - Strong (German)
  • Berkley - Birch tree meadow (Scottish)
  • Clayton - Clay settlement (English)
  • Cliff - Cliff-side slope (English)
  • Ewan - Born of yew (Welsh)
  • Forrest - Of the woods (French)
  • Georgie - Farmer (Greek)
  • Hawke - Wild (British)
  • Hunter - Pursuer (British)
  • Jasper - Treasurer (Persian)
  • Lark - Lighthearted songbird (English)
  • Lupin- Pertaining to the wolf (French)
  • Quill - Feather (English)
  • River - Flowing body of water (English)
  • Rowan - Red-haired (Irish)
  • Shepard - Sheepherder (British)
  • Thatcher - Roof thatcher (British)
  • Wilder - Untamed (English)

Unique & Gender-Neutral Cottagecore Baby Names 

With so many names inspired by plants, animals, and other parts of nature, it's no surprise that many cottagecore baby names are gender-neutral. Whether you're keeping your baby's gender a surprise or just want a universal name that feels vintage and natural, one of these sweet names might be the perfect fit.

  • Auburn - Reddish brown (English)
  • Beryl - Gemstone (Greek)
  • Fabel - Storyteller (German)
  • Fallon - Superior (Irish)
  • Finch - Songbird (English)
  • Gale - Wind (English)
  • Hawthorne - Where hawthorn trees grow (British)
  • Lake - Body of water (British)
  • Lyric - Songlike (Greek)
  • Merle - Blackbird (French) 
  • Ocean - Sea (Greek)
  • Paisley - Church (Scottish)
  • Rain - Abundance from above (English)
  • Robin - Famed (English)
  • Sage - Wise (Latin) 
  • Skye - Islands of clouds (Scottish)
  • Storm - Tempest (British)
  • Willow - Freedom (English)

Cottagecore Name Ideas Inspired By Flowers & Plants

Portrait of little african boy standing among high grass

An appreciation for the natural world is a large part of the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle. Flowers and plants have inspired baby names for a long time and these names might fit the cottagecore style you're hoping to find in your baby's name.

  • Acacia 
  • Amaranth
  • Balsam
  • Basil
  • Berry
  • Birch
  • Blossom
  • Camelia
  • Cherry
  • Cedar
  • Clover
  • Cyprus
  • Daffodil 
  • Daisy
  • Fauna
  • Fern
  • Flax
  • Flora
  • Holly
  • Hyacinth 
  • Ivy
  • Jasmine
  • Juniper
  • Laurel
  • Lilac
  • Lily
  • Maple
  • Rose
  • Rosemary
  • Pansy
  • Peach
  • Poppy
  • Zinnia

Dark Cottagecore Baby Names With Moody Vibes

Dark cottagecore is a niche part of the aesthetic and still leans heavily into nature. You might choose a name inspired by a fairytale or a part of nature that feels a little darker than the sunnier choices. 

  • Ambrose - Immortal (Greek)
  • Briar - Brambles (British)
  • Cecily - Heaven (British) 
  • Coraline - Beloved (German)
  • Ephraim - Fruitful (Hebrew)
  • Fletcher - Arrow maker (British)
  • Gretel - Pearl (German)
  • Hansel - God is gracious (German)
  • Ophelia - Help (Greek)
  • Orrick - From the ancient oak tree (English) 
  • Seraphine - Burning one (Hebrew)
  • Winter - The cold season (English)

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Sweet Nicknames for Cottagecore Babies

Many of the cottagecore names lend themselves well to adorable nicknames for your child. If you want to choose a name based on the cute nickname you could use, try one of these sweet cottagecore titles. 

  • Finn (Finnegan) 
  • Freddie (Frederick) 
  • Ginny (Virginia)
  • Lottie (Charlotte)
  • Nellie (Eleanor) 
  • Ronnie (Saffron)
  • Rory (Aurora) 
  • Teddie (Theodore)
  • Winnie (Winifred) 

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Find a Name Cute to the Core

If you're inspired by the fairytale essence and simple living vibes of cottagecore, lean in with your child's name. A cottagecore name could inspire your child to appreciate the beautiful parts of nature and life throughout their childhood.

110+ Peaceful Cottagecore Baby Names Full of Tranquility