100 Top Boy Names Your Little Guy Will Love

From classics to unique and trending options, the best boy names have something for everyone.

Updated May 18, 2023
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Your little one totally deserves the perfect name, and it's always fun to take a look at what's popular and trending to get some ideas. This list of the top 100 boy names for babies comes from Social Security Administration records and data collected from parents. It's a great way to get a sense of what's really hot in boy names right now and get some inspiration for what to call your little bundle of joy.

Top 30 Baby Boy Names and Meanings for 2022

If you're looking for the perfect name for your baby boy, get your name game started with the most popular options. The best resource for finding the top baby names for boys is the Social Security Administration (SSA). Each year, the SSA releases the definitive list of the country's trending names, which is compiled from new social security card applications. These names offer a glimpse at current naming trends, and one of these might be the inspiration you need to name your little man.

  1. Liam - Guardian (Irish)
  2. Noah - Peace (Hebrew)
  3. Oliver - Olive tree (English)
  4. James - Supplanter (Hebrew)
  5. Elijah - My God is Yahweh (Hebrew)
  6. William - Will protect (German)
  7. Henry Ruler (English)
  8. Lucas - Shining (Greek)
  9. Benjamin - Son of my right hand (Hebrew)
  10. Theodore - God-given (Greek)
  11. Mateo - A gift of God (Spanish)
  12. Levi - Attached (Judah)
  13. Sebastian- Revered (Latin)
  14. Daniel - God is my judge (Hebrew)
  15. Jack - God is gracious (English)
  16. Michael - Who is like God (Hebrew)
  17. Alexander - Defender (Greek)
  18. Owen - Young warrior or noble (Welsh)
  19. Asher - Ash maker (German)
  20. Samuel - God heard (Hebrew)
  21. Ethan - Enduring/strong (Hebrew)
  22. Leo - Lion (Latin)
  23. Jackson - Son of Jack (Scottish)
  24. Mason - Works with stone (English)
  25. Ezra - Helper (Hebrew)
  26. John - God is gracious (Hebrew)
  27. Hudson - Son of Richard (English)
  28. Luca - A man from Lucania (Italian)
  29. Aidan - Born of fire (Irish)
  30. Joseph - He will add (Hebrew)
Fast Fact

Know what's interesting? Liam, Noah, and Oliver have been the top three names on the SSA list since 2019. It's safe to say these three classics are having a moment.

More Top Boy Names That Are Trending

Looking at the SSA data for this year and the previous year, there are some clear trends that are happening. While these names might not be super popular yet, you can see that they are going up. If you want to pick a name that's moving up in popularity, consider one of these superstars as a strong name for your little boy.

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  1. Dutton - This name, which means "from Dudd's village," jumped by 986 points moving to the 835th most popular baby name for 2022.
  2. Kayce - Moving up 490 spots to become the 587th most popular boy name, Kayce means "watchful and alert."
  3. Chosen - This sweet name with a clear meaning jumped by 410 to become the 898th most popular.
  4. Khaza - This name means "treasure," and it jumped 391 points when rapper Kevin Gates chose it for his child. It's now the 839th most popular.
  5. Eithan - An alternate spelling of "Ethan," this unique option moved up 348 points to take the 500th spot.
  6. Waylan - A picturesque name that means "roadside land," Waylan jumped 337 points to rank at number 891.
  7. Asaiah - A different take on "Isaiah," this name jumped 319 spots to land at 994th most popular.
  8. Karim - An Arabic name meaning "honorable," Karim went up 316 points to spot 772.
  9. Kaizen - Jumping 315 spots, Kaizen is a Japanese name meaning "change for the better." It's now the 905th most popular.
  10. Zen - Based on the type of Buddhism, the name Zen moved up 283 to be the 911th most popular boy baby name.
  11. Kylian - This unique name means "little warrior" and is the 524th most popular name for baby boys, moving up 256 spots.
  12. Ezrah - An alternate spelling of "Ezra," this name moved up 250 spots to 941.
  13. Eren - Another version of "Aaron," this unique spelling increased in popularity by 238 spots to land at 952.
  14. Amiri - An attractive name that means "prince," Amiri gained 238 points in popularity to hit number 521.
  15. Jrue - Coming in at number 904, Jrue means "manly" and gained 225 points.
  16. Kolson - A modern choice that means "the son of Nicholas," Kolson went up 211 points to number 882.
  17. Kanan - Up 201 points, Kanan ranks 998th and means "forest."
  18. Colter - A name that means "someone who takes care of horses," Colter went up 199 spots to number 430.
  19. Teo - Up 198 spots, Teo means "divine gift" and is the 945th most popular name for boys.
  20. Koa - A trendy name meaning "warrior," Koa increased in popularity by 194 points to land at number 351.
  21. Zamir - A name that means "heart," Zamir went up by 193 spots to be 833rd most popular.
  22. Abdullah - A classic name meaning "servant of Allah," Abdullah hit number 789 after moving up 193 points.
  23. Koen - At number 812, Koen went up 190 spots. It means "brave."
  24. Azriel - A Hebrew name that means "God is my help," Azriel is 188 spots to number 734.
  25. Ryatt - A combination of the names "Wyatt" and "Ryan," Ryatt is the 935th most popular baby boy name and is up 179 spots.
Quick Tip

Many of the trending names are variations on classic or popular names, and this can be a fun way to make your baby's name unique. Try changing the spelling a bit or combining two great names to create something that fits your little one.

Popular Boy Names From BabyCenter

BabyCenter collects its own data about baby names from real parents, so they're another good resource for what's hot in naming. There's a lot of overlap with the SSA list, and the top three names are the same. These are some of the ones not on the SSA top 30 that are super popular among parents.

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  1. Logan - A descendant of the warrior (Irish)
  2. Luke - Bright one (English)
  3. Levi - Attached (Judah)
  4. Carter - One who transports cart (Irish/Scottish)
  5. Jayden - Greenstone (Spanish)
  6. Kai - Sea (Hawaiian)
  7. Elias - Yahweh is God (Greek)
  8. Julian - Young at heart (Latin)
  9. Maverick - Independent (American)
  10. Muhammad - Worthy of praise (Arabic)
  11. Adam - Son of earth (Hebrew)
  12. Gabriel - God is my strength (Hebrew)
  13. Waylon - Courageous fighter (Norse)
  14. Grayson/Greyson - - Son of steward (English)
  15. Jacob - Follow (Hebrew)
  16. Josiah - God has healed (Hebrew)
  17. Wyatt - Brave/strong (English)
  18. Atlas - One who carries (Greek)
  19. Micah - One who is like God (Hebrew)
  20. Owen - Young warrior or noble (Welsh)
  21. Jeremiah - Appointed by God (Hebrew)
  22. Kingston - From the town of the king (British)
  23. Amir - Prince (Arabic)
  24. Ryder - One who rides horses (Old English)
  25. Austin - Great (English)
  26. Cameron - Crooked river (Scottish)
  27. Enzo - Ruler of the home (Italian)
  28. Ezekial - God strengthens (Hebrew)
  29. Caleb - Faithful (Hebrew)
  30. Cooper - Barrel maker (English)

Classic Boy Names That Have Been Popular for 100 Years

There are a few names that tend to appear on the most popular lists consistently for the past 100 years. These are some of the best boy names because they're traditional but also cool. Skipping the names we've already mentioned, these are the classics according to the SSA.

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  1. Robert - Bright face (German)
  2. David - Beloved (Hebrew)
  3. Richard - Powerful (German)
  4. Thomas - Leader (English)
  5. Christopher - Christ-bearer (Greek)
  6. Charles - Free man (German)
  7. Matthew - A gift from God (Hebrew)
  8. Anthony - Priceless one (Latin)
  9. Mark - God of war (Latin)
  10. Donald - Proud cheif (Scottish)
  11. Steven - Crown (English)
  12. Andrew - Manly/brave (Greek)
  13. Paul - Humble (Latin)
  14. Joshua - God is salvation (Hebrew)
  15. Kenneth - Handsome (Irish)

The Best Baby Boy Names Are Popular for a Reason

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With all the wonderful boy names in the top 100, you'll have no shortage of inspiration in choosing the perfect name for your baby. Whether you stick with one of the trends or select something that falls outside the norm or is a variation, these names are popular for a reason. People love them, and your little boy will too.

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100 Top Boy Names Your Little Guy Will Love