150+ Unique Girl Names That Are as One-of-a-Kind as Your Little Lady

These cute and creative baby girl names are guaranteed to catch people's attention! Find uncommon name options you'll love.

Updated July 15, 2023
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Unique names are becoming more and more common, with new parents being inspired to help their daughters stand out from the crowd. The problem is that it can be hard to find truly unique girl names without stumbling upon some stupendously strange titles with questionable connotations. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of 150+ exceptionally creative girl names with meanings that are simply magnificent!

What Makes a Baby Girl Name Unique

What's unique to one person is common to another. This makes unique girl names a very subjective subject. However, the epithets that you will find on the list below are not something you will see on a Top 100 Baby Name list. Instead, these titles are less traditional choices that come from all parts of the globe, making them even more enticing!

Let's face it, there are a lot of Olivias, Emmas, and Charlottes out there. These unique baby girl names are sure to bring attention to your little sweetheart and ensure that no one forgets her name!

Cute and Unique Girl Names

If you're looking for some adorable and endearing epithets for your sweet little one, these unique baby girl names are sure to fit the bill!

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  1. Alohi - Brilliant (Hawaiian)
  2. Beatrix - She who brings happiness or voyager (Latin)
  3. Calliope - Beautiful voice or muse of epic poetry (Greek)
  4. Delilah - Delicate or weakened (Hebrew)
  5. Elysia - Blissful or heavenly (Greek)
  6. Fawn - A young deer (English)
  7. Giselle - Pledge or hostage (German)
  8. Harmony - Agreement or concord (English)
  9. Isolde - Ice ruler or fairy lady (Celtic)
  10. Juniper - Youthful or evergreen shrub (Latin)
  11. Kismet - Fate or destiny (Turkish)
  12. Liora - My light or I have light (Hebrew)
  13. Mabel - Loveable or dear (Latin)
  14. Nova - New or star (Latin)
  15. Opal - Precious stone (English)
  16. Persephone - Bringer of destruction or bringer of death (Greek)
  17. Quinley - Descendant of Caoinleán or gentle (Irish)
  18. Rhapsody - Epic poem or exaggerated expression of enthusiasm (Greek)
  19. Seraphina - Burning ones or fiery ones (Hebrew)
  20. Tamsin - Twin (English)
  21. Ursa - Bear (Latin)
  22. Vesper - Evening star or evening prayer (Latin)
  23. Willa - Resolute protection or helmet of will (German)
  24. Xanthe - Golden or yellow (Greek)
  25. Yara - Small butterfly or oneness (Arabic)
  26. Zinnia - Flower (Latin)

Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names

Some of the prettiest girl names are ones inspired by nature! Beautiful flowers and unique plants are all an inspiring choice. If you want your daughter to have a truly distinct title, skip over commonly used names like Rose and Lily, and choose a more unusual Earth-inspired epithet like many of the ones below!

Happy baby girl
  1. Adelina - Noble or nobility (German)
  2. Briar - Thorny bush or shrub (English)
  3. Cosette - Victorious or little thing (French)
  4. Dahlia - Flower (Scandinavian)
  5. Elara - Bright or shining (Greek)
  6. Fleur - Flower (French)
  7. Galadriel - Maiden crowned with a radiant garland (Fictional languages of Sindarian and Quenya)
  8. Hestia - The goddess of hearth and home (Greek)
  9. Iolanthe - Violet flower or violet colored (Greek)
  10. Jolie - Pretty or attractive (French)
  11. Kaela - Laurel or crown (Hebrew)
  12. Lavinia - Purity or woman of Rome (Latin)
  13. Mireille - Admired (French)
  14. Nyx - Night (Greek)
  15. Oriana - Golden or dawn (Latin)
  16. Paloma - Dove (Spanish)
  17. Quintessa - Fifth born (Latin)
  18. Romilly - From the Roman settlement (English)
  19. Saffron - Yellow flower (English)
  20. Thalia - To blossom or joyful (Greek)
  21. Ursuline - Little bear (Latin)
  22. Vivica - Alive or life (Scandinavian)
  23. Wisteria - Purple flower (English)
  24. Xiomara - Ready for battle or famous in battle (Spanish)
  25. Yvette - Yew wood or archer (French)
  26. Zephyrine - West wind or gentle breeze (Greek)

Unique English Girl Names

There are a lot of common baby names found in England and Wales that sound completely foreign to American parents. This makes them another fantastic choice for your baby girl!

6 month old baby girl
  1. Arden - Eagle valley (English)
  2. Briony - Climbing plant (Greek)
  3. Cressida - Gold or golden (Greek)
  4. Darcy - Dark one (French)
  5. Elspeth - Pledged to God or my God is abundance (Scottish)
  6. Freya - Noble woman (Scandinavian)
  7. Greer - Watchful or vigilant (Scottish)
  8. Hollis - Near the holly trees (English)
  9. Imogen - Maiden (Celtic)
  10. Jessamine - Jasmine flower (Persian)
  11. Kerensa - Love (Cornish)
  12. Lottie - Free woman (English)
  13. Marigold - Golden flower (English)
  14. Nell - Bright or shining one (English)
  15. Odette - Wealthy or prosperous (French)
  16. Pippa - Lover of horses (English)
  17. Quinta - Fifth (Latin)
  18. Rosalind - Gentle horse or beautiful rose (German)
  19. Sibyl - Prophetess or wise woman (Greek)
  20. Tansy - Eternal life or flower (Greek or English)
  21. Una - One or unique (Irish)
  22. Verity - Truth or honesty (English)
  23. Winslet - River of joy (English)
  24. Xena - Guest or stranger (Greek)
  25. Yvonne - Yew wood or archer (French)
  26. Zelie - Noble or bright (French)
Fast Fact

Freya ranks number six on England's top baby name list for 2021. This title has been in their top 100 names since 1998. However, in America, it did not dip into our top 1000 names until 2013. It currently ranks at #129 as of 2022.

Beautifully Creative Girl Names

If you are looking for a title that's guaranteed to stand out amongst the rest, then consider some of these more creative baby girl names!

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  1. Avalon - Island of apples or place of abundance (Celtic)
  2. Bellatrix - Female warrior (Latin)
  3. Calixta - Most beautiful or chalice (Greek)
  4. Damaris - Gentle or calf (Greek)
  5. Eulalia - Well-spoken or sweetly speaking (Greek)
  6. Fable - Story (English)
  7. Gaia - Earth or mother Earth (Greek)
  8. Hesper - Evening or western (Greek)
  9. Iridessa - Rainbow or goddess of the rainbow (Greek)
  10. Joss - God will add or playful (English)
  11. Keziah - Cassia tree or cinnamon-like (Hebrew)
  12. Lyric - Song-like (English)
  13. Morwen - Maiden or waves of the sea (Welsh)
  14. Niobe - Fern or veiled one (Greek)
  15. Ondine - Little wave or wave of the sea (French)
  16. Poesy - Poetry or a collection of poems (English)
  17. Quilla - Feather or quill (Spanish)
  18. Reverie - Daydream or state of being lost in thought (English)
  19. Solstice - When the sun stands still (Latin and English)
  20. Tindra - Twinkle or sparkle (Swedish)
  21. Utopia - Ideal place (Greek)
  22. Vespera - Evening or evening star (Latin)
  23. Whisper - Soft voice (English)
  24. Xylia - Woodland or from the forest (Greek)
  25. Ysolde - Ice ruler or fair lady (Celtic)
  26. Zephyra - West wind or gentle breeze (Greek)

Uncommon Girl Names That Are Truly Original

One of the best ways to find rare baby names is to look to other cultures that aren't predominant in your area. These are just a few of the unique girl names that come from other parts of the world.

Cute baby girl
  1. Alina - Light or bright (Greek)
  2. Bria - High or noble (Irish)
  3. Catriona - Pure (Gaelic)
  4. Danae - Bright as day (English)
  5. Eyota - Greatest or most (Native American)
  6. Femi - Love (Egyptian)
  7. Gali - Wave (Hebrew)
  8. Hania - Joy, happiness, or graceful one (Hebrew and Polish)
  9. Iamar - Moon (Arabic)
  10. Jenara - January (Latin)
  11. Kala - Art or skill (Hindu)
  12. Lyra - Song (Greek)
  13. Maira - Of the sea (Irish)
  14. Neoma - New moon (Greek)
  15. Ora - Goddess of the dawn (Greek)
  16. Preita - Most loving one (Finnish)
  17. Qeleigh - Church or monastary (Celtic)
  18. Reina - Queenly (Latin)
  19. Salvia - Whole of healthy (Latin and Italian)
  20. Tallulah - Leaping water (Native American)
  21. Ulrica - Power of the wolf (German)
  22. Verity - Truth (Latin)
  23. Wren - Small bird (Old English)
  24. Xeni - Protector of plants and flowers (Guatemalan)
  25. Yura - One who is beautiful or farmer (Inuit, Greek and Russian)
  26. Zorina - Golden dawn (Slavic)
Fast Fact

Did you know that it is illegal to name your daughter 'Queen' in the United States? This makes names like Reina, which means queenly, an appealing choice for parents who want to give their little princess this regal title. Another adorable alternative: Queenie!

Old-Fashioned Unique Girl Names

Recent pop culture has showed us that everything comes in cycles. What was once old can be new again! Thus, these old-fashioned epithets can be the perfect choice for the parents looking for a unique girl name that isn't too off the wall.

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  1. Althea - Healer (Greek)
  2. Blythe - Happy (Old English)
  3. Celestia - Heavenly (Latin)
  4. Daveigh - Beloved (American)
  5. Eira - Snow (Welsh)
  6. Farida - Unique (Arabic)
  7. Galena - Calm (Greek)
  8. Hamida - Praised or giving thanks (Arabic)
  9. Ilaria - Cheerful (Latin)
  10. Jovita - Joyful (Spanish)
  11. Kallista - Most beautiful (Greek)
  12. Liora - My light (Hebrew)
  13. Minerva - The mind or intellect (Latin)
  14. Naida - Water nymph (Greek)
  15. Orla - Golden princess (Irish)
  16. Pari - Fairy (Persian and Indian)
  17. Quilla - Goddess of the moon (Incan)
  18. Rhea - Flowing stream (Greek)
  19. Sapphira - Sapphire or blue gemstone (Greek)
  20. Thalia - Flourishing (Greek)
  21. Ula - Gem of the sea or sea jewel (Celtic)
  22. Vida - Life (Spanish)
  23. Winona - First born daughter (Native American)
  24. Xyla - Wood dweller (Greek)
  25. Yalena - Light, torch, or bright (Greek or Russian)
  26. Zara - Radiance (Arabic)
Fast Fact

Farida isn't the only baby girl name that means unique! You can also choose from Hayln (American), Izel (Aztec), Yeganeh (Persian), and Aino (Finnish).

Classic Titles Can Become One-of-a-Kind Girl Names

In this day and age of rare names and unusual spellings, many new parents are finding that sometimes, the best way to find a unique name is to change a formerly common one. For example, few babies are now named Helen or Lucille, both of which were common names at the turn of the century. Delving back into history may inspire a new spelling, and oftentimes uniqueness is found in the resurrection of a long-forgotten favorite.

Giving the classic spelling of a name a new twist is another easy way to make it unique without being so bizarre that you find yourself explaining it to everyone you meet. Remember, your daughter has to live with the name her whole life, so you want it to be something that can stand the test of time.

Find an Uncommon Girl Name as Unique as She Is

You can find inspiration for creative, original names all around you. Whether you take the inspiration from this list, something you love in nature, a theme or idea that's meaningful to you, or even from an uncommon celebrity name, when you're true to your heart you'll find the perfect name idea for your baby girl.

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150+ Unique Girl Names That Are as One-of-a-Kind as Your Little Lady