150+ Magnificent Boy Names That Start With M for Your Little Man

Maximize your search for baby boy names that start with M by looking at the magnetic options below!

Updated October 2, 2023
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Boy names that start with M offer parents a myriad of masculine choices that have the perfect touch of charm. From Mario to Maui and so many more, we have a mountain of monikers for you to mull over, so take a second to meander through our list!

Unique Boy Names That Start With M

For parents who are looking to give their little guy a name that is simply unmatched, these unique boy names that start with M can be a magnificent choice!

  1. Maccon - Son of a wolf (Irish)
  2. Maclin - Son of the servant of Saint John (Scottish)
  3. Malik - Owner or king (Arabic)
  4. Malone - Servant or disciple of Saint John (Irish)
  5. Mansour - Victory or one who triumphs (Arabic)
  6. Manuel - God is with us (Hebrew)
  7. Mario - Great lord (Welsh)
  8. Marten - Warrior of Mars (Scandinavian)
  9. Marvin - Great lord (Welsh)
  10. Masato - Justice (Japanese)
  11. Matei - Gift of God (Hebrew)
  12. Matias - Gift of Yahweh (Hebrew)
  13. Matthias - Gift of God (Greek)
  14. Maurice - Dark-skinned or of Moor people (Spanish)
  15. Melvin - Friend of Justice (English)
  16. Meri - Protector of the sea (Old Welsh)
  17. Merrick - Fame and power (French)
  18. Mickey - Who is like God? (American)
  19. Miguel - Who is like God? (Spanish)
  20. Milan - Loving, gracious, and kind (Slavic)
  21. Milhous - Variant of millhouse (Old English)
  22. Morado - Deep violet (Spanish)
  23. Morton - Settlement on the moor or marsh (Scottish)
  24. Moses - Pulled from the water (Hebrew)
  25. Murdock - Mariner or of the sea (Gaelic)
  26. Myles - Soldier (Latin)
Fast Fact

For the parents-to-be who love American history, you might be interested in Milhous; this was the middle name of our 37th president, Richard M. Nixon.

Modern Baby Boy Names That Start With M

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Are you hoping that your little man will someday be referred to as 'the man, the myth, the legend'? If so, then you might consider a more famous baby boy name that starts with M. These modern options may sound familiar, and yet, they aren't overdone!

  1. Macsen - Greatest (Welsh)
  2. Maddox - Son of Madoc (Welsh)
  3. Malachi - My messenger or my angel (Hebrew)
  4. Mars - Bold warrior (Latin)
  5. Marvel - To wonder or admire (French)
  6. Mason - Worker in stone or one who works with stone (English)
  7. Mateo - Gift of God (Spanish)
  8. Matias - Gift of God (Spanish and Finnish)
  9. Matthew - Gift of God (Hebrew)
  10. Maui - Name of the Polynesian trickster god (Filipino)
  11. Maverick - Independent or non-conformist (American)
  12. Maximus - Greatest or largest (Latin)
  13. Mercedes - Merciful (Latin) 
  14. Meredith - Protector of the sea (Old Welsh)
  15. Micah - Who is like God? (Hebrew)
  16. Miles - Merciful (English)
  17. Milo - Soldier (Germanic)
  18. Monty - Mountain (English)
  19. Morgan - Sea-born or great circle (Welsh)
  20. Murphy - Sea warrior or sea protector (Irish)
Fast Fact

In 2022, the most popular baby boy name that starts with the letter 'M' was Mateo. The Social Security Administration lists this as America's 11th most popular name. This is followed by Michael at number 16, Mason at number 24, Matthew at 39, and Maverick at number 40.

Cute Boy Names That Begin With M for Your Little Charmer

Don't be fooled. These cute baby boy names that start with M can still serve as strong titles for your macho man, making them marvelous options!

  1. Macdara - Son of oak (Irish)
  2. Mackenzie - Son of the wise leader (Gaelic)
  3. Mael - Chief or prince (Celtic)
  4. Mahir - Skillful (Arabic)
  5. Mako - Child of truth or sincere child (Japanese)
  6. Mariano - Relating to the God Mars (Spanish)
  7. Marley - Pleasant seaside meadow (English)
  8. Marlin - Sea, falcon, or sea hill (Welsh and Celtic)
  9. Marlo - Remnants of a lake (British)
  10. Martel - Hammer (French)
  11. Mazzi - Sir (African)
  12. Mel - Armored chief (Scottish)
  13. Mert - Manly or brave (Turkish)
  14. Mikel - Who is like God? (Hebrew)
  15. Miklos - People of victory (Hungarian)
  16. Mingan - Grey wolf (Native American)
  17. Mio - Beautiful cherry blossom or beautiful boy (Japanese)
  18. Mirri - Sun (Australian)
  19. Moe - Drawn out of water, to love, or God's helmet (Hebrew)
  20. Mory - Dark-skinned or mulberry (French)
Fast Fact

We all know the names Larry, Curly, and Moe, but did you know that Moe was short for Moses? Just another baby boy name that starts with M to consider!

Old-Timey & Traditional Names Beginning With M 

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Conventional names are popular for a reason! They can stand the test of time. If you want an established epithet for your baby boy that starts with M, we have turned back time to get you more names to consider.

  1. Marciano - Little warrior (Italian)
  2. Marcos - Warlike (Spanish)
  3. Marion - Little warrior (French)
  4. Marrok - A knight thought to be a werewolf (English)
  5. Mather - Strong army (Old English) 
  6. Maury - Dark-skinned (Latin and Italian)
  7. Maynard - Remarkable strength or powerful (Anglo-Saxon)
  8. Merit - Deserving of good fortune (Latin)
  9. Merle - Blackbird (French)
  10. Merlin - Falcon or sea hill (Welsh and Celtic)
  11. Mervin - Sea friend or mariner (Old Welsh)
  12. Merwin - Beautiful sea or good friend (English)
  13. Metis - Wisdom or cunning (Greek)
  14. Milton - Mill town (Old English)
  15. Ming - After a dynasty (Chinese)
  16. Mohamed - Praiseworthy (Arabic)
  17. Monroe - Mouth of the river Roe (Scottish and Gaelic)
  18. Montgomery - Mountain of the hunter (Norman and French)
  19. Morris - Dark-skinned or Moorish (Latin)
  20. Mortimer - Dead sea or still water (Old French)
  21. Moshe - Savior or to pull out of water (Hebrew)
  22. Mozart - Bog or marsh (German)
  23. Muna - Desires or wishes (Arabic)
  24. Murray - Lord or master (Scottish and Gaelic)
  25. Myron - Sweet-scented, fragrant, or myrrh (Greek)
Fast Fact

If these names seem too old-fashioned, don't forget that you can always shorten them. Montgomery can be Monty, Mortimer can by Morty, and Marciano can be Marc.

Southern Boy Names That Start With M

If you hail from the south, a solid Southern name is a great choice! In fact, I do declare that these boy names that start with M are so good that they will cause a bit of hullaballo.

  1. Maguire - Son of the beige one (Irish)
  2. Madison - Son of Maud and Strength in battle (German)
  3. Madoc - Champion or good fortune (Old Welsh)
  4. Magnus - Great (Latin)
  5. Maine - Dwelling or abode (French)
  6. Major - Greater (Latin)
  7. Malcolm - Devotee of Saint Columba (Scottish and Gaelic)
  8. Malloy - Noble chief (Irish)
  9. Manes - Strong-willed (American)
  10. Mark - Consecrated to god Mars (Latin)
  11. Marlee - Secretive (English)
  12. Marlow - From the hillside lake (Old English)
  13. Marsden - Field near water (Old English)
  14. Maxwell - Stream of Maccus (Scottish)
  15. McAllister - son of Alistair (Gaelic and Scottish)
  16. McGregor - Watchman (Greek)
  17. Mead - Meadow (Old English) 
  18. Melbourne - Mill stream (English)
  19. Meryl - Bright sea (Irish)
  20. Merritt - Boundary gate (English)
  21. Michael - Who is like God? (Hebrew)
  22. Miller - Mill worker (English)
  23. Miner - Youth (Latin)
  24. Mitch - Who is like God? (American)
  25. Montel - Mountain (Spanish)

Country Boy Names That Start With M

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Good country boys are hard to beat! These rustic boy names that start with M are perfect for your little gentleman (who will inevitably become a bit wild at times).

  1. Mac - Son (Scottish)
  2. Mace - Gift of God (English)
  3. Macon - Dweller of marsh (French)
  4. Manford - Protector of the ford (English)
  5. Manley - Man of the meadow (Old English)
  6. Manning - Ancient and noble (Norse)
  7. Marcel - Belongs to Mars (Roman)
  8. Marshall - Love of Horses (Scottish)
  9. McCormick - Son or Cormac (Scottish and Irish)
  10. McCoy - Son of Hugh (Irish)
  11. Meldon - From the hillside mill (English)
  12. Memphis - Enduring and beautiful (Greek)
  13. Mackinley - Son of white warrior, learned ruler (Gaelic)
  14. Mike - Who is like God? (American)
  15. Millard - Hardy, strong, and brave (French)
  16. Mills - To grind or crush (English)
  17. Montana - Mountain (Spanish)
  18. Moss - Dark-skinned (Latin)
  19. Mulder - Of the dark (American)
  20. Murvyn - Beautiful sea or good friend (English)
Helpful Hack

Many Southern baby names are tied to places and things. Memphis and Montana are just a couple of the city and state names that you can choose from. Also, consider Moore and McKinney, to name a few.

Indian and Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Beginning With M

For moms or dads-to-be who have a rich Sanskrit, Indian, or Hindu heritage, we've also gathered a collection of beautiful boy names that start with M that have strong ties to your culture. 

  1. Maanas - Human
  2. Maderu - Worthy of Praise
  3. Madhu - Honey, nectar
  4. Madhukar - Honeybee or lover
  5. Magan - Absorbed
  6. Mahavir - Bravest among men
  7. Mahi - The Earth
  8. Mahipal - King
  9. Mahir - Expert
  10. Mahish - Crowned king
  11. Malik - Garland 
  12. Manan - Meditation
  13. Manavendra - King among men
  14. Mani - Gem
  15. Manyu - Mind
  16. Mareechi - Ray of light
  17. Meera - Devotee of Lord Krishna
  18. Mithil - Kingdom
  19. Mohit - Ensnarled by beauty
  20. Mukunda - Freedom giver or jewel

Find the Perfect Name for Your Little Boy 

No matter if you want your baby to have an alliteration name or you simply love baby boy names that start with M, we hope that these monikers made your search a bit easier.

When looking for names, also consider looking for ideas surrounding your cultural background and specific meanings that matter to you. This can help you find more 'M' options that truly embody your values. 

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