84 Serendipitous & Sweet Baby Names That Mean Lucky

These lucky names might not promise a life of ease for your little one, but they certainly couldn't hurt.

Published February 24, 2024
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If you're feeling pretty blessed about welcoming a new baby into the world, names that mean lucky might be perfect for your little bundle of joy. Show the world how fortunate you are to be the parent of the little one meant just for you with these cute names.

We're not saying a lucky name can promise a baby that sleeps through the night or a toddler that never throws a tantrum, but it's a nice thought to entertain. 

Charming Boy Names That Mean Lucky

For the little lucky charm you call son, these names might bring a bit of good fortune. You're already doing everything you can to give him a happy life, so you may as well add a bit of luck to the plan. 

  • Ace - to be sharp (Latin)
  • Ansel - with divine protection (German)
  • Ayman - blessed (Arabic) 
  • Barack - blessed (Arabic)
  • Benedict - blessed (Latin)
  • Benicio - blessed (Spanish)
  • Boone - good (French)
  • Chance - good fortune (British)
  • Chauncey - fortunate (French)
  • Edmund - fortunate protector (English)
  • Edric - prosperity (English)
  • Faust - fortunate one (Latin)
  • Felix - happy; lucky (Latin)
  • Kichiro - good fortune (Japanese) 
  • Madoc - fortunate (Welsh) 
  • Onni - happiness; luck (Finnish)
  • Parvaiz - fortunate; victorious (Persian)
  • Patrick - associated with nobility (Latin)
  • Tycho - hitting the mark (Greek) 
  • Yoshi - good luck (Japanese) 
  • Zain - beauty; grace (Arabic)

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Lucky Girl Names That Mean Blessed

Sweet little girls can make you feel so blessed as a parent. Give her a name fit for the good fortune she's brought to your life. 

  • Arianwen - fair; blessed (Welsh)
  • Beatrice- blessed one (French) 
  • Bunny - little rabbit (English)
  • Dalia - gentle (Hebrew/Swahili)
  • Delyth - pretty and blessed (Welsh)
  • Destiny - certain fortune; fate (French)
  • Eudora - good gift (Greek)
  • Evangeline - good news (Greek)
  • Faye -  fairy (English)
  • Fayola - lucky; good fortune (African)
  • Felicia - lucky; fortunate (Latin)
  • Felicity - happiness (Latin)
  • Genevieve - Patron Saint of Paris (French)
  • Gia - God is gracious (Italian)
  • Gloria - glory (Latin)
  • Gwenyth - happiness (Welsh)
  • Halona - happy fortune (Native American)
  • Hannah - grace (Hebrew)
  • Helga - holy (Scandinavian)
  • Iris - rainbow (Greek)
  • Jade - precious stone associated with luck (Spanish)
  • Laima - luck; goddess of fate (Latvian)
  • Mirabel - wonderful (Latin) 
  • Moira - destiny (Greek)
  • Patricia - noble (Latin)
  • Penny - currency associated with luck (Greek)
  • Rani - she who brings luck (Indian)
  • Tira - luck (Hebrew)
  • Winifred - blessed (Welsh)
  • Zada - fortunate; prosperous (Arabic)

Good Luck Names That Are Gender Neutral

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From a lucky little girl to a charming little boy, these gender-neutral names are packed with good fortune. Give your little one a name as lucky as one of these, and they're sure to have a life full of beautiful moments. 

  • Asher - happiness (Hebrew)
  • Bennet - blessed (Latin)
  • Charm - a lucky token
  • Clover - lucky meadow flower (English)
  • Cricket - an insect considered lucky by Chinese, Japanese, and Native American cultures 
  • Fate - destiny (Latin)
  • Florentine - prosperous (Italian)
  • Karma - fate; destiny (Sanskrit) 
  • Kei - blessed (Japanese)
  • Lesego - luck (South African)
  • Lucky - fortunate (American) 
  • Merrit - blessed child (English) 
  • Paddy - noble (Irish)
  • Propser - favorable (Latin)
  • Serendipity - fortunate chance (English)
  • Seven - loving one (Turkish)
  • Shiva - the number seven (Hebrew)
  • Seeley - blessed (French)
  • Tashi - prosperity (Hindi)
  • Wen - lucky (Chinese)

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Challenge Fate With Names That Mean Unlucky

Maybe you want to tempt fate a bit and give your little one a name that means unlucky. Much like saying "break a leg," these so-called unfortunate names could bring your bundle of joy some luck in life. 

  • Brone - sadness (Irish)
  • Calvin - bald (English)
  • Darian - gift of suffering (Persian)
  • Desdemona - unlucky (Greek)
  • Devlin - unlucky (Irish)
  • Dolores - sorrows (Spanish)
  • Evander - unlucky (Scottish)
  • Jinx - curse (English)
  • Malachi - messenger of suffering (Hebrew)
  • Mallory - an unfortunate person (French)
  • Rue - regret (Greek)
  • Tavor - misfortune (Hebrew) 
  • Tristan - sad (French)

You're Already So Lucky

Getting to bring a little one into the world can feel like life is smiling upon you. With your good luck charm on the way, all you need is the perfect name to represent the joy they're bringing to your world. 

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