120 Unique Boy Names That Start With K From Around the World

A boy name that starts with K can be a unique and powerful choice for your little guy.

Updated August 15, 2023
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Choosing the best name for your precious little boy isn't something to take lightly. A lot of parents have a specific letter in mind they'd like to begin their baby's name with. If you're fond of the letter K, you might want to explore some of the most popular and unique boy names that start with K for your little guy. Here you'll find plenty of great K names from the Bible, Hawaii, Japan, and around the entire world.

Creative Boy Names That Start With K

The letter K is a relatively uncommon one, so if you want your little guy to have a unique name, beginning your name search with this letter is a pretty good start. An original boy name that begins with K will set your little one apart from the crowd.

  • Kabir - great (Arabic)

  • Kairo - victorious (Arabic)

  • Kalvin - little bald one (Latin)

  • Kamden - winding valley (American)

  • Kaven - handsome (Irish)

  • Kayson - rejoice; healer (English)

  • Kazz - peace maker (Japanese)

  • Keef - gentle (Scottish)

  • Keifer - cherished (German)

  • Kendis - pure (American)

  • Kenrick - royal ruler (Welsh)

  • Kieran - black-haired (Irish)

  • Kio - expensive (Japanese)

  • Kirkley - hill (English)

  • Knight - warrior (English)

  • Krest - cross (Greek)

  • Kristoph - bearing Christ (Greek)

  • Kuma - bear (Japanese)

Popular Boy Names That Start With K

Explore some of the most popular boy names beginning with K. These names are definitely classics that have stood the test of time.

  • Kai - sea (Hawaiian)

  • Kaden/Kaiden - fighter (American)

  • Kaleb - wholehearted (Hebrew)

  • Karter - transporter of goods (English)

  • Keith - wood (Scottish)

  • Kennedy - helmeted chief (Gaelic)

  • Kenneth - handsome (English)

  • Kevin - kind, gentle (Irish)

  • King - ruler (American)

  • Kingston - king's town (English)

  • Kyle - narrow, strait (Scottish)

Cute K Names for Boys

Boy names that begin with the letter K can definitely be elegant, but others are just downright cute. Pick a cute K name for your sweet guy as their proper name or even a fun nickname.

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  • Kade - of the wetlands (Scottish)
  • Karim - honorable (Arabic)
  • Kase - case-maker (English)
  • Keanu - cool breeze (Hawaiian)
  • Kelbi - farm by the spring (Nordic)
  • Kit - pure (English)
  • Kin - golden (Japanese)
  • Kipr - Christ bearer (Greek)
  • Klaus - victory of the people (German)
  • Kobe - tortoise (Swahili)
  • Kole - victory (Slavic)
  • Kris - bearing Christ (Greek)
  • Kross - pioneer (Latin)

Boy Names That Start With Ky

If you are looking for a truly unusual name combination, try a name that begins with Ky. The letter combination looks beautiful when written and makes an equally attractive sound when spoken.

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  • Ky - ocean (Hawaiian)

  • Kyan - enduring (Gaelic)

  • Kyber - gift of God (South African)

  • Kye - keeper of keys (Welsh)

  • Kygo - born to protect (English)

  • Kyka - forest (Hawaiian)

  • Kylar - narrow (Gaelic)

  • Kynaston - royal peace settlement (English)

  • Kyp - pointed hill (English)

  • Kyrie/Kyril - the lord (Greek)

  • Kyrone - land of Owen (Gaelic)

Quick Tip

You could consider choosing a name that starts with a C, then swapping the letter C out with a K for a unique twist.

Southern American Boy Names That Start With K

Southern names typically have timeless roots and strong meanings. Explore a few southern names beginning with K for your little guy.

  • Kaine/Kane - little warrior

  • Karson - son of Carr

  • Keaton - place of hawks

  • Keller - cellar

  • Kelley - red-headed

  • Kent - coastal land

  • Kipling - cured salmon

  • Knox - hilltop

  • Kolten - coal town

  • Kyrk - church

Spanish Boy Names Beginning With K

Spanish names that begin with K are rare, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Explore distinctive Spanish names beginning with K and see if you like any of these choices of you little niño.

  • Karl - manly

  • Kaspar - treasurer

  • Kemen - strong

  • Kortez - courteous

  • Kruz - cross

Indian Boy Names Beginning With K

If you are looking for a unique boy name with a K, then you want to go past the typical options to something more distinct. Indian and Sanskrit names offer vast, powerful meanings and are definitely original.

  • Kaditula - sword

  • Kalap - moon

  • Kalkin - the incarnation of Vishnu

  • Kampu - sweet

  • Kansbar - treasure

  • Kartik - courage and joy

  • Keva - fair, gentle

  • Keyann - king

  • Khayr - blessing

  • Kiaan - God's grace

  • Kiraat - hunger

  • Kranti - revolution

  • Krishna - dark

  • Kunjal - nightingale

  • Kunj - sweet voice

Hawaiian Boy Names Starting With K

Hawaiian names provide your child with a unique name, along with a deep meaning to make your child's name stand out. Plus, they won't get lost in the world of Kens. Try these islander boy names that start with K on for size.

  • Kaiko - sea with strong current

  • Kalani - chief of heavens

  • Keon - king of kings

  • Kahoni - the kiss

  • Kimo - supplanter

  • Kaui - youthful

  • Kakahi - unique

  • Kei - blessed, joyous

  • Kainoa - sea of freedom

  • Kaikane - male sea

Japanese Names That Start With K

If you have a connection to Japan or just admire Japanese culture, you could consider a Japanese name that starts with the letter K. These names are melodic, meaning, and incredibly cute.

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  • Kaemon - joyful
  • Kage - shadow
  • Kaito - sea
  • Kaiyo - forgiveness
  • Kakashi - scarecrow
  • Katsumi - overcome
  • Katsuro - victory
  • Kazu - first
  • Kenji - intelligent
  • Kentaro - big boy
  • Kenzo - healthy
  • Keola - wise
  • Kioshi - silent
  • Koji - peace
  • Koshi - brave
  • Koto - pure
  • Koya - leader

Boy K Names in the Bible

Just because you are looking for a boy name that begins with K doesn't mean you can't keep it biblical. The Bible is full of a variety of different unique names you can name your little man.

  • Kabzeel - the birthplace of chief warrior

  • Karkor - they rested

  • Kemuel - raised by God

  • Kerioth - the callings

  • Keros - crooked

  • Khallil - beautiful

  • Kirjath - city of woods

  • Kitron - sweet; binding together

  • Korah - baldness

  • Korrey - from the hollow

Finding the Perfect K Name

Finding names that begin with K can be hard, especially if you are looking to go beyond the obvious names like Keith and Kevin. However, there are a variety of unusual names out there for your child beginning with the letter K.

120 Unique Boy Names That Start With K From Around the World