165 Unique & Popular Gender-Neutral Names for Your Little One

Let your child be who they want to be with these distinct gender-neutral names!

Updated July 15, 2023
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Gender-neutral names are becoming more popular than ever! From classics like Sam, Avery, and Alex to newfound androgynous epithets like Noah and Kai, top name lists are becoming filled with options that work for anyone.

For the parents who are looking for a title that can stand on its own and doesn't lean towards a specific gender, we have rounded up some of the top gender-neutral names for you to peruse.

Popular Gender-Neutral Names

Many of these gender-neutral names have been around for centuries, and according to the Social Security Administration, they have not lost their luster! If you are looking for a strong title for your bundle of joy, consider any of these popular options.

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  1. Alex - Defender of men or protector of mankind (Greek)
  2. Avery - Ruler of the elves or wise (English)
  3. Bailey - Bailiff or steward (English)
  4. Cameron - Crooked nose or bent nose (Scottish)
  5. Casey - Vigilant or watchful (Irish)
  6. Charlie - Free man or manly (English)
  7. Dakota - Friend or ally (Native American)
  8. Elliott - Jehovah is God or God on high (English)
  9. Emerson - Son of Emery or brave (English)
  10. Finley - Fair warrior or fair hero (Scottish and Irish)
  11. Frankie - Free or from France (English)
  12. Harley - Hare meadow or from the hare's meadow (Old English)
  13. Harper - Harp player or harpist (English)
  14. Jamie - Supplanter or one who follows (English)
  15. Jordan - To flow down or descend (Hebrew)
  16. Kennedy - Helmeted head or misshapen head (Irish and Scottish)
  17. Marley - Pleasant seaside meadow or from the boundary meadow (English)
  18. Morgan - Sea circle or bright sea (Welsh)
  19. Noah - Rest and motion (Hebrew)
  20. Parker - Park keeper or gamekeeper (English)
  21. Peyton - Fighting-man's estate or warrior's town (English)
  22. Quinn - Descendant of Conn or chief leader (Irish)
  23. Reese - Enthusiasm or ardor (Welsh)
  24. Riley - Courageous or valiant (Irish)
  25. Robin - Bright fame or famous brilliance (English)
  26. Rowan - Little red-haired one or rowan tree (Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic)
  27. Sage - Wise or profoundly wise person (English)
  28. Skylar - Scholar or etymologist (Dutch)
  29. Sydney - Wide island or from St. Denis (English)
  30. Taylor - Tailor or to cut (English)
Fast Fact

When choosing a name for your baby girl, gender-neutral ones are a fantastic choice! Why? Studies found that women with more feminine names were less likely to enroll in advanced mathematics and science courses, making unisex epithets a great way to go.

Short Gender-Neutral Names

Turns out the shorter the name, the bigger the paycheck! Forbes reported on a study conducted back in 2013 that found that every additional letter in your name will cost you around $3,600 in your annual salary. Thus, if you want to set your baby up for career success, you might consider a memorable title that is short and sweet! These gender-free options work for anyone.

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  1. Ash - Happy or ash tree (English)
  2. Blue - Blue (English)
  3. Fox - Fox (Middle English)
  4. Gus - Great or magnificent (English)
  5. Jay - Jaybird (English)
  6. Jem - Supplanter or one who follows (English)
  7. Jet - Black gemstone (English)
  8. Jo - Jehovah increases or God is gracious (English)
  9. Kai - Sea or ocean (Hawaiian)
  10. Kit - Bearer of Christ or pure (English)
  11. Lee - Meadow or clearing (English)
  12. Lou - Famous warrior (German)
  13. Lux - Light (Latin)
  14. Max - Greatest (Latin)
  15. Nix - Night or darkness (German)
  16. Oak - Oak tree (English)
  17. Pat - Noble or patrician (English)
  18. Pax - Peace (Latin)
  19. Pip - Lover of horses (English)
  20. Rae - Ewe or wise protector (English)
  21. Rio - River (Spanish)
  22. Sam - Heard by God (Hebrew)
  23. Sky - Cloud (Old Norse)
  24. Sol - Sun (Spanish)
  25. Tai - Great Extreme (Chinese)
  26. Val - Strong or healthy (Latin)
  27. Van - Of or from (Dutch)
  28. Wyn - White or fair (Welsh)
  29. Zen - Meditation (Japanese)

Unique Gender-Neutral Names

If you are like me, you want your kids to have a name that is truly unique! As a child, I loved having a name that no one else had. It wasn't until college that I met another person that had my same name. When I had kids, I tried to look for names that had that same singularity. For those parents who are looking for the same, these unique gender-neutral names are a spectacular choice!

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  1. Aeon - Eternity or age (Greek)
  2. Awira - A humble, hardworking person (Aramaic)
  3. Bexley - Box tree meadow (English)
  4. Ever - Always or eternal (English)
  5. Fable - Story (English)
  6. Femi - Love (Egyptian)
  7. Genesis - Birth (Latin)
  8. Gentry - Nobility (English)
  9. Halcyon - Calmness or tranquility (Greek)
  10. Irie - Good or fine (Jamaican Patois)
  11. Joss - God will add or playful (English)
  12. Kajuk - Red fox (Inuit)
  13. Kestrel - Bird of prey (English)
  14. Lumen - Light (Latin)
  15. Merit - Worthy or deserving (English)
  16. Nalo - Lovable or adored (African)
  17. Oriel - Golden or golden-haired (Latin)
  18. Quest - Search or pursuit (English)
  19. Rune - Secret (Old Norse and German)
  20. Tenzin - Upholder of teachings or holder of the teachings (Tibetan)
  21. Umi - Sea or ocean (Japanese)
  22. Vesper - Evening star or evening prayer (Latin)
  23. Wrenn - Small bird (English)
  24. Xolani - Peace or tranquility (Zulu)
  25. Yarden - To flow down or descend (Hebrew)
  26. Zephyr - West wind (Greek)
Fast Fact

Inuit naming customs focus on giving each child a namesake. This is said to link the spirits of the two individuals so that they can live on long after death. Often, these eponyms are not gender specific. Boys will be named after grandmothers or aunts and girls will be named after fathers or male cousins. This is why most of their names are unisex.

Nonbinary Names Perfect for Any Child

Nonbinary names are free of gender identity. Unfortunately, most people tend to assume a person's sexual specification even when hearing a gender-neutral name. So where can you find inspiring titles that don't bring conjecture? Nature can be one way!

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  1. Aspen - Quaking tree (English)
  2. Blaze - Fire or flame (Latin)
  3. Briar - Thorny bush (English)
  4. Cedar - Cedar tree (Latin)
  5. Cypress - Cypress tree (Greek)
  6. Echo - Sound or reverberating sound (Greek)
  7. Halo - Divine aura (Greek)
  8. Indigo - Deep blue dye (Greek)
  9. Juniper - Young or evergreen (Latin)
  10. Lake - Body of water (English)
  11. Lark - Songbird (American)
  12. Lyric - Song-like (English)
  13. Ocean - Sea (Greek)
  14. Onyx - Black gemstone or claw (English or Greek)
  15. Orion - Mountain dweller (Greek)
  16. Phoenix - Dark red or crimson (Greek)
  17. Rain - Abundant blessings from above (English)
  18. River - Flowing body of water (English)
  19. Sequoia - Redwood (Native American)
  20. Shiloh - Tranquil (Hebrew)
  21. Solstice - When the sun stands still (Latin and English)
  22. Soma - Lunar nectar (Indian)
  23. Sparrow - A sparrow or small bird (English)
  24. Starling - A bird (English)
  25. Storm - A strong, tumultuous weather condition (English)
  26. Zenith - Peak (English)
Fast Fact

As mentioned, gender-neutral names are on the rise. By how much? Since 1985, there has been an 88% increase in the number of unisex names being chosen by parents. Don't believe us? Look at how many female celebrities have gender neutral names! Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Cameron Diaz are just a few of the big unisex titles in Hollywood!

Androgynous Names to Let Their Personality Shine Through

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some more exceptional gender-neutral names for your sweet baby!

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  1. Addison - Son of Adam (Old English)
  2. Andy - Manly, warrior, or brave (Greek)
  3. Ashley - Ash tree (English)
  4. Bernie - Brave as a bear (French)
  5. Blake - Black, dark, or pale (Old English)
  6. Bobbie - Foreign, stranger, or bright fame (English)
  7. Brook - Water or small stream (English)
  8. Bryce - Swift (Irish)
  9. Campbell - Crooked mouth (Scottish and Irish)
  10. Carey - Dark or black (Celtic)
  11. Chandler - Candle maker (French)
  12. Channing - Young wolf (English)
  13. Chris - Bearing Christ (Greek)
  14. Courtney - Short nose (French)
  15. Dana - God is my judge (Hebrew)
  16. Dani - God is my judge (Hebrew)
  17. Devin - Divine (French)
  18. Drew - Courageous (Greek)
  19. Dylan - Son of the sea (Welsh)
  20. Evan - Young warrior (Irish)
  21. Glenn - Seluded wooded valley (Irish)
  22. Hayden - Hay fields or fire (Old English or German)
  23. Jackie - God is gracious (English)
  24. James - Supplanter (Hebrew)
  25. Jerry - Spear (English)
  26. Jesse - God's gift (Hebrew)
  27. Kelly - Warrior (Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic)
  28. Kelsey - River landing place (Old English)
  29. Kendall - Royal valley (English)
  30. Kerry - Black-haired (Irish)
  31. Kyle - Narrows or channel (Irish and Scottish)
  32. Leslie - Holly garden (Scottish)
  33. Logan - Little hollow (Scottish)
  34. Mackenzie - Son of Kenneth (Scottish)
  35. Niki - Victory of the people (Persian and Greek)
  36. Oakley - From the oak meadow (Old English)
  37. Ramsey - Low-lying land (English)
  38. Reagan - Regal, royal, or little king (Irish)
  39. Reed - Red-haired (English)
  40. Remy -Oarsman (French)
  41. Rene - Reborn (French)
  42. Ryan - Little king (Irish)
  43. Shannon - Old and wise (Irish)
  44. Shawn - God is gracious (Irish)
  45. Shay - Admirable and gift (Hebrew and Irish)
  46. Sloan - Warrior (Irish)
  47. Spencer - Steward (English)
  48. Stevie - Crown (Greek)
  49. Sutton - From the southern land (Norse)
  50. Tate - Cheerful (Old Norse and English)
  51. Teddy - Rich warrior (Old English)
  52. Tony - Priceless (Latin)
  53. Whitley - White meadow (English)
  54. Whitney - White island (English)

Famous People With Gender-Neutral Names

Need some more pop-culture inspiration or ideas from famous people throughout time? Here are a few well-known indviduals that have gender-neutral names.

  1. Jordan (Jordan Peele - American actor and filmmaker)
  2. Taylor (Taylor Lautner - American actor)
  3. Jamie (Jamie Foxx - American actor and singer)
  4. Casey (Casey Affleck - American actor)
  5. Alex (Alex Rodriguez - Dominican-American former baseball player)
  6. Robin (Robin Sharma - Canadian author and leadership expert)
  7. Riley (Riley Keough - American actress)
  8. Jesse (Jesse Williams - American actor and activist)
  9. Morgan (Morgan Freeman - American actor)
  10. Sam (Samuel L. Jackson - American actor)
  11. Reese (Reese Witherspoon - American actor)
  12. Charlie (Charlie Chaplin - British actor and filmmaker)
  13. Blair (Blair Underwood - American actor)
  14. Cameron (Cameron Boyce - American actor)
  15. Avery (Avery Brooks - American actor)
  16. Dylan (Dylan Minnette - American actor and musician)
  17. Harper (Harper Simon - American singer-songwriter)
  18. Drew (Drew Carey - American actor and comedian)
  19. Blake (Blake Griffin - American basketball player)

Gender-Neutral Names Are More Than Just a Trend

Baby names that used to bend the rules are not just a trend; they're now becoming the norm. There's no right or wrong when it comes to the right name for your little one. For the parents-to-be who want to find a unique unisex title, these names are just a starting point! Take the time to peruse both baby boy name and baby girl name lists; they can be for any gender.

When a name and its meaning catch your attention, add it to your roster of potential monikers. Remember, this title will help define your child's identity, so take your time and find the name that you think will best suit them!

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165 Unique & Popular Gender-Neutral Names for Your Little One