141 Captivating Girl Names That Start With C for Your Little Cutie

Charming and unique girl names that start with C are the perfect choice for your classy little lady!

Updated December 4, 2023
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Girl names that start with C are a captivating choice! Best of all, if you look past the commonly used options like Charlotte and Catherine, you can find a collection of charismatic, confident, and classy girl names that start with C that will give your daughter a truly unique epithet that people will never forget.

Cool Girl Names That Start With C

While the definition of cool is subjective, we think these titles are all beautiful choices for your cool little lady.

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  • Caci - Watchful (Irish)
  • Cadence - Flowing (Latin)
  • Camila - Priest’s helper (Latin)
  • Capri - Italian island (Italian)
  • Carlin - Little champion (Irish)
  • Carrigan - Spear (Irish)
  • Cassandra - To shine (Greek)
  • Catalina - Pure (Greek)
  • Cath - Pure (Greek)
  • Caydence - Rhythm (Latin)
  • Celeste - Heavenly (Latin)
  • Charlotte - Free man (French)
  • Chava - Life (Hebrew)
  • Chaya - Life (Hebrew)
  • Chrissie - Follower of Christ (Latin)
  • Clarissa - Bright or famous (Latin)
  • Cleo - To celebrate or glory (Greek or English)
  • Coco - Cocoa (French)
  • Cora  - Core or heart (Greek)
  • Cosma - Order or universe (Italian)
Fast Fact

For the past nine years, Charlotte has held a spot on the Social Security Administration's Most Popular Baby Name list. It currently sits at number three. 

Unique Girl Names That Start With C

For parents who want their little girl to have a one-of-a-kind moniker, these unique girl names that start with C can be a creative choice!

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  • Cacia - Thorny tree (Greek)
  • Cacy - Watchful (Irish)
  • Calliope - Beautiful voice (Greek)
  • Calypso - To hide or conceal (Greek)
  • Camarin - Sheltered or protector (Native American)
  • Cambria - The people (Welsh)
  • Cara - Friend (Irish)
  • Carinna - Beloved or maiden (Greek and Latin)
  • Carisia - Grace (Greek)
  • Carniella - Horn (Latin)
  • Ceren - Baby gazelle (Turkish)
  • Chana -  He (God) has favored me (Hebrew)
  • Chandal -  Stone (French)
  • Charis -  Grace (Greek)
  • Charleigh -  Free man (French)
  • Cheri -  Dear or darling (French)
  • Chesney -  Oak Grove (English)
  • Chivon -  God is gracious (Irish)
  • Christabel -  Beautiful Christian (Latin)
  • Chyanne -  Unintelligible speakers (Native American)
Fast Fact

When it comes to the first letter in first names for females, it turns out that C is a pretty popular choice. It came in at #6 in 2022. Interestingly, the letters that beat out C were A, E, M, S, and L.  

Cute Girl Names That Start With C

Did you know that many moms and dads-to-be unconsciously choose girl names that have smaller-sounding phonemes? Vowels like "i" and "e" tend to give off a more feminine feel, which could be what makes these cute titles sound so appealing! However, we think the bolder "o's" and "a's" can also put off an adorable vibe. Check out these girl names that start with C and see which way you lean!

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  • Caitlin - Pure (Irish)
  • Caity - Pure (Greek)
  • Carly - Free woman (German)
  • Carolina - Free man (French)
  • Carrie - Dear (Latin)
  • Cassidy - Clever (Irish)
  • Catherine - Pure or clear (Greek)
  • Cecilia - Blind (Latin)
  • Charli - Free man (German)
  • Charlize - Free man (German)
  • Charmaine - Charm (English)
  • Chastity - Pure (Latin)
  • Chelsea - Chalk landing place (British)
  • Cherie - Dear or darling (French)
  • Chiana - Unintelligible speakers (Native American)
  • Christina - To anoint or follower of Christ (Greek and Latin)
  • Cindy - Light (Greek)
  • Claire - Bright or famous (Latin)
  • Clara - Bright or famous (Latin)
  • Connie - Constant (Latin)
Fast Fact

When you think about it, there have been a lot of award-winning actresses and famous models who have names that start with C — Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz, Courtney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, and Claudia Schiffer, to name a few. If you notice, most of their names have larger phenomes. Coincidence?

Unique Names That Start With C Girls & Boys Can Both Use

Gender-neutral names are becoming more popular than ever! If you are looking for a unisex name that starts with C, we have quite a captivating collection of titles to peruse.

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  • Calen - Pure or slender (Greek)
  • Camden - Winding Valley (Scottish)
  • Cameron - Crooked nose or bent nose (Scottish)
  • Campbell - Crooked mouth (Scottish and Irish)
  • Candice - Clarity or pure (Latin)
  • Carey - Dark or black (Celtic)
  • Carter - Transporter of goods by cart (English)
  • Casey - Vigilant or watchful (Irish)
  • Chandler - Candlemaker (French)
  • Channing - Young wolf (English)
  • Charlie - Freeman (German)
  • Chase - Huntsman (French)
  • Chosen - Selected (English)
  • Chris - Bearing Christ (Greek)
  • Colby - Coal town (Scandinavian or English)
  • Cole - Victory (Greek)
  • Conley - Wise or great chief (Irish)
  • Corey - In a hollow (Irish)
  • Courtney - Short nose (French)
  • Cove - Small bay (English)
  • Cree - Tribe name (Native American)
Fast Fact

Did you know that researchers have found that a man is seen as "significantly more competent and hirable than the woman with identical application materials" for science-based roles at research-intensive universities? A unisex title might just help put her at the top of the job applicant pile.

Pretty Vintage Girls Names That Start With C

Near, far, wherever you are, I bet you recognize these words. Celine Dion is just another one of the many powerhouse women whose name starts with C! Many vintage-sounding names are becoming popular again, and by choosing an oldie, but a goodie, you can give your daughter a distinct title that is almost impossible to forget!

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  • Caddie - Free man (Latin)
  • Callie - Beautiful or lovely (Greek)
  • Camilla - Helper to the priest (Italian)
  • Candace - Clarity or pure (Latin)
  • Caprice - Fanciful (Italian)
  • Carlota - Free man (French)
  • Carol - Joyful song (British)
  • Cassie - Purity (Greek)
  • Cecile -  Blind (French)
  • Celine - Heavenly (French)
  • Cerys - To love (Welsh)
  • Cettina - Bringer of joy, blessed, and happy (Italian)
  • Cipriana - From Cyprus (Italian)
  • Citrine - Reddish yellow (Middle English)
  • Claudia - Enclosure (Latin)
  • Colette - People of victory (French)
  • Constance  - Steadfastness or constancy (Latin)
  • Contessa - Royalty (Italian)
  • Corrine - Beautiful maiden (French)
  • Cressida - Gold or golden (Greek)
Fast Fact

It turns out that the prettier the name, the more likely your daughter will get dates later in life. While you may not want to think about that right now, it is pretty interesting how much power this simple title can hold. Also interesting — the study that determined this found that popular names like Charlotte are more likely to get the most dating requests! 

Feminine Flower & Nature Names That Start With C 

Rose may be the most popular flower name, but the world is filled with so many other beautiful plant and nature-inspired titles. Why go with the norm when you can choose a one-of-a-kind epithet that will truly caption your daughter's beauty inside and out? We have a colorful collection of flower and nature names that start with C for you to explore. 

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  • Cacie - Thorny tree (Greek)
  • Calla - Beauty (Greek)
  • Calloway - Pebbly place (Latin)
  • Camellia - Helper to the priest (Latin)
  • Camira - Of the wind (Australian)
  • Celosia - Burned (Greek)
  • Cerise - Cherry (French)
  • Champagne - Plain or flat land (French)
  • Chanel - Water pipe or canal (French)
  • Chloe - Blooming or fertility (Greek)
  • Chrysanta - Golden flower (Greek)
  • Cicely - Blind (English)
  • Clementine - Merciful (French)
  • Cloud - Visible vapor or Nebula (British and American)
  • Clover - Meadow flower (British)
  • Coral - Sea growth or from the sea (Latin)
  • Cosmos - Order, beauty, or universe (Greek)
  • Cricket - Loud insect of the night (American)
  • Crystal - Crystal glass (Greek)
  • Cypress - Cypress tree (Greek)

Charming Middle Names for Girls That Start With C

With my first son, I wanted nothing more than to give him a title with the same first, middle, and last initials. The cadence that comes with an alliterative name is hard to beat. If you are looking for both first and middle names that start with C, we have you covered!

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  • Cai - Rejoice (Welsh)
  • Callahan - Bright-headed (Irish)
  • Camber - Curved inwards (Latin)
  • Carbry - Charioteer (Irish)
  • Carden - Thistle (English)
  • Carsie - Inventive (English)
  • Cartier - One who transports goods (English)
  • Carwen - Blessed or love (Welsh)
  • Cay - Pure (Greek)
  • Cela - Moon (Latin)
  • Charm - Lucky token (English)
  • Cheyne - Oak tree (Scottish)
  • Cleone - Glorious (Greek)
  • Comfort - Strength (French)
  • Cooper - Barrel maker (English)
  • Copeland - Bought land (Irish and Scottish)
  • Corrigan - Spear (Irish)
  • Cristabel - Beautiful Christian (Latin)
  • Cruz - Cross (Portuguese)
  • Cyan - Blue-green color (American)
Need to Know

Middle names, specifically middle initials, are apparently very important. Researchers have found that "the display of middle initials increases positive evaluations of people's intellectual capacities and achievements." What this means is that you want to pick a middle name that your daughter will be proud to display because this could help her to be held in a higher esteem.

Girl Names That Start With C Are a Classy Choice

When deciding on a name, starting with a preferred letter can be a great starting point, but it is also important to look at the meaning and origin of the title. This can give your daughter something to live up to and even keep her tied to her roots. 

141 Captivating Girl Names That Start With C for Your Little Cutie