145+ Wickedly Evil Baby Names You Can't Resist

Embrace your baby's dark side with these delightfully evil baby names.

Updated October 14, 2023
Baby in devil costume

Thankfully, we don't live in a literary tragedy, which means your baby's name isn't going to curse them to a horrific narrative. While some people might call you out for picking a horror-movie-inspired moniker, other people will think that quirky evil name strikes a chord.

Whether you're alternative, love to live on the dark side, or can't wait to inject a little irony into your bundle of joy's birth certificate, we've got a plethora of evil names with every meaning under the eclipse for you to choose from.  

Enticing Baby Names With Mischievous Meanings 

hiding baby

People around the world have different customs surrounding baby naming. Many babies are named for the way they look, how they act, or the circumstances of their birth. In honor of those traditions, if you've got a baby playing peek-a-boo with their due date, then you might want to add a mischievous name to the list. 

  • Anwir - Liar 
  • Cozbi - My lie, my deception 
  • Dolion - Deceitful 
  • Jaakobah - Deceiver 
  • Leto - Hidden 
  • Loki - Trickster
  • Naiche - Mischief maker 
  • Přemysl - Trick, stratagem 
  • Raz - Secret
  • Tajana - To keep secret 

Decadent Names With Dark Meanings 

These dark baby names put the same taste in your mouth as when you take a bite of a deliciously rich dark chocolate truffle. After all, these names are decadent and they know it. 

  • Donahue - Dark warrior 
  • Donovan - Dark warrior 
  • Dougal - Dark stranger 
  • Dubheasa - Dark beauty 
  • Duncan - Dark warrior 
  • Duvessa - Dark beauty 
  • Lamya - Having beautiful dark lips 
  • Layla/Leila - Dark beauty 
  • Rajani - The dark one 
  • Sauda - Dark beauty 
  • Raven - Dark-haired or wise; also a large black bird 
Quick Tip

Looking for a dark 90s-inspired name for your little one? The name Raven had a popularity surge during the 90s when it ranked among the top two hundred names (coming in at an average of 171). It's derived from the original old English version "hræfn," meaning wisdom and prophecy. In some cultures, the raven is associated with magic and the ability to decipher omens and signs.

Intriguing Names for the Warriors in Your Life 

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Life is a constant battle — and what better way to equip your babies for handling the challenges it throws at them than with a name befitting of a warrior? All of these warrior-meaning names stretch across space and time and have served someone's ancestors well. 

  • Adofo - Warrior 
  • Bellatrix - Female warrior 
  • Bellona - Warrior goddess of destructive warfare 
  • Connla - Wolf warrior 
  • Enyo - Warrior goddess of destructive warfare 
  • Harvey - Army warrior 
  • Helmer - Warrior's wrath 
  • Kali - Warrior goddess of destruction 
  • Nilesh - Dark blue ruler 
  • Óttarr - Terror, warrior 
  • Pele - Warrior goddess of destruction 

Unique Baby Names That Call For Destruction 

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Just watch a toddler plow through a pile of blocks or a bowl full of cereal and you'll know that destruction is their middle name. Destruction's wrought with power and so are these strong baby names.

  • Aghanashini - Destroyer of sins 
  • Aridam - Destroyer of enemies 
  • Bela - Destruction 
  • Deianira - Man-destroyer 
  • Deidamia - To destroy 
  • Gedeon - Destroyer 
  • Hadeon - Destroyer 
  • Runihura - Destroyer 

Deadly Baby Names Reaching From the Void 

Death and darkness go hand-in-hand. Keep your babies from being afraid of the dark by gifting them with a deadly name that embraces blackness. 

  • Achlys - Darkness 
  • Azvameht - Strong death 
  • Bacia - Family deaths ruined the house 
  • Erebus - Nether darkness 
  • Kek - God of darness 
  • Keket - Goddess of darkness 
  • Mabuz - Ruler of death castle 
  • Morana - Death
  • Mot - Death 
  • Orpheus - The darkness of night 
  • Sephtis - Eternal death 
  • Than - Death 
  • Thanatos - Death 

Evil-Sounding Names With Curious Meanings 

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You can't take these evil-sounding names at face value. Though they're intimidating to the ear, they won't inspire dastardly deeds. So, if you've got a wicked sense of humor, lean into these evil-sounding baby names. 

  • Belladonna - Name of a poisonous plant 
  • Cronus - To cut 
  • Damon - To tame 
  • Desdemona - Ill-fated
  • Dorian - Derived from the Ancient Greek Dorians tribe
  • Drusilla - Derived from a Roman family name 
  • Elvira - Happy, agreeable 
  • Jareth - Unclear 
  • Jezebel - To exalt 
  • Lucius - Light 
  • Morticia - Death 
  • Onyx - Claw, nail 
  • Pandora - All gifts 
  • Perdita - Lost 
  • Renwick - Raven
  • Rhoda - Rose 
  • Vesper - Evening 

Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Suffering or Sorrow

baby crying

Sadness and sorrow are natural parts of life. The beauty of being alive is being able to feel the whole spectrum of emotion — the bad and the good. People who can embrace all their feelings and overcome suffering walk away from it stronger than ever, just as these names imply. 

  • Acheros - River of sorrow 
  • Ahlai - Sorrowing experience 
  • Bronahc - Sorrow 
  • Brone/Brona - Sorrowful
  • Dierdre - Sorrowful 
  • Dolores - Sorrows 
  • Drystan - Full of sorrow
  • Jabez - Sorrow 
  • Jela - Father suffered during birth 
  • Kestutis - To endure 
  • Mahzun - Sad 
  • Malalai - Sad, grieved 
  • Nekan - Sorrows 

Powerful Baby Names Inspired by Disaster 

baby ripping tp

Natural disasters are great forces that challenge humanity's superiority complex. With a name that means "disaster" or "misfortune," you just might be gifting your baby with a powerful destiny that affects everyone around them.

  • Ares - Ruin 
  • Bora - Storm 
  • Casimir - To destroy the world 
  • Corentin/Corentine - Hurricane 
  • Devland - Misfortune 
  • Perseus - To destroy 
  • Pyry - Snowstorm 
  • Tavarious - Misfortune 
  • Tempest - Violent storm 
  • Volkan - Volcano 

Pure of Heart But Evil in Name 

Some people say that we're all capable of good and evil. If your bundle of joy is carrying multitudes, then embrace their darker side and acknowledge it by picking one of these baby names with an evil meaning. 

  • Ahriman - Evil spirit
  • Birsha - An evil 
  • Daeva - Evil spirit 
  • Dushyanta - Destroyer of evil 
  • Dysnomia - Bad/wrong 
  • Keres - Evil spirits 
  • Maleficent - Harmful, evil 
  • Matchitehaw - Has an evil heart 
  • Nukpana - Evil 
  • Sidero - Evil nymph 
  • Ubel - Evil 
  • Yurena - Evil spirit 

Iconic Horror Movie Villain Names That'll Turn Heads 

Michael. Jason. Freddy. All you need is one name to know who we're talking about. Horror movie villains are ubiquitous in pop culture today. Carry on their lethal legacies in one of these horror movie villain-inspired baby names. 

  • Annabelle - Lovable 
  • Annie - Favor 
  • Asami - Hemp & beautiful 
  • Chucky - Man 
  • Cujo - Unclear 
  • Damien - To tame 
  • Freddy - Peaceful ruler 
  • Hannibal - Grace of Ba'al 
  • Jason - Healer 
  • Kayako - Beautiful & good, field, child 
  • Michael - Who is like God? 
  • Norman - Northman 
  • Pazuzu - Unclear 
  • Sadako - Chaste child 

Unforgettable Vampire Names That'll Hypnotize You

baby bat costume

Movies, books, and folklore offer up tons of recognizable and unique vampire names you could give your baby. From silent film classics to newer underground hits, these vampire baby names will hypnotize you. 

  • Ambrogio - Immortal
  • Angel - Messenger 
  • Barnabas - Son of the prophet 
  • Blade - Cutting edge 
  • Carmilla - Garden 
  • Dracula - Dragon 
  • Lestat - Status 
  • Marceline - Derivative of the Roman god Mars 
  • Nosferatu - Troublesome 
  • Orlok - Unclear 
  • Renfield - From the raven's field 
  • Reinhardt - Brave decision 
  • Selene - Moon 
  • Strahd - Unclear 
  • Willow - Derived from the Old English word for tree 

Delightfully Demonic Baby Names

Don't worry, naming your baby after a religious or fictional demon won't have them spitting up green goo and thrashing on the bed. Rather, these delightfully demonic baby names will certainly help your kiddos stand out from the crowd. 

  • Abaddon - Ruin, destruction 
  • Amon - The hidden one 
  • Asmodeus - Wrath, demon 
  • Azazel - Scapegoat 
  • Baphomet - Praised, commendable 
  • Beelzebub - Lord of flies 
  • Belial - Worthless
  • Dagon - Grain 
  • Legion - Choose, levy 
  • Lilith - Of the night 
  • Lucifer - Light bringer 
  • Molech - Unclear 
  • Naamah - Pleasant 
  • Ramiel - Thunder of God 

Embrace the Dark Side With Evil Baby Names 

Whether you're looking for a scary baby name, an exotic baby name, or an evil-sounding baby name, evil names are so unique that your kid's name will stick with every person who hears it. Embrace your infant's dark and mischievous side with these extra dark yet delicious baby names. 

145+ Wickedly Evil Baby Names You Can't Resist