150 Girl Names That Start With M From Traditional to Unique

Checking out baby girl names that start with M? These are some of the classic and most unique names that start with M for girls.

Updated August 18, 2023
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There are so many girl names that start with M that you're sure to find the right one for your little girl. From unique names to the traditional classics and all the cute ones in between, there's an 'M' name and meaning for nearly everything. 

Unique Girl Names That Start With M

You may want to give your daughter a unique name that starts with M. These names often have a strong, powerful sound when spoken out loud. They are perfect for a dynamic girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.

  1. Mackenna: Daughter of Cionaodh, born of fire (Irish)
  2. Madison: Daughter of Maud, strength in battle (German)
  3. Makinzie: Comely, good looking (Gaelic)
  4. Mal: Star of sea, messenger of God (Irish) (Hebrew)
  5. Maleah: Of the sea (Hawaiian)
  6. Maris: Of the sea (Latin)
  7. Marshall: Horse servant, love of horses (English), (Scottish)
  8. Marvel: Wonder or admire (French)
  9. Mattie: Mighty in battle (German)
  10. Maven: One who understands (Hebrew)
  11. Maysun: Beautiful face (Arabic)
  12. Mccallister: Daughter of Alister (Scottish)
  13. Mckinney: Respect, affection (Scottish)
  14. Meadow: Field of vegetation or grass (English)
  15. Melody: Song, tune (Greek)
  16. Memphis: Established and beautiful (Greek)
  17. Mercy: Compassion (English)
  18. Mercedes: Mercies (Latin)
  19. Meredith: Great lord (Welsh)
  20. Merit: Beloved (Egyptian)
  21. Mica, Micah: One who is like God (Hebrew)
  22. Mickie: Who is like God (Hebrew)
  23. Mikki: Quick, nimble (Japanese)
  24. Miley: Vine (African)
  25. Mina: With gilded helmet, blue glass gem (English), (Persian)
  26. Misty: Dew, covered with mist (English)
  27. Modesta: Modest (Latin)
  28. Moira: The great (Celtic)
  29. Montana: Mountain (Spanish)
  30. Montserrat: Jagged mountain (Latin)
  31. Morgaine: Sea circle (Welsh)
  32. Mtima: Heart (Malawian)
  33. Mystique: Air of mystery (French)

Cute & Pretty Girl Names That Start With M

Some of the best girl names that start with M have a melodic, pleasing sound. They sound beautiful or have a certain cuteness about them. Maybe you're looking for such a name for your own darling girl.

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  1. Macee, Macey, Macie: Gift of Yahweh (Hebrew)
  2. Maelynn: Princess (French)
  3. Marcella, Marcela: Young warrior (Roman)
  4. Mardi: Tuesday (French)
  5. Mariah: God is my teacher (Hebrew)
  6. Mariclare: Famous woman (Latin)
  7. Marigold: Golden flower (English)
  8. Marilyn: Exalted, beloved, wished for child (Hebrew)
  9. Marissa: Of the sea (Latin)
  10. Marjorie: Pearl (French)
  11. Marla: Sublime, beloved, pearl of the sea (English), (Greek), (Hebrew)
  12. Marlo: From hill by the lake (English)
  13. Marnie: From the sea (Scottish)
  14. Maurine: Star of the sea (Gaelic)
  15. Maya: Magic, illusion (Sanskrit)
  16. Megan: Pearl (Greek)
  17. Mercier: Trader, merchant (French)
  18. Merrilee: Mirthful (English)
  19. Merry: Cheerful, happy (English)
  20. Mia: Mine (Spanish)
  21. Mila: Gracious, dear (Russian)
  22. Milani: Growth or rooted (Latin), (African)
  23. Millie: Gentle strength (Latin)
  24. Mimi: Beloved, Wished for child (Hebrew)
  25. Mindi, Mindy: Honey, tender, soft (English)
  26. Mona: Desires, wishes (Arabic)
  27. Monet: To be heard (French)
  28. Monique: Alone advisor (Latin)
  29. Mora: Blackberry (Spanish)
  30. Morgan: Sea protector, sea chief (Welsh)
  31. Murphy: Sea warrior (Irisih)

Old-Fashioned & Traditional Girl Names That Start With M

If you're looking for girl names that start with M, why not turn to the trusted classics? Some of these names are still used often today, while others have an old-fashioned ring and might feel like a breath of fresh air in modern use.

  1. Mahala: Tender female (Hebrew)
  2. Maleah: Calm (Hawaiian)
  3. Malorie: Unfortunate (French)
  4. Malva: Delicate (Greek)
  5. Maple: One who lives near a maple tree (British)
  6. Marceline: Dedicated to Mars (Latin)
  7. Marguerite: Pearl (French)
  8. Marlee: Elderberry tree (Australian)
  9. Maria: Beloved, exalted on (Egyptian), (Hebrew)
  10. Maribelle: Beautiful (Latin)
  11. Marilla: Shining sea (Latin)
  12. Marisol: Sea and sun (Spanish)
  13. Marlow: Driftwood (British)
  14. Marta: Lady (Latin)
  15. Martina: Warlike (Latin)
  16. Marykay: Mistress or lady of the sea (American)
  17. Marylea: Joyful (British)
  18. Maude: Mighty in battle (French)
  19. Mavis: Joy (French)
  20. Maxine: Greatest (Latin)
  21. Medina: City of the Prophet (Arabic)
  22. Meera: Prosperous (Hebrew)
  23. Melda: Young and beautiful (Turkish)
  24. Melinda: Sweet (Latin)
  25. Merrick: Power (English)
  26. Midge: Pearl (English)
  27. Mildrid: Gentle strength (British)
  28. Minna: Protection (German)
  29. Minnie: Beloved, rebellious, intellect (Hebrew), (Egyptian), (Latin)
  30. Moza: Most precious pearl (Arabic)
  31. Muriel: Sea, bright (English), (Celtic)
  32. Murna: Beloved (Irish)
Fast Fact

If you're looking for a traditional name that's stood the test of time, Mary might fit the bill. According to the SSA, Mary was the number one girl's name from 1923 to 1946! 

Beautiful Biblical Girl Names That Begin With M

If other traditional names aren't quite what you're looking for, a biblical M name might be in order. The M names, or the many variations, are inspired by biblical women or concepts.

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  1. Magdalene: Person from Magdala (Greek)
  2. Marie: Virgin Mary (French)
  3. Marlene: From Magdala (French)
  4. Martha: Lady of the House (Aramaic)
  5. Mary: Mother of Jesus (Hebrew)
  6. Mercy: Compassion (English)
  7. Mischa: Who is like God (Hebrew)
  8. Myrr: Ancient spice (Greek)

Southern Baby Girl Names Beginning With M

You may be from the South and want to name your baby girl a traditional Southern name. You may simply like the nostalgic feel of Southern names. Whatever your reason for exploring meaningful Southern girl names that start with M, you have many great choices for your baby girl.

  1. Mabel: Loveable, dear (Latin)
  2. Madeline: High tower, great, magnificent (Greek)
  3. Mae, May: Mother, Roman Goddess of May (Portuguese), (Latin)
  4. Maeve: She who intoxicates (Irish)
  5. Maggie: Pearl (English)
  6. Magnolia: Magnol's flower (French)
  7. Maisie: Pearl (Scottish)
  8. Margaret: Pearl, cluster of blossoms (Latin) (Sanskrit)
  9. Margot: Pearl (French)
  10. Marianne: Star of the sea, wished for child, grace (Greek), (Hebrew), (French)
  11. Marsha: Roman goddess, warlike (Latin)
  12. Martha: The mistress, the lady (Greek)
  13. Mary Lou: Exalted, famous female warrior (Latin)
  14. Mary Sue, Marysue: Wished for child (English)
  15. Maryanne: Star of the sea (French)
  16. Maryjane: Gracious, kind (English)
  17. Maybelle: Loveable (English)
  18. Melissa: Bee (Greek)
  19. Michelle: Who is like God (French)
  20. Mildred: Gentle strength (English)
  21. Millicent: Work, strong (French)
  22. Mira, Myra: Behold (Latin)
  23. Miranda: Worthy of admiration (Latin)
  24. Misty: Mist (English)
  25. Molly, Mollie: Drop of the sea, star of sea, beloved (Latin)
  26. Myrtle: Victory, Myrtus plant name (Latin)

'M' Girl Names Inspired By Films & TV

How about an 'M' name made famous by a feature film? Or one from a beloved TV show? These names are most often associated with a character bearing the same title.

  • Madeline: Madeline
  • Madison: Splash
  • Magenta: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Maria: The Sound of Music
  • Marsha: The Brady Bunch
  • Marty: Back To The Future
  • Mary Jane: Spider Man
  • Matilda: Matilda
  • Max: Stranger Things
  • Megara: Hercules
  • Merida: Brave
  • Meredith: Grey's Anatomy
  • Mia: The Princess Diaries
  • Minnie: Mickey Mouse
  • Mirabel: Encanto
  • Moana: Moana
  • Monica: Friends
  • Morticia: The Addams Family
  • Mulan: Mulan
  • Mystique: X-Men

Meaningful Baby Girl Names That Start With M

With so many meaningful baby girl names that start with M, you may find it difficult to choose just one. That's what middle names are for! Whatever you decide on, this long list of meaningful girl names that start with M should help you find something special.

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150 Girl Names That Start With M From Traditional to Unique