180+ L Boy Names and Meanings That You'll Love

From unique names with significant meanings to cute and traditional names, give your little dude a name he can be proud of all his life.

Updated March 8, 2024
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We love the sound of a name that starts with L, whether it's a unique L boy name, something nature-inspired, or just a name that's super cute and suits your little man. So if you're looking for boy names that start with L with their meanings, let our list serve as your inspo. 

Unique L Boy Names and Meanings

Your baby boy is one of a kind, and he deserves a one-of-a-kind name that suits his adorable personality. Our unique names that start with L for a boy are the perfect place to begin your search.

  • Laith: Lion (Arabic)
  • Leggett: Appointed, ordained (French)
  • Lexer: Man's defender (German)
  • Lexo: Warrior, man's defender (Greek)
  • Lian: Lotus (Chinese)
  • Liang: Bridge, mast (Chinese)
  • Liberato: One who gets freedom (Spanish)
  • Liberatus: Free (Latin)
  • Libor: Sacrifice, free (Czech)
  • Lief: Friendly, dear (Norse)
  • Liem: Resolute protection (Irish)
  • Lige: Yahweh is God (Hebrew)
  • Lindo: Lovely (Spanish)
  • Link: Nickname left-handed person (Yiddish)
  • Lino: Messenger, ambitious (Spanish)
  • Linos: Flax colored (Greek)
  • Lippo: Lover of horses (Spanish)
  • Lisandro: Liberator (Spanish)
  • Loki: God of air (Norse)
  • Lon: Fierce, blackbird, Lion (Gaelic), (Latin)
  • Lorcan: Little (Irish)
  • Lowen: Joy (Cornish)
  • Lucan: Light (Italian)
  • Lucian: Light, illuminated (French)
  • Lucius: Light, illuminated (Latin)
  • Lucky: Fortunate (English)
  • Lukman: A prophet, wise man (Egyptian)
  • Lumen: Light (Latin)
  • Luthais: Famous warrior (Scottish)
  • Lysander: Liberator (Greek)

10 Popular L Boy Names

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We know just what it's like to fall in love with a popular name, so if one of these currently popular names seems right for your little dude, you're not alone!

  • Landon: Long hill (English)
  • Lennox, Lenox: Elm tree grove (Scottish)
  • Leo: Lion (English)
  • Levi: Joining (Hebrew)
  • Liam: Guardian, protector (Irish)
  • Lincoln: Settlement by water (English)
  • Logan: Little hollow (Scottish)
  • Luca: Bringer of light (Italian)
  • Lucas: Bringer of light (Italian)
  • Luke: Light giving (Greek)

Traditional Boy Names That Start With L

If you're looking for an L name that has withstood the test of time, these traditional L boy names have a vintage feel and plenty of gravitas. 

  • Laird: Lord of the land (Scottish)
  • Lamar, Lamarr: Of the sea (French)
  • Lamont: Lawman (Scottish)
  • Lance: Land (French)
  • Larry: Laurel crowned (English)
  • Lars: Victory (Scandinavian)
  • Leland: From the meadowland (English)
  • Lem: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  • Lemuel: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  • Leonard: Bold as a lion (German)
  • Leopold: A bold man, prince of the people (German)
  • Leroy: The king (French)
  • Lester: Roman town, walled city (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Lewis, Lewys: Renowned fighter (English)
  • Lionel, Lionell, Lionnel, Lionnell: Lion (English)
  • Linus, Linos: Flax colored (Latin)
  • Lloyd: Gray-haired, sacred (Welsh)
  • Loren: Laurel (Latin)
  • Lorne: Fox (English)
  • Louis: Famous warrior (French)
  • Luther: Army (German)

Cute Boy Names That Start With L

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An adorable name that trips off the tongue could be the perfect name for your little cutie. Try our cute boy names that start with L on for size and see if they fit your little guy. 

  • Lachlan: Land of lakes (Scottish)
  • Lael: Belongs to God (Hebrew)
  • Lando: Fame of the Land (Portuguese)
  • Landyn: Hill (English)
  • Lakota: Indigenous American tribe (Native American)
  • Lashawan: God is gracious (American)
  • Laszlo: Glorious ruler (Hungarian)
  • Lavi: Lion (Hebrew)
  • Leary: Herder (Irish)
  • Lelio: Well spoken (Italian)
  • Leto: Joyus (Italian)
  • Lewie: Fighter, famous warrior (German)
  • Liev: Heart (Yiddish)
  • Liko: Leaf bed (Hawaiian)
  • Lio: Lion (Latin)
  • Lito: Light (Latin)
  • Llyr: Sea (Welsh)
  • Locke: Enclosure (English)
  • Lockie: Fjord (Scottish)
  • Loic: Lucas (French)
  • Lonan: Blackbird (Irish)
  • Lonzo: Ready for Battle (Spanish)
  • Loxley: Glade (English)
  • Lowan: Bird (Australian)
  • Luciano: Light (Italian)
  • Lucio: Light (Italian)
  • Lundy: Monday's child (Scottish)
  • Lynx: Lynx (American)
  • Lyric: Lyre (Greek)

Nature-Inspired Baby Boy Names That Start With L

If you love the outdoors and want to share that love with your new kiddo, consider L names that are nature-inspired. With a name like this, he's sure to love the outdoors as much as you do.

  • Lake: Lives by a stream (English)
  • Laken: The lake (English)
  • Landen, Landin: From the long hill (English)
  • Lanzo: Land (German)
  • Layton: From the meadow town or settlement (English)
  • Lee: Clearing meadow (English)
  • Leeland: Meadowland (English)
  • Leighton: Town by meadow (English)
  • Levern: Green woodland (French)
  • Leyland: Fallow land (English)
  • Leyton: Town by meadow (English)
  • Liggett: Swing gate between meadow and plowed land (English)
  • Lindal, Lindall: Linden tree valley (English)
  • Lindberg, Lindbergh, Lindburg: Lime tree mountain (English)
  • Linford: Ford where maple trees grow (English)
  • Linwood: Lime wood (Scottish)
  • Lisle: Of the island (French)
  • Litten, Litton: Wild, loud roaring settlement (Slavic), (English)
  • Lochlan: From the fjord or lake land (Gaelic)
  • Lochran: Rushes (Irish)
  • London: Great river (English)
Quick Tip

Love more than one of these L names? Give your bundle of joy alliterative first and middle names that both start with L or even give him a few different middle names. 

Noble Baby Boy Names That Start With L

Boy names that start with L and mean noble are usually associated with meanings like lion, royalty, or crowned ruler. If you're just sure your little guy is going to be a born leader, one of these may be his perfect name. 

  • Ladislas: Rules with glory (Slavic)
  • Landry: Powerful ruler (English)
  • Laurence, Lawrence: Laurel, man from Laurentum (French), (English)
  • Laurentius: Laurel, man from Laurentum (French)
  • Leander: Lion-man (Greek)
  • Leandro: Lion (Spanish)
  • Lennie: Bold as a lion (English)
  • Lenny: Brave lion (German)
  • Leon: Lion (French)
  • Leonardo: Brave as a lion (Italian)
  • Leonel: Lion like (English)
  • Leonidas: Lion (Greek)
  • Lev: Lion heart (Slavic)
  • Levon: Lion (Armenian)
  • Lewellyn: Lion like leader (Welsh)
  • Liander: Lion man (Greek)
  • Liandro: Lion man (Greek)
  • Licio: Light, illumination (Italian)
  • Linh: Soul, spirit (Vietnamese)
  • Lionello, Lionelo: Young lion (Latin)
  • Lioni: Lion life (Latin)
  • Lionisio: Lion (Greek)
  • Lon: Noble (Greek)
  • Lonnie: Noble (English)
  • Lorenzo: Winner, crown with laurels (Latin)
  • Lukas: Light, brings light (German), (Swedish)

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L Boy Names for Cool Little Dudes

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Is your little guy going to be one of the cool kids? Then give him a cool boy name. Whether it's the name's history or meaning, or it just sounds cool, one of these might be right for your cool dude.

  • Lancelot: Servant (French)
  • Lane: Path, small roadway (English)
  • Langston: Tall man's town (English)
  • Laramie: Leaf canopy (French)
  • Laredo: City in Texas (American)
  • Larson: Son of Lars (Scandinavian)
  • Lathan: God has given (Hebrew)
  • Lawson: Son of Lawrence (English)
  • Layne: Path, road (English)
  • Lazaro: God has helped (Spanish)
  • Lazarus: God has helped (Hebrew)
  • Lazer: Gold helps (Hebrew)
  • Lazlo: Rules with glory (Slavic)
  • Lebron: Brown haired (French)
  • Ledger: Spear tribe (English)
  • Legacy: Inheritance (English)
  • Legend: Story, myth (English)
  • Leif: Son, descendant (Norse)
  • Lennon: Dear one (Irish)
  • Leodis: Lives by a river (Celtic)
  • Levander: Heart (Swedish)
  • Levar: Risen (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Levell, Levelle: Beloved (English)
  • Levey, Levy: Joining (Hebrew)
  • Leviathan: Whale (Hebrew)
  • Levin: Dear friend (German)
  • Leviticus: Belongs to Levites (Greek)
  • Lew: Famed warrior (English)
  • Lewes: Renowned warrior (English)
  • Loyal: Faithful (English)
  • Ludo: Famous (German)

Strong L Boy Names

If you want a name that helps your baby boy stand strong throughout his life, give him a name imbued with a powerful meaning. We adore these strong baby boy names that start with L. 

  • Larkin: Fierce (Irish)
  • Legion: Many (English)
  • Lenn: Brave lion (Swedish)
  • Lex: Warrior (Greek)
  • Lexus: Protector (Greek)
  • Li: Power (Chinese)
  • Loewy: Brave (Swiss)
  • Luai: Shield (Arabic)
  • Luan: Warrior (Portuguese)
  • Ludwig: Famous fighter (German)
  • Ludwik: Renowned warrior (Polish)
  • Lupin: Wolf (Latin)

Find the Perfect L Name for Your Little Guy

No matter why you want an L name for your baby boy, you want it to be just right. After all, it will be his name for life. And our list of L boy names with meanings is the perfect place to start. So give your sweet little man an L name you like the sound of that feels meaningful to you. We know you'll pick the right one.

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180+ L Boy Names and Meanings That You'll Love