100 Royal Baby Boy Names for Your Precious Little Prince

Naming your baby boy after a prince or king might just manifest a life of noble leadership and wisdom for your little man.

Updated December 6, 2023
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Your little guy is the center of your whole world, so a royal baby name might be perfect for your sweet boy. Give him a name fit for a king to tell the whole world that your little one is a true prince among men. 

Majestic Boy Names That Mean King or Prince

If you're looking for a powerful name, you have lots of options to give your son a name that means king or has another royal connotation. Here is a sampling of the names and words that mean king, prince, or royalty. 

  • Adar - Prince (Syrian)
  • Adelio - The noble prince's father (Spanish)
  • Alaric - Noble ruler (German)
  • Arkin - Eternal king's son (Norway)
  • Basil - Like a king (Greece)
  • Brioc - Mighty prince (Welsh)
  • Cynfael - Chief prince (Welsh)
  • Damba - King of the world (Angola)
  • Darius - Kingly, rich (Persian)
  • Delray - Of the king (France)
  • Duncan - Dark warrior (Scottish)
  • Ericson - Son of the eternal ruler, prince (Norse)
  • Frederick, Friedrich - Peaceful ruler (English), (German)
  • Garibaldo - Prince (German)
  • Khari - Kingly (West Africa)
  • Kral - King (Czech Republic)
  • Kumar - Prince (Indian)
  • Leroi/Leroy - The king (France)
  • Max - Greatest (English)
  • Negasi - Royalty (Ethiopia)
  • Patrick - Noble (Latin)
  • Raj - King (Sanskrit)
  • Reagan - Little King (Irish)
  • Rex - King (Latin)
  • Richard - Dominant ruler (German) 
  • Sargon - True King (Assyrian)
  • Stephen - Crown (Greek)
  • Tor - King (Nigeria)
  • Victor - Conqueror (Latin) 
  • Vincent - Conquering (Latin)
Fast Fact

You might like the name King, but you won't be able to give that name to your baby. It's one of the few illegal names in the U.S.!

Historic Royal Names for Your Little Prince

History gives us a long list of names associated with royalty. From British royals to legendary Egyptian rulers, these names command attention and respect.

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British Royal Names for Boys

British kings and princes throughout history have often used the same few names, or versions of them, over and over again. If you want a recognizable royal name for your baby, these royal British names might be at the top of your list.

  • Alfred - Elf counsel (English), king of England late 800s
  • Archie - Truly brave (German), the first-born son of the Prince and Duchess of Sussex. 
  • Canute - Knot (Scandinavian), Cnut the Great
  • Charles - Free Man (German), King Charles I
  • Edmund - Prosperity, protector, riches (English), king of England early 900s
  • Egbert - Bright edge (German), first Anglo-Saxon monarch
  • George - Farmer (Greek), son of Prince William and Princes Catherine (Kate)
  • Harry - Army ruler (German): Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
  • Louis - Warrior, famous in battle (French), son of Prince William and Princess Catherine (Kate)
  • Philip - Fond of horses (Greek), Queen Elizabeth II's husband
  • William - Strong-willed warrior (English), name of four kings and a prince
Fast Fact

William is a name that has stood the test of time and remains popular today. It's been among the top 20 boy names since 1900, and it was still #6 on the top boy names of 2022, according to the SSA

Spanish Boy Names With Royal Meanings

The Spanish monarchy dates back to the early 700s and, like the British monarchy, features several names used over the course of generations. Give your little guy a royal name with a romantic flair with any of the names of these kings.

  • Alfonso - Noble, brave (over 12 monarchs)
  • Felipe - Friend of horses (six Spanish kings)
  • Ferdinand - Courage, prepared (several monarchs)
  • Juan Carlos - God is gracious (King of Spain, 1975 - 2014)
  • Ramiro - Renowned counselor (five kings)
  • Sancho - Holy saint (several monarchs)
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Egyptian Royalty Names for Boys

If you're looking for a more unique baby name, you may be inspired by the names of Ancient Egyptian rulers. These names are short, relatively easy to pronounce, and sound strong.

  • Darius - Richly, kingly (27th dynasty ruler)
  • Huni - Honey (third dynasty last pharaoh)
  • Inaros - Prince, ruler (28th dynasty ruler)
  • Intef - His father brought him (11th dynasty ruler)
  • Ramesses, Ramses - Great in victory (name of eleven Egyptian rulers)
  • Namlot - Ruler (23rd dynasty ruler)
  • Tao - Brave (17th dynasty ruler)
  • Teti - Pharaoh (sixth dynasty ruler)
  • Unis, Unas - Flourishing one of two lands (fifth dynasty ruler)

Other Historic Royal Names for Baby Boys

Britain and ancient kingdoms aren't the only ones to boast of famous (or infamous) rulers. These names are inspired by historical rulers from various countries.

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  • Albert - Noble, bright (German), prince married to Queen Victoria
  • Alexander - Defender, protector of man (Greek), Alexander the Great
  • Augustus - Great, magnificent (Latin), first Roman emperor
  • Carl - Free man (German), several kings of Sweden
  • Christian - Follower of Christ (English), 10 Denmark kings
  • Christopher - Christ-bearer (Greek), three Denmark kings
  • Constantine - Steadfast (Latin): Emporer of Rome 306-337
  • David - Beloved (Hebrew): Second King of Israel
  • Frederik - Peaceful ruler (Danish) nine Denmark kings
  • Hadrian - Dark-haired (Roman), emperor, built Hadrian's Wall
  • Henry - Powerful ruler (German), name of eight English kings
  • Hezekiah - God gives strength (Hebrew): 13th King of Judah
  • James - Supplanter (Hebrew), England reign 1603
  • Josiah - God supports and heals (Hebrew): 16th King of Judah
  • Leopold - Brave people (German): King of Belgium 1865-1909
  • Rudolph - Famous wolf (German): King of France 923-936
  • Saul - Prayed for (Hebrew): First King of Israel 
  • Shah - Merchant (Persian): King of India 1628-1658

Unique Boy Names From Fictional Royals

Throughout books, movies, TV shows, and other media sources, there are endless fictional kingdoms and rulers. Give your baby boy a magical royal name when you choose to honor your favorite made-up royals.

  • Aragorn - Revered king (fictional), The Lord of the Rings
  • Aslan - Lion (Turkish), The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Caspian - Of the sea (English), The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
  • Cornelius - Horn (Latin), Thumbelina the movie
  • Derek - The people's ruler (German): Swan Princess
  • Edward - Rich guardian (English): Dragon Knight
  • Hans - God is gracious (German), Frozen
  • Ian - The Lord is gracious (Scottish): How Ian Direach got the Blue Falcon
  • Jareth - Bled of jar (fictional), The Labyrinth movie
  • Leonidas - Lion strength (German), 300 movie
  • Mufasa - King (Swahili), The Lion King
  • Oberon - Elf king (German), A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Peter - Rock (Greek), The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe
  • T'Challa: Fictional name, Black Panther comics and movie
  • Thorin - Fictional name, The Hobbit
  • Tommen - Fictional name, Game of Thrones
  • Triton - Fictional name, The Little Mermaid
  • Stannis - One who achieves glory and fame, shortened for Stanislav (Slavic), Game of Thrones

Using Titles of Regal Names for Males

You can give your little man a name that doesn't leave any doubt about his status. Words associated with royalty are on-trend for modern baby boys. Look for royal titles, places, and items that sound similar to popular boy names for the best response from friends and family.

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  • Baron - Son of Aaron (Hebrew)
  • Duke - Leader (Latin)
  • Earl - Chief (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Herald - One who proclaims (English)
  • Lord - Loaf-keeper (English)
  • Prince - First to seize (Latin)
  • Sire - Regal (English)
  • Windsor - Riverbank with a winch (Old English)

Crown Your Boy With a Royal Name

He's carrying the family name and melting your heart while he's at it. Give your precious little boy a name as timeless and noble as he is. Whatever name you choose, he'll always be your little prince.

100 Royal Baby Boy Names for Your Precious Little Prince