150 Strong Scottish Baby Names for Little Laddies & Lassies

If you want to honor your Celtic roots or just browse some inspirational name ideas, check out these Scottish baby names for boys and girls!

Published January 4, 2024
Woman stands on marsh and holds her baby up in the Loch Etive

Lucious green landscapes, castles, and of course, the intrigue of the Loch Ness monster. Scotland is a spectacular country that has so much to offer, including some exceptional baby names! Whether you're looking for something common or eclectic, we have a Scottish baby name that is perfect for your little laddie or lassie. 

Bold & Beautiful Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names 

Gender-neutral names have been trending in recent years, which makes unisex Scottish baby names a solid choice for your beautiful bairn! Here are some familiar and far-out options for parents to peruse.

Baby boy and baby girl
  • Ainsley -  One's own meadow (English and Scottish)
  • Berkley - Birch tree meadow (Scottish)
  • Blair - Meadow or field (Scottish)
  • Blane - Yellow (Scottish Gaelic and Irish)
  • Bowie - Yellow-haired (Scottish)
  • Bryce - Speckled (Scottish)
  • Cameron -  Crooked nose (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Campbell - Crooked mouth (Scottish)
  • Coburn - Cockburn (Scottish)
  • Druim - Small ridge (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Fife - Place name (Scottish)
  • Inness - Island (Scottish)
  • Iona - Yew place, dove, or blessed (Scottish and Greek)
  • Irvine - Green water (Scottish and English)
  • Jamie - Supplanter (Scottish and Hebrew)
  • Kyle - Narrow strait (Scottish and Irish)
  • Lennox - Elm grove (Scottish)
  • Leslie - Holly garden (Scottish)
  • Lorne - Fox (Scottish)
  • Mackenzie -  Son of Kenneth and fire-born (Scottish)
  • Muir -  Moorland (Scottish)
  • Nairn - River with Alder trees (Scottish)
  • Yarrow - Rough stream (English)
Fast Fact

If you're wondering why there is an English name on this list, it's because Yarrow refers to a river that both England and Scotland share!

Traditional Scottish Baby Names for Boys

While you may have heard of some of these traditional Scottish names for boys, there are a handful that are less common here in the States. For the parents hoping to harness their Celtic heritage, these are some solid Scottish names to consider.

Baby boy on front porch
  • Alasdair - Defender of the people (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Alistair - Defender of the people (Scottish) 
  • Barclay - Birch tree meadow (Scottish)
  • Callum - Dove (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Craig - Rock (Scottish)
  • Dougal -  Dark stranger or dark-haired stranger (Scottish)
  • Duncan -  Dark warrior (Scottish)
  • Ewan - God is gracious (Scottish)
  • Fergus -  Highest choice or man of vigor (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Gavin - White hawk (Scottish and Welsh)
  • Glen - Narrow valley (Irish and Scottish)
  • Hamish - Supplanter (Scottish)
  • Iain - God is gracious (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Innes - From the river island (Scottish and Irish)
  • Jock - God is gracious (Scottish)
  • Keith - Wood or from the battleground (Scottish)
  • Lochlan -  From the land of lakes (Scottish)
  • Malcolm -  Devotee of Saint Columba (Scottish)
  • Monroe - Mouth of the river Roe (Scottish)
  • Murray - From the sea (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Paden - Little nobleman (Scottish)
  • Ruaridh - Red king (Scottish)
  • Stuart -  Steward of the estate (Scottish)
  • Uilleam - Resolute protector (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Wallace -  Welshman or stranger (Scottish and English)
  • Wilkie - Resolute protection (Scottish and German)
Fast Fact

Scotland has given the United States an impressive collection of actors including Ewan McGregor, Craig Ferguson, James McAvoy, Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, and Kevin McKidd, to name a few. 

Top Scottish Names for Boys

Just like in America, Scotland's most popular names come from all over the globe! Interestingly, Noah is the most popular name in Scotland as of this writing and it ranks at number two here in the states. We take a look at some of the other titles that Scots find the most appealing.

Baby boy smiling
  • Alexander - Man's Defender (Greek)
  • Alfie - Elf counsel (English)
  • Angus - One choice of strength (Scottish)
  • Archie - Bold or brave (German)
  • Brodie - Little ridge (Scottish and Irish)
  • Charlie - Free man (German)
  • Finlay - Fair-haired hero (Irish and Scottish)
  • Finn - Fair or blessed (Irish)
  • Harris - Son of Harry (English)
  • Hudson - Son of Hudd (English)
  • Jack - God is gracious (English)
  • Jardine -  Garden (French)
  • James - Supplanter (Hebrew)
  • Leo - Lion (Latin)
  • Lewis - Renowned battle (German)
  • Logan - Hollow (Scottish)
  • Luca - Bringer of light (Latin and Greek)
  • Lucas - Bringer of light (Latin and Greek)
  • Muhammad - Praiseworthy (Arabic)
  • Noah - To rest (Hebrew)
  • Oliver - Olive tree (English and French)
  • Parker - Park keeper (English)
  • Rory - Red king (Irish)
  • Teddy - Wealthy protector (English)
  • Theo - God's gift (Greek)
  • Thomas - Twin (Hebrew)
  • Tommy - Twin (Hebrew and English)
Fast Fact

Scotland's fastest-growing boy names include Teddy, Parker, Hudson, and Theodore.

Common & Unique Old Scottish Names for Boys

If you're searching for Scottish baby names that are a bit more distinct, we have quite the collection of strong boy names to consider. Some are more traditional and others are more off the wall, making certain that you can find an epithet that fits your baby boy beautifully. 

Scottish baby boy wearing a kilt
  • Ailein - From the green meadow (Scottish)
  • Beathan - Life (Scottish)
  • Berk - Birchg tree meadow (Scottish)
  • Bran - Raven (Scottish and Irish)
  • Bruce - Thicket (English, Scottish, and French)
  • Clyde - Friendly (Scottish)
  • Colin - Young hound (Scottish Gaelic, Irish, and French)
  • Dalzell - Bright dale (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Donal - World leader (Scottish and Irish)
  • Edan - Fire (Scottish)
  • Eon - God is gracious (Scottish)
  • Forbes - Field (Scottish)
  • Fraser - Of the forest men (Scottish)
  • Ian - God is gracious (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Mac - Son of (Scottish)
  • Niven - Little Saint (Scottish)
  • Ogilhinn - From the high peak (Scottish)
  • Paden - Fighter's estate (English, Irish, and Scottish)
  • Quany - Proud (Scottish)
  • Reid - Red-haired (Scottish and English)
  • Ruiseart - Brave ruler (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Sim - To listen or hear (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Stennis - Place name (Scottish)
  • Tasgall - God's estate (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Uisdean - Forever stone (Scottish Gaelic)
Fast Fact

For parents with an affinity for Celtic names, Irish epithets and Welsh baby names can also be an exceptional choice for your little lad. 

Spectacular Scottish Names for Girls

Your fantastically fascinating baby girl deserves a name that matches her extraordinary spirit! These Scottish baby names for girls are one-of-a-kind choices for your little lady that are as unforgettable as she will be.

Baby girl laying on a bed
  • Aberdeen - At the mouth of the Don (Scottish)
  • Ailie - Light (Scottish)
  • Ailsa -  Elf victory (Scottish)
  • Bonnie - Pretty (Scottish)
  • Caitriona - Pure or clear (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Davina - Beloved (Scottish and Hebrew)
  • Eilidh - Radiant one (Scottish)
  • Elsie - Pledged to God (Scottish)
  • Elspeth - Consecrated by God (Scottish and Hebrew)
  • Greer -  Watchful (Scottish)
  • Isobel - God is my oath (Scottish and Hebrew)
  • Kamryn - Crooked nose (Scottish)
  • Kenna - Handsome or fire-born (Scottish)
  • Kirsty - Follower of Christ (Scottish)
  • Laire - Mare (Scottish)
  • Lilias - Lily (Scottish)
  • Lorna - Forlorn (Scottish)
  • Mairi - Bitter (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Maisie - Pearl (Scottish)
  • Morag - Great (Scottish)
  • Paisley - Church (Scottish)
  • Senga - Pure (Scottish)
  • Skye - Island of clouds (Scottish)
  • Vaila - Foreign isle (Scottish)
  • Wynda - From the narrow path (Scottish)

Popular Scottish Baby Names for Girls

Turns out that Scots and Americans agree on the number one girl's name — Olivia! We also share five other names on our top most popular baby name lists. However, there are a handful of truly unique titles on Scotland's list that could be a sensational Scottish name for your little girl. 

Newborn girl smiling
  • Amelia - Industrious or hardworking (German)
  • Annie - Grace of favor (Hebrew)
  • Ava - Life or bird (Latin)
  • Aria - Song or melody (Italian)
  • Charlotte - Free man (French)
  • Daisy - The day's eye (English)
  • Ella - Fairy maiden, all or completely (English)
  • Emily - Rival (Latin)
  • Evie - Life (Hebrew)
  • Freya - Noblewoman (Norse)
  • Grace - Favor or blessing (Latin)
  • Harper - Harpist (English)
  • Isla - Island (Spanish)
  • Ivy - Vine (English)
  • Lily - Lily flower or pure (Latin)
  • Lucy - Light (English and Latin)
  • Maeva - Welcome (French)
  • Mia - Mine (Italian)
  • Millie - Gentle strength (German)
  • Nina - Little girl (Spanish)
  • Nova - New (Latin)
  • Olivia - Olive tree (Latin)
  • Sophie - Wisdom (Greek)
  • Rosie - Rose (Latin)
Fast Fact

Scotland's fastest-growing girl names include Nova, Maeva, Annie, and Nina. 

Scottish Baby Names Are a Spectacular Way to Honor Your Roots

If you're looking for a strong title for your baby boy or girl, a Scottish baby name can be an ideal choice. These epithets have pretty and powerful meanings and they tend to be unforgettable epithets, which is perfect for helping your baby stand out among their peers!

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