85 Noteworthy Greek Names & Their Inspiring Meanings

Greek baby name are full of powerful meanings, so they're perfect for your little one. From trending names to classics, find plenty of inspiration.

Updated February 1, 2024
Greek Baby Names

Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history. It's the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and the people who called ancient Greece home made significant contributions to mathematics, the sciences, philosophy, and the arts. This makes Greek names an inspired choice for your little one!

If you're wondering where to start, we highlight some of the most popular Greek baby names for boys and girls in present-day Greece, as well as the top gender-neutral names with Greek roots.

Most Popular Greek Names for Girls & Boys

Just like America has the Social Security Administration, Greece has an administration called The Hellenic Statistical Authority, otherwise known as ELSTAT, which keeps track of the most popular Greek baby names.

For parents looking for a trending Greek name, we break down the top titles from the past few years along with details on which gender typically takes them on. And in case you are wondering, the leaders on the board for 2022 were Giorgos and Maria. 

  1. Aikaterini - Pure (F)
  2. Andreas - Man (M)
  3. Androula - Victory (F)
  4. Costas - Steadfast (M)
  5. Dimitris - Earth lover or follower of Demeter (M)
  6. Eleni - Sun ray (F)
  7. Emmanouil - God is with us (M)
  8. Giannis - God is gracious (M)
  9. Giorgos - Farmer (M)
  10. Ioannis - God is gracious (M)
  11. Katerina - Pure (F)
  12. Konstantinos - Constant or loyal (M)
  13. Maria - Rebellious (F)
  14. Nikalaos - Victor of people (M)
  15. Nikos - Victory of the people (M)
  16. Sofia - Wisdom (F)
  17. Spyridon - Basket
  18. Vasiliki - Royal (F)
  19. Vaso - Kingly or regal (M)
  20. Yiannis - God is gracious (M)
Fast Fact

It turns out that Greeks and Americans have very similar tastes in girl names. In 2022, Sofia held the number five slot for both countries. The only difference is that Americans prefer the name to be spelled "Sophia." When spelled with an "f," the name sits at number 13 in America. 

Powerful Gender-Neutral Greek Names for Your Little Leader

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In today's society, many parents are turning to gender-neutral names. What makes these unisex names with Greek roots different from other options is that these androgynous epithets all have strong meanings, giving your child some honorable qualities to exude.

  1. Alex - Defender of humankind
  2. Alexis - Defender or protector
  3. Aimilios - Strength
  4. Andrea - Manly
  5. Andy - Man-like or brave
  6. Atlas - Enduring
  7. Clio - Glory
  8. Drew - Courageous
  9. Gene - Noble or well-born
  10. Lex - Defender of man
  11. Nike - Victory
  12. Niki - Victory of the people
  13. Nikita - Unconquered or victor
  14. Kyrie - Lord
  15. Sandy - Defender of mankind
  16. Sasha - Defender
  17. Shura - Defender of man
  18. Stacey - Steadfast
  19. Stevie - Crown
  20. Telly - Wise 
Fast Fact

An atlas may be a book of maps, but in Greek mythology, this was the name of the titan who was destined to hold up the heavens for eternity. He's known as the god of strength and endurance, hence the meaning of his name!

Classic Unisex Greek Baby Names for Your Little One

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Many gender-neutral Greek names are also word names! What this means is that your child can have a truly unique title that also has a magnificent meaning. Here are some of the top Greek baby names with meanings tied to religion and nature. 

  1. Aeon - Eternity or age
  2. Aero - Of the sky
  3. Aether - Brightness
  4. Ange - Angel
  5. Angel - Messenger
  6. Aris - Best
  7. Artemis - Twin of Apollo
  8. Aster - Starflower
  9. Bronte - Thunder
  10. Charis - Grace
  11. Chris - Bearing Christ
  12. Cosmo - Order, universe, and beauty
  13. Cypress - Cypress tree
  14. Genesis - Birth
  15. Georgie - Farmer
  16. Halcyon - Kingfisher bird or peace and tranquility
  17. Halo - Divine aura
  18. Indigo - Blue dye
  19. Kaley - Beautiful
  20. Nyx - Night
  21. Ocean - Sea 
  22. Onyx - Black gemstone or claw 
  23. Phoenix - Dark red
  24. Teddy - Divine gift
  25. Zephyr - West wind
Fast Fact

In Greek mythology, Halcyon kingfisher birds were said to calm the seas. This is tied to the story of Ceyx and Alcyone, a couple whose love story ended in tragedy, leading Zeus to transform the wife into a bird. Every winter, he would calm the seas so that she could lay her eggs on the water's surface. This is why these birds are "a symbol of peace and protection."

Famous Greek Faces & Places (Plus Their Fabulous Meanings)

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Greece is the birthplace of democracy and the home of some of the greatest minds in history. If you're looking for some inspirational Greek names, consider the epithets of these famous people and places!

  1. Antonia - Priceless, praiseworthy, and beautiful (Mexican and Greek) [Antonia Vardalos is the Canadian-Greek actress best known for her role of Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.]
  2. Arete - Virtue (Greek) [Arete was the Goddess of virtue, excellence, goodness, and valor.]
  3. Argos - Vigilant guardian (Greek) [Argos is a city in Greece.]
  4. Aristotle - The best of all (Greek) [Aristotle was one of the greatest philosophers in history and the world's first scientist.] 
  5. Aspacia - Welcome (Greek) [Aspacia was a philosopher and scholar. She was also Socrates' instructor in rhetoric.] 
  6. Athens - Of Athena or courage and wisdom (Greek) [Athens is the capital of Greece.]
  7. Chania - Grace of the Lord (Hebrew) [Chania is an oceanside city in Crete, Greece.]
  8. Eleftherios - Free [Eleftherios Petrounias is a Greek gymnast and Olympic champion.]
  9. Euclid - Glorious (Greek) [Euclid is considered the father of geometry.]
  10. Evangelia - Good news (Greek) [Evangelia Psarra is a Greek archer who competed in six Olympic games from 2000 to 2020.]
  11. Larissa - Citadel (Greek) [Larissa is the fifth largest city in Greece.]
  12. Leonidas - Son of a lion (Greek) [Leonidas was the King of Sparta from 488 to 480 BC.]
  13. Mykonos - Pile of rocks (Greek) [Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island, nicknamed "The Island of the Winds."]
  14. Odysseus - Wrathful or to hate (Greek) [Odysseus is the name of the hero in Homer's epic poem, the "Odyssey."]
  15. Olympia - From Mount Olympus (Greek) [Olympia Dukakis is a Golden Globe and Academy Award Winning Actress best known for her roles in Moonstruck and Steel Magnolias.]
  16. Rhodes - Where roses grow (British) [Rhodes is another gorgeous island in Greece.]
  17. Rita - Pearl (Spanish and Greek) [Rita Wilson is an American actress and producer with Greek roots. She is best known for producing My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mama Mia!.]
  18. Socrates - Whole rule (Greek) [Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who is credited as the founder of Western philosophy.]
  19. Stefanos - Garland or crown (Greek) [Stefanos Tsitsipas is "the first Greek [tennis] player in history to reach a Grand Slam final" in the French Open.]
  20. Thales - To blossom (Greek and Brazilian) [Thales was the first Greek philosopher, scientist, and mathematician.]

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More Greek Names for Boys & Girls

This Greek baby name list is just the beginning! If you are hoping to peruse more spectacular Greek names, make sure to check out our Greek Names for Boys and Greek Names for Girls articles! These will give you a glorious selection of gender-specific titles to consider for your baby-to-be. 

85 Noteworthy Greek Names & Their Inspiring Meanings