120 Old Money Baby Names for the Families Rich With Love

These old money baby names are a grand choice for your little one! Find a name that exudes excellence with these ideas.

Published January 22, 2024
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Old money baby names are titles that exude elegance and refinement. Families with old money are traditionally thought of as having a dignified quality about them. They're filled with grace and they're the epitome of sophistication.

There's a lot of power in one's name, making old money boy names and girl names a notable choice for your little gentleman or lady!

Old Money Baby Names for Your Dignified Little One

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For parents looking for unisex titles that have stood the test of time, and give off an upper-class vibe, these gender-neutral old money baby names will do just the trick! 

  • Adrian - Son of Adria (Latin)
  • Ashton - From the ash tree (English)
  • Avery - Ruler of elves (English)
  • Beckett - Beehive or little brook (English and Irish)
  • Berkley - Birch tree meadow (Scottish)
  • Briar - Thorny bush of wild roses (English)
  • Bryce - Speckled (Scottish)
  • Camden - Winding valley (Scottish)
  • Corliss - Carefree (British)
  • Ellis - Benevolent (English and Welsh)
  • Frankie - Free man (French)
  • Henley - High meadow (British)
  • Hunter - One who hunts (English)
  • Jace - Healer (Greek)
  • Kendall - From the Kent river valley (English)
  • Kennedy - Helmeted chief (Scottish and Irish)
  • Merrick - Fame or power (Welsh)
  • Peyton - Fighting man's estate (English)
  • Quinn -  Wise (Irish)
  • Radley - Red meadow (English)
  • Raleigh - Deer's meadow (British)
  • Ramsey - Garlic island (Scottish and English)
  • René - Rebirth or born again (French)
  • Rory - Red (Irish)
  • Rowan - Red-haired (Scottish and Irish)
  • Rory - Red king (Irish)
  • Sawyer - Woodcutter (English)
  • Spencer - Steward or butler (British)
  • Sutton - Southern homestead (English)
  • Zephyr - West wind (Greek)
Fast Fact

Ellis is not only the namesake of America's historic immigration station. It's also the middle name of Jeb Bush, son of former President George H. W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush. 

Unique Old Money Boy Names for Your Grand Little Guy

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Old money boy names are an admirable choice for any lad. Not only do they give off an air of worldliness, but they're titles that are truly one-of-a-kind in the modern world. If you want your son to have a unique moniker, consider one of these strong, time-tested old money baby names.

  • Alistair - Defender of the people (Scottish)
  • Ames - Friend (French)
  • Art - Noble or bear (English)
  • Asher - Happy or blessed (Hebrew)
  • Beauregard - Beautiful gaze (French)
  • Conrad - Brave counsel (German)
  • Conway - Hound of the plain (Irish)
  • Dean - Valley (English)
  • Declan - Man of prayer (Irish)
  • Ezra - Help (Hebrew)
  • Fitz - Son of (Scottish)
  • Irving - Green river (Scottish)
  • Giles - Kid or young goat (Greek)
  • Halston - Hallowed stone (English)
  • Hamblin - Little home lover (English)
  • Holden - Valley (English)
  • Judd - Flowing down (Hebrew)
  • Lochlan - Land of the lakes (Irish)
  • Merle - Blackbird (French)
  • Mitchum - Angel who is closer to God (Scottish)
  • Ogden - Oak valley (English)
  • Penner - To confine or impound (English)
  • Quill - Feather pen (Irish)
  • Randolph - Wolf shield (Norse)
  • Remington - Settlement on the riverbank (English)
  • Sterling - Little star or genuine (English)
  • Sumner - Summoner (English)
  • Talcott - Cottage near the lake (English)
  • Tristan - Sorrowful (Celtic)
  • Warren - Park keeper (English and French)

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Old Money Girl Names That Exude Quiet Luxury

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Old money girl names have a way of taking you back in time. There is a romance and grace about them that is simply unmatched. If you want your little darling to have an enchanting epithet, consider these distinct old money baby names for girls.

  1. Adeline - Noble (German)
  2. Amaryllis - Sparkle (Greek)
  3. Birdie - Bird (English)
  4. Blythe - Cheerful (English)
  5. Calista - Most beautiful (Latin)
  6. Corinne - Beautiful maiden (French)
  7. Cressida - Gold (Greek)
  8. Darby - Deer park (English, Irish, and Scandinavian)
  9. Delilah - Delicate (Hebrew)
  10. Emeline - Hardworking or peaceful home (German)
  11. Evangeline - Messenger of good news (Greek)
  12. Gabrielle - God is my strength (French)
  13. Georgina - Farmer (Greek)
  14. Grace - Goodness or grace (Latin)
  15. Gwendoline - Fair or blessed ring (Welsh)
  16. Josephine - Jehovah increases (Hebrew)
  17. Louise - Renowned warrior (French)
  18. Madeleine - Woman from Magdala (French)
  19. Margaux - Pearl (French)
  20. Millicent - Strong in work (German)
  21. Opal - Precious stone or gem (Sanskrit)
  22. Piper - Pipe or flute player (British)
  23. Prudence - Caution (English and Latin)
  24. Reba - The fourth born (Hebrew)
  25. Rosemary - A flower (Latin)
  26. Ruby - Deep red precious stone (Latin)
  27. Sabine - Woman of Sabine people (French)
  28. Vesper - Evening star (Latin)
  29. Victoria - Victorious (Latin)
  30. Violet - Purple (Latin)
Fast Fact

Birdie is a truly unique old money baby name that is perfect for a little girl. While it can stand on its own, it's also a nickname for the titles Elizabeth, Beatrice, and Bridget.

Old Money Family Names for a Classic Connection to Your Rich Past

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Old money baby names are known for being passed on from generation to generation. These family titles are many times paired with numerical suffixes to indicate which person is which. However, if your child is the first to take on one of these distinguished titles, then they could one day become the namesake of the family. 

  1. Agatha - Good woman (Greek)
  2. Amelia - Industrious or hardworking (German)
  3. Archibald - Genuine, bold, and brave (German)
  4. Arthur - Bear (Celtic)
  5. Aster - Star (Greek)
  6. Brighton - Bright town (English)
  7. Charles - Free man (German)
  8. Connor - Lover of hounds (Irish)
  9. Cornelius -  Horn (Latin)
  10. Corwin - Heart's friend (Irish)
  11. Curtis - Courteous or polite (French)
  12. Diana - Divine or heavenly (Greek and Latin)
  13. Doris - Gift of the sea (Greek)
  14. Edith -  Blessed or prosperous in war (English)
  15. Edward - Wealthy guardian (English)
  16. Hayden - Hay field (English)
  17. Henry - House ruler (German)
  18. Humphrey - Peaceful warrior (German)
  19. Jasper - Treasurer (Persian)
  20. Jeffery - God's peace (German)
  21. Jude - Praised (Hebrew)
  22. June - Young (Latin)
  23. Lilian - A flower (Latin)
  24. Lottie - Free man (French)
  25. Marshall - Farrier (English)
  26. Owen - Noble born (Welsh)
  27. Rose - Flower (Latin)  
  28. Walton - Walled town (English)
  29. Wendall - Wanderer (German)
  30. Wharton - Farm near the river (English)
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The Vanderbilts are one of the wealthiest families in America's history. In fact, patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt was considered the richest man in the world, prior to his death in 1877. Interestingly, he is the great-great-great-grandfather of award-winning American journalist Anderson Cooper.

Old Money Baby Names Are a Timeless Choice

There is a reason that all these old money baby names sound familiar — these titles never go out of style! They are strong, smart, and sophisticated. Thus, for parents who want their child to have a notable name, old money baby names can be a fine choice.

120 Old Money Baby Names for the Families Rich With Love