135+ Dynamic Girl Names That Start WIth D

Looking for the perfect D name for your darling daughter? From cute to totally cool, we have some dazzling girl names we know you'll love.

Updated April 22, 2024
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Looking for a great girl name that starts with D? We have so many suggestions for D girl names for your darling daughter. From Dabney to Dylan, we know you'll find the perfect name for your sweet girl. 

Top Girl Names That Start With D

Parents.com lists the top baby girl names, and these are the top 10 that start with D. So if you're looking for a popular girl name that starts with D, this is the place to begin. 

  1. Delilah: Delicate (Hebrew)
  2. Daisy: Day's eye (English)
  3. Diana: Goddess of the hunt (Roman)
  4. Delaney: Dark challenger (Irish)
  5. Daniela: God is my judge (Hebrew)
  6. Dakota: Friend (Native American)
  7. Daphne: Laurel tree (Greek)
  8. Dahlia: Valley (Swedish)
  9. Dream: Joy (Old English)
  10. Danna: God will judge (Old English)

Traditional Girl Names That Start With D

Whether you prefer a traditional spelling or you want a traditional name with a unique spelling, these D girl names have withstood the test of time. 

  • Daanelle, Danielle: God is my Judge (Hebrew)
  • Dael, Dale, Daelyn: Small valley (Dutch) (English)
  • Dani: God is my judge (Hebrew)
  • Darcy: Dark-haired (Irish)
  • Deborah, Debbie, Debra: Bee (Hebrew)
  • Delphine: Dolphin (French)
  • Destine, Destiny: Fate (French)
  • Diane, Dianne: Messenger of wellness (Persian)
  • Dionne: Divine (French)
  • Dominique: Of the Lord (Latin)
  • Donna: Woman (Italian)
  • Dorcas: Gazelle (Greek)
  • Doretta: Gift (Greek)
  • Darlene, Darleane, Darleen, Darleena, Darlena, Darla: Darling, loved one (English)
  • Doris: Sea (Greek)
  • Dorothy, Dorothea: God's Gift (Greek)
  • Drucilla: Strong (Roman)

Vintage Girl Names That Start With D

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We love a sweetly old-fashioned vintage girl name. These vintage names are super cute, and one may be perfect for your baby.

  • Dabney, Dabny, Dabnie: From Aubigny (French)
  • Daena, Dana: From Denmark (Danish), (English)
  • Danica, Danika: Venus, morning star (Croatian)
  • Deidra: She who chatters (Irish)
  • Denise: Devoted to Bacchus, the god of wine (Greek)
  • Deanna: Fertile, divine (Roman)
  • Desiree: Desire (French)
  • Dollie, Dolly: Gift of God (English)
  • Donette: Divine (English)
  • Dora: God's gift (Greek)
  • Dottie: Gift of God (Greek)
  • Dustee/Dusty: Fighter (English)

Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Not one to follow the crowd? If you're looking for a unique name for your baby girl, these are a great place to start. 

  • Daija: Remembrance (Spanish)
  • Daleyza: Delightful (Spanish)
  • Darnisha: Hidden (English)
  • Dasha: Goodness (Russian)
  • Deacon: Helper (Greek)
  • Delice: Delight (Latin)
  • Delie: Heart (Latin)
  • Demetria: Follower of Demeter (Greek)
  • Diamanda: Diamond, valued (English)
  • Diella: Worships God (French)
  • Dinara: Treasure (Russian)
  • Docie: Good thought (Greek)
  • Domina: Lady (Italian)
  • Dominga: Sunday (Latin)
  • Doralia: Gift from God (Greek)
  • Dorrit/Dorit: Gift of God (Hebrew)
  • Dova: Dove (Latin)
  • Dua: Prayer (Arabic)

Cute D Girl Names

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A cute girl name just rolls off the tongue. You'll have so much fun calling your baby girl any of these totally adorbs names.

  • Dace, Dacee, Dacy: Clarity, whiteness (Latin)
  • Dacey: From the south (Irish)
  • Dacie: Pure, sincere, white (Irish)
  • Daffi, Daffie, Daffy, Dafne, Dafna: Laurel tree (Greek)
  • Darilyn: Compassion (Irish)
  • Darina: Upholder of Good (Russian)
  • Daveny: Beloved (French)
  • Davina: Beloved (Scottish)
  • Dearling: Dearly loved (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Dee Dee, Didi: Delight, pleasure (Welsh)
  • Delicia: Delightful (Spanish)
  • Deka: Pleasing (African)
  • Demi: Small, half (French)
  • Devri: Bee (Hebrew)
  • Diya: Glow (Arabic)
  • Dodie: Well-loved (Greek)
  • Dordie: Divine gift (Greek)
  • Dorri: Gift (Latin)
  • Doxie: Good thoughts (Greek)
  • Dru: Loved (Welsh)
  • Duci: Gift, wealthy gift (Hungarian)
  • Dulce: Sweet (Italian)
  • Dulcie: Sweet (Latin)

Cool Girl Names That Start With D

Looking for a name with a cool-girl vibe that'll follow her into her teens and adulthood? We think these names are pretty cool. 

  • Dacia: From the city of Dacia (Latin)
  • Daeira: Knowing, informed (Spanish), (Greek)
  • Dallas: City in Texas (American)
  • Dalis: Drawing water (Hebrew)
  • Danae: Mother of Perseus (Greek)
  • Daracha: From oak (Scottish)
  • Dari, Darie, Dara, Daria: Pearl of wisdom, gift (Hebrew) (Irish)
  • Dariane, Darianna, Dariele, Darielle: Maintains possessions well, keeps possessions (Persian)
  • Darja: Owner of goodness (Czech)
  • Darelle, Dearling: Darling (English)
  • Denim: Strong cloth (French)
  • Donya: World (Arabic)
  • Dubheasa: Dark beauty (Irish)
  • Dyna: Sister of Roman (Latin)

Regal D Girl Names for Your Little Princess

She's your princess, and she deserves a name that suits her standing. These noble D names will definitely fit the bill.

  • Darice: Possesses wealth (Persian)
  • Darija, Daria: Kingly, possess wealth (Persian), (Greek)
  • Darinka: Gift, affluent, wealthy (Slavic)
  • Darissa: Wise (Hebrew)
  • Darit: Strongest one in world (Nigeria)
  • Delia: Noble (Greek)
  • Della: Noble (German)
  • Derrica: Gifted ruler (English)
  • Devi: Goddess (Sanskrit)
  • Devon: Defender (Irish)
  • Diamond: Brilliant (English)
  • Dior: Present (French)
  • Diva: Heaven, divine (Hindi)
  • Divya: Brilliance (Indian)
  • Donalda: Ruler of all (Gaelic)
  • Donella: Lady (Italian)
  • Donnalee: Lady (Italian)
  • Dorita: Gift of God (Greek)
  • Doroteya: God's gift (Russian)
  • Dory: Gift of God (Greek)
  • Draupnir: Odin's magic ring (Norse)
  • Drea: Strong (Greek)
  • Drew: Brave (Scottish)

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Nature-Inspired Girls Names Starting With D

Give your baby girl a name inspired by nature. We know you'll love these options. 

  • Daffodil: Flowering plant (French)
  • Dagny: New day (Norse)
  • Dahlia: Dahl's Flower (Scandinavian)
  • Darby: Deer park (English)
  • Dawn: Daybreak (English)
  • Daye: Day (English)
  • Delmara: Of the sea (Spanish)
  • Delphina: Dolphin (Greek)
  • Delta: Mouth of river (Greek)
  • Denali: The tall one (Native American)
  • Derora: Running streams (Hebrew)
  • Devin: Fawn, poet (English)
  • Diem: Day (Latin)
  • Doe: Female deer (Greek)
  • Doriana, Dorianna: Of the sea (Greek)
  • Dove: Bird of peace (English)
  • Dune: Sand hill (French)
  • Dylan: Tide (Welsh)

Girl Names That Start With D for Your Baby

There are plenty of girl names that start with D that might be ideal for your baby girl. You may need to review the lists more than one time before deciding which one you like best.

135+ Dynamic Girl Names That Start WIth D