List of 222 Welsh Baby Names

Updated March 29, 2022
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Welsh baby names for boys and girls are great for those with family history in Wales or the United Kingdom, for those who love Celtic names, and for parents who want a unique and meaningful baby name. Many Welsh names are not pronounced how they're spelled, and there are modern versions of each.

Gender Neutral Welsh Baby Names

Welsh baby names tend to use more masculine and hard sounds, so it's no surprise there are many gender-neutral name choices. Look for names that sound right for your baby, or sound similar to the boy or girl names you typically like, to find the best option for your family. It's important to check out a Welsh source to double-check the meaning when choosing the perfect name.

Names Associated With the Country Wales

Wales is a small Celtic nation in the United Kingdom, rich with history and symbolism. When choosing an original baby name with meaning, look beyond naming books for words that represent the country.

  • Cymraeg (kʰəmraːɨg) - Welsh language
  • Cymru (kEmri) - Welsh name for Wales
  • Draig (dr-eye-g) - Dragon, Welsh flag symbol
  • Senedd (sen-eth) - Welsh senate
  • Sterling (st-err-ling) - Monetary unit - pound sterling

Most Popular Unisex Names in Wales

Some of the most popular names in Wales for boys or girls are often used as unisex names in other parts of the world. These names represent the top gender-neutral names in Wales.

  • Cai/Kai - Lord
  • Elis - The Lord is my God
  • Morgan - White sea, bright, dweller by the sea
  • Rhys/Reese - Enthusiasm
  • Sion - God is gracious
  • Tegan - Darling, loved one

Unusual and Rare Gender Neutral Welsh Names

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Many old Welsh names are not used often today and can be used for baby boys or girls. If you're looking for a beautiful, unique, gender-neutral name, these options are a great place to start.

  • Aeron (EYE-ron) - Berry
  • Afon (ah-vone) - River
  • Eirian (ay-REE-on) - Bright
  • Enfys (EHN-vis) - Rainbow
  • Meredith (mair-ED-ith) - Great lord
  • Wynne (WIN) - Blessed, fair

Baby Girl Names With Welsh Origins

Welsh baby girl names range from trendy to rare and meaningful to cool. Baby names for girls with Welsh origins can come from the language, what's hot in the country, or history.

Most Popular Girl Names in Wales

Many of the most popular baby names in Wales in 2021 were not Welsh names at all. If you just love Wales and its culture, hop on their baby naming trends with these girl names.

  • Amelia (Latin) - Work
  • Ava (German) - Guarantee
  • Ella (Spanish) - Feminine
  • Freya (Nordic) - Noblewoman
  • Isla (Spanish) - Island
  • Lily (English) - Purity and innocence
  • Mia (Egyptian) - Beloved
  • Olivia (Latin) - Olive tree
  • Rosie (Latin) - Rose
  • Willow (English) - Willow tree

Most Popular Modern Welsh Girl Names

Diverse and unique names are trending right now. While these names might not hit the top 100 girl names in the U.S., they do represent the top modern names with Welsh origins for girls.

  • Beca - Captivating
  • Erin - Welsh name for Ireland
  • Gwen - Fair, white
  • Heledd - Pool of salt
  • Nia - Bright
  • Rhian - Maiden
  • Rhiannon - Great queen or goddess

Unusual and Rare Welsh Girl Names

Welsh girl names tend to be in the medium to long length category for spelling and pronunciation. You won't find many girls anywhere in the world with these unique monikers.

  • Aeres (Aye-ress) - Heiress
  • Afanen (a-VAN-ehn) - Rasberry
  • Aures (ow-rus) - Gold
  • Braith (BRAYTH) - Freckled
  • Ebrill (EB-rikh) - April
  • Eirianwen (ey-re- ian-wen) - Splendid
  • Fflur (fa-lee-r) - Flower
  • Grug (GREEG) - Heather
  • Gwylan (gwee-lon) - Seagull
  • Manon (MAH-non) - Queen
  • Rhosyn (hrah-SIN) - Rose
  • Tanwen (TAHN-wen) - Shining or holy fire
  • Tirion (Ta-ree-ohn) - Gentle, happy

Cute Welsh Girl Names

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Although many Welsh baby girl names are long, there are still short and cute options for baby names. These two-syllable Welsh names for girls are fun and easy to say.

  • Dilys (DIHL-ihss) - Genuine
  • Gladys (GLAD-ihss) - Land, nation, sovereignty
  • Glenda (GLEHN-da) - Pure and good
  • Mabli (ma-blee) - Loveable
  • Meinir (may-neer) - Slender, tall
  • Nerys (lard-iss) - Lady
  • Tarian (TAR-e-on) - Shield

Welsh Nature Names for Girls

If you're looking for hippie baby names or other names inspired by nature, consider plant and animal Welsh words or names.

  • Aberfa (A-ber-va) - Mouth of river
  • Aderyn (ahd-AIR-in) - Bird
  • Blodwen (BLOD-wehn) - White flowers
  • Briallen (bree-AHSH-ehn) - Primrose
  • Deryn (dair-in) - Bird
  • Eira (ay-ruh) - Snow
  • Elen (el-eye-n) - Light
  • Ffion (FEE-awn) - Foxglove
  • Haf (Hahv) - Summer
  • Heulwen (HAYL-wehn) - Sunshine
  • Seren (SEH-rehn) - Star
  • Tesni (Tez-nee) - Sun's warmth

Beautiful Welsh Names for Girls

Give your beautiful baby girl a beautiful Welsh name when you choose something that sounds elegant and sweet.

  • Aelwen (Aile-wen) - Fair browed
  • Anwen (on-wen) - Very fair or blessed
  • Carys (KAHR-is) - The beloved one
  • Ceinwen (cane-wen) - Fair and lovely
  • Eluned (ehl-IN-ehd) - Much or greatly desired
  • Gwendolen (GWEHN-də-lin) - White ring

Welsh Word Names for Girls

Welsh words that mean cute, sweet, or beautiful things can also make great creative names for baby girls. Consider your own interests and passions or your hopes for your daughter when choosing a word name.

  • Anadlu (ah-nahd-lee) - To breathe
  • Blodyn (bloh-din) - Flower
  • Canu (kah-nee) - To sing
  • Dynes (duh-ness) - Woman
  • Hiraeth (he-r-eye-th) - Nostalgia
  • Lloer (uhl-eer) - Moon
  • Nefoedd (NEH-fi-thuh) - Heavens

Welsh Mythology Names for Girls

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Welsh legends and myths incorporate unique names for goddesses and other important mythological creatures. Give your baby girl an epic name that will lead her to do great things.

  • Arianrhod (ahr-ee-on-rhod) - Silver wheel, goddess of the moon
  • Blodeuwedd (blod-ee-weth) - Face of flowers, the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes
  • Branwen (brand-wen) - Beautiful raven, turned into a bird
  • Ceridwen (KAH-rid-wehn) - poetry, goddess of underworld and keeper of knowledge
  • Enid (EHN-id) - Soul or quiet woman, wife in one of the Three Welsh Romances

Medieval Welsh Girl Names

Sources for Welsh names from the late 1200s and from the late 1400s are difficult to come by, but they do exist. Many of these medieval girl names have been lost throughout history, but you could bring them back with your little girl.

  • Angharat (əŋˈha - rəd) - Much loved
  • Generys (ge-nehr-iss) - Family chief
  • Gweirvyll (gwayr-ville) - Modest turn
  • Gwerith (gwayr-eeth) - Bend
  • Hunith (huh-neeth) - Sleep
  • Lewke (loo-ck) - Unknown
  • Mabilia (Mah-beel-ya) - Lovely or fair
  • Milisandia (mil-iss-on-dee-uh) - Unknown
  • Mevanou (mah-van-ow) - My, belonging to me
  • Morwid (mawr-wid) - Maiden
  • Nest (NEST) - Chaste
  • Wentlyana (went-lee-ah-nah) - Unknown
  • Wervilla (w-air-veel-ah) - Unknown

Welsh Versions of English Girl Names

Some names have been around for centuries and simply take on different forms in different languages. If you love a common English girls' name but want to modernize it, one trendy option is to use a different version of it such as the Welsh spelling and pronunciation.

  • Alys/Alis - Alice
  • Bethan - Elizabeth
  • Betrys - Beatrice
  • Catrin - Catherine
  • Crystin - Christine
  • Efa - Eva
  • Elin - Elen or Helen
  • Ffraid - Bridget
  • Lowri - Laura
  • Mari- Mary
  • Marged/Megan - Margaret
  • Sara - Sarah
  • Sian/Siani - Jeanne
  • Sioned - Janet
  • Siwan - Joan

Baby Boy Names With Welsh Origins

Welsh baby boy names can come from historical documents and modern trends. Some of these names originated in Wales, while others come from countries around the world. Welsh boy names tend to sound strong and include the letters d, y, l, and n.

Most Popular Boy Names in Wales

The most popular baby boy names in Wales in 2021 don't include any names of Welsh origins. If you want to fit in with modern Welsh culture, these names might be your ticket in.

  • Archie (Scottish) - Genuine, bold
  • Arthur (Celtic) - Bear or Thor
  • Charlie (English) - Free man
  • Finley (Scottish) - Blond warrior
  • George (Greek) - Farmer, earth worker
  • Leo (Latin) - lion
  • Noah (Hebrew) - Rest
  • Oliver (Latin) - Olive tree
  • Oscar (English) - God spear
  • Theo (Greek) - God

Most Popular Modern Welsh Boy Names

While these names don't all reside in the top 100 names for boys, they are popular Welsh names according to the Welsh government.

  • Dylan - Son of Arianrhod
  • Gareth - Civilized
  • Gethin - Dark, 14th-century knight
  • Gruffudd - Strong lord, a popular medieval ruler
  • Harri - House owner
  • Ieuan - God is gracious
  • Jac - God is gracious, the Welsh version of Jack
  • Marc - God of war, the Welsh version of Mark
  • Osian - Little deer, Irish folklore poet
  • Tomos - Twin, the Welsh version of Thomas

Unusual and Rare Welsh Boy Names

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Rare names for boys don't have to be completely original; they can come from nearly forgotten times and places in history. These unusual Welsh boy names haven't caught on yet, so you could be a trendsetter if you choose one for your son.

  • Amlodd/Amlawdd (AHM-lahv) - Praise, Grandfather of King Arthur
  • Baglan (BAG-lan) - Village in Wales
  • Beynon (BAY-non) - Stability
  • Cayo (k-eye-oh) - Place name, Garden of Wales
  • Derwen (dair-win) - Oak tree
  • Dyfan (Duv-an) - To tame, subdue, Welsh saint
  • Edryd (E-drrid) - To Restore or descend
  • Elgan (EHLGaeN) - Bright circle
  • Eurion (Eye- RIY-aaN) - Gold
  • Hefin (her-fahn) - Summer
  • Myrddin (mar-th-in) - Sea fortress, Merlin's original name
  • Rhion (R-ee-ah-n) - King

Loving and Meaningful Welsh Names for Boys

Show your little boy how much he is loved with a Welsh name that means something loving. These cute baby boy names will bring joy to your heart every time you hear them.

  • Carwyn (KAHR-win) - Love, blessed
  • Ceri (Keh-ree) - To love
  • Dai (DYE) - Beloved
  • Pryderi (Pri-Deh-ree) - Care

Powerful and Strong Welsh Names for Boys

If manly and strong is what you're after in a boy's name, these strong Welsh names are perfect. Names like these mean strong and powerful things, but they also sound bold.

  • Arthfael (Arth-fail) - Warrior Prince
  • Aneirin (an-AY-rin) - Noble
  • Cadell (KAD-esh) - Battle
  • Cadfael (KAD-twle) - Battle prince
  • Emyr (EM-urr) - Honor
  • Eurig (eye-rrig) - Gold
  • Hywel (HOO-el) - Eminent
  • Idris (ID-ris) - Ardent lord
  • Ifor (E-vor) - Bow warrior
  • Iorwerth (YOR-weth) - Handsome lord
  • Trahaearn (trah-h-eye-rn) - Much like iron
  • Tudur (TIH-dir) - Power, tribe, king

Welsh Nature Names for Boys

Nature-loving parents can honor Mother Nature by choosing an adorable Welsh nature name. Geographical features, weather, flora, and fauna can all inspire nature names for boys.

  • Aled (AL-ed) - Offspring
  • Celyn (KEL-in) - Holly
  • Glaw (gl-ouw) - Rain
  • Haul (hi-il) - Sun
  • Heulog (HAY-log) - Sunny
  • Talfryn (tahl-vrrin) - High hill
  • Trefor (T-re-for.) - Big village
  • Yale (ee-ah-leh) - Fertile upland

Welsh Word Names for Boys

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The Welsh language is full of great, unique names for little boys. Check out a Welsh dictionary or encyclopedia to find a great meaningful word you can turn into a name.

  • Cwtch (kutch) - A hug
  • Cynefin (kin-ev-n) - Habitat
  • Hwyl (hoo-eel) - Fun
  • Maen (mane) - Stone
  • Tân (t-on) - Fire

Medieval Welsh Boy Names

Names from Medieval times are rare, which means their meanings and pronunciations have often been lost over time. If you care more about the sound of a name and steering clear of trends, these names are for you.

  • Atto (unknown) - Unknown
  • Blethin (unknown) - Wolf hero
  • Deycus (unknown) - Unknown
  • Edenevet (unknown) - Unknown
  • Eynon (IE-nun) - Anvil
  • Jevan (jeh-von) - God is gracious
  • Griffri (Griff-rih) - Strong lord
  • Griffid (griff-rid) - Strong lord
  • Gogan (goh-gin) - Satire
  • Gwion (gwin) - Fair, holy
  • Hywel (hoh-well) - Eminent
  • Iago (ee-A-gaw) - Supplanter, a form of James
  • Ithel (ee-sell) - Generous lord
  • Kenuric (en-ee-rick) - Chief hero
  • Llewellyn (shə-WEH-lin) - lion
  • Madoc (mah-doke) - Charitable, benevolent
  • Ryrid (ree-rid) - Unknown
  • Tegwaret (teg-wuh-ret) - Fair deliverance

Welsh Mythology Names for Boys

Every culture has its own myths and legends, which include lots of men with different powers and gifts. Choose a Welsh mythology name for your little guy, and set him on the path toward an amazing destiny.

  • Arawn (AH-roun) - Unrestrained wildness, God of the underworld
  • Bedivere (BED-ih-veer) - Unknown, King Arthur's companion
  • Beli (bell-ih) - Bright, ancestor deity
  • Bran (BRON) - Raven, son of god Llyr
  • Geraint (GER-ine't) - Old man, figure in many legends
  • Govannon (goh-vah-nohn) - Smith, Irish smith god
  • Kay (kah-uh) - To rejoice, Round Table Knight
  • Mabon (MAH-bon) - Son, Celtic god
  • Math (MAHTH) - Bear, King of Gwynedd and magician
  • Mordred (mah-oo-dred) - Controlled, illegitimate son of King Arthur
  • Owain (O-wien) - Youth, Round Table Knight
  • Peredur (peh-RAY-deer) - Hard spears, figure in many legends
  • Urien (Yuw-RIY-ahN) - Privileged birth, Morgan le Fey's husband
  • Uther (oo-thu-r) - Terrible, King Arthur's dad

Welsh Versions of English Boy Names

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When you love the most popular English boy names, but want something a bit less common, you can look to other cultures. These Welsh versions of common boy names will make your son's name unique.

  • Alun - Alan
  • Andreas - Andrew
  • Cefin - Kevin
  • Dafydd - David
  • Deiniol - Daniel
  • Dewey - David
  • Drystan - Tristan
  • Ercwlff - Hercules
  • Folant - Valentine
  • Gwilym - William
  • Gwythyr - Victor
  • Iefan - John
  • Iestyn - Justin
  • Meical - Michael
  • Meurig - Maurice
  • Rhisiart - Richard
  • Siarl - Charles

Baby Names From Wales

Whether you're Welsh, love Welsh culture, or are looking for new baby name options, there are plenty of choices from Wales. Once you choose a Welsh name for your baby, do a little extra research to see what authentic meaning, spelling, and pronunciation variations there are. Choose the version that best suits your family and your baby.

List of 222 Welsh Baby Names