145+ Brilliant Boy Names That Start With B

From Bai to Buster, we have tons of B baby boy names to help you in the search for the perfect thing to call your baby boy.

Updated April 19, 2024
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B names for boys are super popular. From the old-fashioned Bob to a nature name like Bodhi, we love these boy names that start with B. Use them as naming inspiration, and see which one seems to best suit your little man.

Top 10 Boy Names That Start With B

Baby boy names have changed a lot over the years. And while there are still some oldies but goodies on the top 10 list of baby boy names that start with b (according to Pampers), others may be a surprise.

  1. Barrett: Strife (Middle English)
  2. Beau: Beautiful (French)
  3. Benjamin: Son of the South (Hebrew)
  4. Bennett: Blessed (Latin)
  5. Bentley: Bent grass (Old English)
  6. Brandon: Hills covered with old broom (Old English)
  7. Brayden: Salmon (Irish)
  8. Braxton: Bracca's town (Old English)
  9. Brooks: Someone who lives near a brook (Old English)
  10. Brody: Ditch (Gaelic)

Classic Boy Names That Start With B

The classics are classics for a reason. So, if you're looking for a B boy name that's withstood the test of time, maybe one of these will work. 

  • Barry: Fair-haired (Gaelic)
  • Bart: Son of Tolmai, nickname for Bartholomew (Hebrew)
  • Beau: Handsome (French)
  • Ben: Blessed, good orator (Hebrew)
  • Benjamin: Son of my right hand (Hebrew)
  • Benji: Nickname for Benjamin (Hebrew)
  • Benson: Son of Ben (English)
  • Benton: Town of bent grass (English)
  • Bill: Nickname for William (German)
  • Billy: Nickname for William (German)
  • Blaine: Slender (Celtic)
  • Blake: Dark haired (Scottish)
  • Bob: Nickname for Robert-fame, glory (English)
  • Brad: Broad meadow (English)
  • Branden, Brandon: From the broom hill (English)
  • Brandt: To burn (German)
  • Brett: Brit, a person from Britain (Celtic)
  • Brody: From a muddy place (Irish)
  • Burton: Enclosure, settlement (English)

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Old-Fashioned Boy Names Starting With B

Old-fashioned names sound super cute and vintage, and they always seem to come back into style again. If you want your baby's name to have a vintage flare, one of these could work. 

  • Bartholomew: Son of Tolomai (Hebrew)
  • Beldon: Lives in beautiful glen (English)
  • Bellamy: Fine friend (Irish)
  • Branson: Son of Brand (English)
  • Braxton: Brock's Town (English)
  • Bronson: Son of the brown man (English)
  • Bubba: Brother (American)
  • Bud: Old friend (Scottish)
  • Burford: Fortified manor (English)
  • Buzz: Village (Norse)
  • Byron: Cattle herder (English)
  • Byrum: Barn, byre (English)

Strong Boy Names That Start With B

Imbue your little dude's name with strength with some of these powerful B boy names. 

  • Balen: Brave (Latin)
  • Barrett: Bear power (Norman)
  • Basil: Brave, fearless (Greek)
  • Bayani: Hero (Filipino)
  • Bear: Strong, brave (French and German)
  • Bernard: Brave, hardy (West Germanic)
  • Bernardo: Bold as a bear (Spanish)
  • Bernie: Strong as a bear (Scandinavian)
  • Bertrand: Bright, raven, rim of shield (German)
  • Bishop: Overseer (English)
  • Blaze: Flame (English)
  • Boaz: In him is strength (Hebrew)
  • Boleslaus: Great glory (Latin)
  • Boyd: Bold, fair (Scottish)
  • Brady: Spirited (Gaelic)
  • Braeden: Brave, wise (Irish)
  • Brant: Firebrand (English)
  • Braulio: Shining (Spanish)
  • Brenton: Flame (English)
  • Brice: Swift, famous bearer (Celtic)
  • Broderick: Blood brother (Norse)
  • Brysen: Passion, ardor, vigorous seas (Celtic)
  • Bryant: Strong, wealthy, virtuous (Gaelic)

Noble B Boy Names

If you want to give your son the confidence of kings, one of these names could be just the ticket.

  • Balraj: King (Indian)
  • Baron: Wealthy landowner (English)
  • Barron: Nobleman (English)
  • Bode: Command (German)
  • Bogart, Bo: Commanding (Scandinavian)
  • Braylen: Lion (Irish)
  • Brendan, Brenden, Brendon: Prince or king (Irish)
  • Brennen: Prince or teardrop (Irish), (Gaelic)
  • Brent: Holy one (Celtic)
  • Brian, Bryan: Noble (Celtic)

Unique Boy Names That Start With B

You may decide to select a unique boy name that starts with B. You may be surprised to be drawn to an unusual name that fits your little boy better than a more commonly used name.

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  • Bai: Pure (Chinese)
  • Bakari: Noble oath (Swahili)
  • Balu: Young (Sanskrit)
  • Banksy: American street artist (American)
  • Banner: Ensign bearer (French)
  • Baz: Fair-haired (Irish)
  • Beda: Prayer bead (German)
  • Berlin: City (German)
  • Binh: Peaceful (Vietnamese)
  • Binyamen: Son of the South (Arabic)
  • Blakeleigh: Meadow (English)
  • Blue: Color (English)
  • Booth: Dwelling (Scandinavian)
  • Brando: Torch (Italian)
  • Bray: Borderland (French)
  • Britton: From Britton (English)
  • Bronco: Wild horse (Spanish)
  • Bronx: City (American)

B Boy Names Inspired by Nature

We love a nature-inspired name for your little guy. Maybe he'll grow up to love the outdoors as much as you do.

  • Beamon: Beekeeper (English)
  • Beck: Brook (German)
  • Bjorn: Bear (Dutch)
  • Berger: Mountain or hill (French)
  • Berkeley: From the birch wood (English)
  • Berklee: Birch tree meadow (English
  • Blair: Field (Spanish)
  • Bodhi: Awakening (Sanskrit)
  • Braden: Salmon (Gaelic)
  • Brayden: Salmon (Celtic)
  • Braydon: Broad hillside (Irish)
  • Brinlee: Burnt meadow (English)
  • Brinley: Beautiful flower (Welsh)
  • Brooks: Stream, brook (Gaelic)
  • Branch: Branch in river (Latin)
  • Brentley: From the place by the hill (English)
  • Bruce: The willow lands (Scottish)
  • Buck: Male deer (English)
  • Burke: Birch wood (Norse)

Cute B Boy Names

We think these B boy names are simply adorable, just like your little boy.

  • Baker: Dry by heat (English)
  • Bao: Bundle (Chinese)
  • Barker: Leather tanner (English)
  • Basim: Smile (Arabic)
  • Baxter: Baker (English)
  • Baylor: Horse trainer (English)
  • Benicio: Benevolent one (Spanish)
  • Benjiro: Peace (Japanese)
  • Bhoja: Liberal (Indian)
  • Bly: Carefree (Norse)
  • Booker: Scribe (English)
  • Boone: Good (French)
  • Boston: Town, a place (English)
  • Bowie: Yellow, fair-haired (Scottish)
  • Bass: Humble origin (French)
  • Bastian: Man of Sebastia (Greek or Latin)
  • Belarmino: Combative man (Spanish, Italian)
  • Boden: Sheltered (Scandinavian)
  • Bodie: Messenger (German)
  • Bowen: Son of Owen (Welsh)
  • Brecken: Little freckled one (Irish)
  • Briar: Brambles (English)
  • Brewer: to brew, ale (English
  • Bridger, Briggs: Dweller by the bridge (English)
  • Brighton: The bright town (English)
  • Bristol: Site of the bridge (English)
  • Brooklyn: Broken land (Dutch)
  • Bruin, Bruno: Brown (German)
  • Brycen: Speckled, freckle-faced (Celtic)
  • Bryson: Son of Brice (Celtic)
  • Buckey: Male deer (English)
  • Buster: Tough guy (English)

B Boy Names That Mean Lucky or Blessed

Bestow extra blessings on your little man with a name that means lucky or blessed

  • Bahati: Luck (Swahili)
  • Barak: Blessings (Hebrew)
  • Barrack: Blessed (Swahili)
  • Baruj: Blessed (Hebrew)
  • Benaiah: Yahweh builds up (Hebrew)
  • Benedict: Blessed (Latin)
  • Benito: Blessed (Spanish)
  • Bennington: Blessed (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Bennet, Bennett: Blessed (English)
  • Bento: Blessed (Brazilian)
  • Boleslaw: Glory (Polish)
  • Boni: Fortunate (Latin)

A Basket of B Names for Your Baby Boy

We love a name that rolls right off the tongue but has a ton of meaning. So if you have your heart set on naming your son something that starts with the letter B, we bet you'll find a great name on this list. 

145+ Brilliant Boy Names That Start With B