120 Greek Girl Names for Your Little Goddess

We have a myriad of Mediterranean monikers on this great list of Greek baby girl names. Find strong, beautiful names full of meaning.

Published February 1, 2024
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Greek girl names are the stuff of legends! History books are filled with Greek women who were anything but fair maidens needing rescuing. These were strong, smart, and self-sufficient women.

This makes them a remarkable source of inspiration when looking for feminine titles. If you hope to give your daughter an epithet with a deserving denotation to emulate, consider any of these glorious Greek girl names!

Gorgeous Greek Girl Names for Your Unique Gal

While Greek isn't a romance language, there's something incredibly idyllic about Greek baby girl names. Not only do they have beautiful meanings, but they possess an exquisite sound that is pleasing to the ear. If you're looking for some inspiration, we have a collection of extraordinary Greek girl names and their meanings to consider. 

  • Agape - Love and affection
  • Alette - Beautifully dressed
  • Amalthea - Tender Goddess
  • Amarantha - Unfading
  • Calanthe - Beautiful flower
  • Calla - Most beautiful
  • Calliope - Beautiful voice
  • Callista - Most beautiful or bright-eyed
  • Carissa - Beloved or grace
  • Catherine - Pure
  • Cassandra - Shining upon man
  • Celeste - Most beautiful
  • Chloe - Fertility or blooming
  • Cora - Heart or maiden
  • Damaris - Gentle
  • Ione - Violet flower
  • Kallisto - Most beautiful
  • Katrina - Pure
  • Loida - Most desirable
  • Lois - Most beautiful
  • Malva - Delicate
  • Naida - Water nymph
  • Phoebe - Bright or radiant
  • Thea - Goddess
  • Tiana - Princess
Fast Fact

In Greek mythology, Calliope is considered the Muse of eloquence and epic poetry and known as the "Chief of all Muses." 

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Strong Greek Baby Girl Names for Your Warrior Queen

In Greek mythology and ancient history, Greek women were a powerful force. This makes monikers with strong meanings another solid choice for your fearless little lady!

  • Alcmene - Strength of the moon
  • Aleeta - Noble
  • Alessa - Defender
  • Alexandra - Defender of mankind
  • Alyx - Defender of mankind
  • Aretha - Righteous or excellence
  • Avra - An idealistic person
  • Cassiopeia - Clever
  • Drusilla - Strong
  • Konstantina - Steadfast
  • Lexi - Man’s defender
  • Lysandra - Man's defender or liberator
  • Maria - Rebellious
  • Nicole - Victory
  • Nyssa - Goal or ambition
  • Ophelia - Wise or the helper
  • Petra - Rock or stone
  • Philomena - Lover of strength
  • Sophia - Wisdom
  • Xandra - Man’s defender
Fast Fact

In America, Sophia is a very popular name choice, holding a spot in the top 10 most popular names for the past 17 years. It currently sits at number five.

Heavenly Greek Girl Names for Your Little Angel 

Many Greeks are known for their unfaltering faith, which makes Greek baby girl names with religious meanings a divine choice. If you come from a religious family, then these Greek girl names can be the perfect fit!

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  • Agnes - Holy or pure
  • Alina - Light or truth
  • Ambrosia - Immortal
  • Anastasia - Resurrection
  • Angelina - Messenger of God
  • Ariana - Most holy
  • Asia - Resurrection
  • Charis - Grace
  • Charisma - Blessing
  • Dorothy - Gift of God
  • Eleanor - Shining light
  • Elena - Shining light
  • Eleni - Light or sun ray
  • Ellie - Light
  • Eudora - Generous gift
  • Evangeline - Good news
  • Helen - Light or torch
  • Hermione - Messenger
  • Leonora - Light
  • Nellie - Sun ray or horn
  • Tansy - Immortality or flower
  • Tiffany - Manifestation of God
  • Urania - Heavenly
  • Zoe - Life
Fast Fact

While Hermione is a Greek name, most people associate this moniker with the spectacularly smart Harry Potter heroine, Hermione Granger. If you're a fan of the book series and have a Greek heritage, this can be a spectacular choice for your little girl.

Ancient Greek Girl Names That Stood the Test of Time

Parents looking for a truly distinct Greek name might look at the history of this Mediterranean country and the mesmerizing stories of Greek mythology. This can give you a treasure trove of gorgeous Greek girl names from ancient times. 

  • Amethyst - Not drunk or protected from intoxication
  • Anthea - Flowery
  • Bryony - Climbing plant
  • Calypso - To conceal
  • Celia - Moon
  • Cressida - Gold
  • Crystal - Ice
  • Daphne - Laurel tree
  • Demi - Half
  • Desdemona - Ill-fated
  • Doris - Gift from the sea
  • Georgia - Farmer
  • Harmonia - Concord
  • Hyacinthe - Blue larkspur
  • Hypatia - Highest or supreme
  • Kassiani - Cinammon 
  • Lydia - From Lydia
  • Lyra - Song
  • Melina - Honey
  • Melissa - Honey 
  • Nessa - Butterfly
  • Pandora - All gifts
  • Penelope - Weaver
  • Philippa - Lover of horses
  • Rhea - Flowing
  • Selene - The moon
  • Theresa - To harvest
  • Topaz - Precious gemstone
  • Xanthe - Golden or yellow
  • Zephyrine - West wind
Fast Fact

Hypatia was a notable Greek scholar and the first of her kind! She was "one of the first women to study math, astronomy, and philosophy." Her contributions helped to pave the way for other female scientists. 

Glorious Goddess Names From Greek Mythology

When most people think of Greece, they picture the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. If you are looking for a striking title for your little lady, you might consider a Greek girl name that was once the name of a Greek Goddess or Queen.

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  • Afroditi - Goddess of love
  • Alectrona - Goddess of the sunrise
  • Amphitrite - Goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon
  • Artemis - Goddess of the moon
  • Athena - Goddess of wisdom
  • Aurora - Goddess of the dawn 
  • Ceres - Goddess of the harvest
  • Demeter - Goddess of the harvest
  • Diana - Goddess of the moon, meaning “divine” 
  • Eos - Goddess of the dawn
  • Enyo - Goddess of war
  • Eris - Goddess of strife
  • Ersa - Goddess of the morning dew
  • Euphrosyne - Goddess of good cheer
  • Gaia - Mother Goddess and personification of the Earth
  • Hecate - Goddess of witchcraft
  • Hera - Goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth
  • Hestia - Goddess of hearth and home
  • Hippolyta - Queen of the Amazons, meaning "freer of horses" 
  • Iris - Goddess of the rainbow
  • Persephone - Goddess of death and queen of the Underworld, meaning “bringer of death”
Need to Know

In Greek Mythology, the Amazons were a group of warrior women. The most notable Amazon was Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman.

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Greek Girl Names Are A Strong & Beautiful Choice

As you can tell from the Greek girl names and meanings above, these are excellent epithets that will give your daughter something meaningful to mirror. And if you are looking for more Mediterranean monikers, make sure to check out our list of Roman baby names!

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120 Greek Girl Names for Your Little Goddess