125 Powerful Greek Boy Names for Your Little Titan

For parents looking to honor their Mediterranean heritage or find an incredible Greek-inspired name, we have a great selection to explore!

Updated January 27, 2024
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Greek boy names come from the glorious legends and myths of this ancient culture, the Greek Orthodox Christian church, and some of the words of the world's oldest recorded living language. If you're looking for strong Greek names for boys, we have a spectacular selection to search through. 

Gallant Greek Boy Names for Your Mighty Man

If you want a masculine name for your little guy, consider giving your son a name that means defender, helper, or guardian of people. These Greek boy names can serve as a regular reminder that he is powerful, courageous, and strong of mind and body. 

  • Achilles - Pain
  • Aegeus - Protection
  • Aindrea - Man or warrior
  • Ajax - Eagle
  • Alastor - Man's defender
  • Alcander - Strong
  • Aleksanteri - Man's defender or protector
  • Aleksy - Defender of man
  • Alexandro - Protector of mankind
  • Alexei - Man's defender 
  • Alexios - Warrior or man's defender
  • Andras - Manly and brave
  • Andreas - Man
  • Arsenio - Virile, manly, and strong
  • Callisthenes - Strong and beautiful
  • Hippocrates - Horse power
  • Konstantinos - Loyal
  • Leandro - Lion man
  • Lex - Defender of man
  • Lysander - Liberator
  • Ondrej - Man and warrior
  • Pello - Stone
  • Perseus - Destroyer
  • Priam - Redeemed
  • Sandros - Man's defender or warrior
  • Theron - Hunter
  • Xander - Defender of man
  • Zale - Sea strength
Fast Fact

Several strong Greek boy names are composed of the Greek words "alexein," which means to defend, and "andros," meaning man or warrior.

Common & Popular Greek Baby Boy Names

Did you know that many of the traditional and popular boys' names in America have Greek roots? If you're looking for a more customary moniker, but still want to honor your Greek heritage, then these are the names for you!

  • Adrian - Rich
  • Alec - Defending man
  • Alexander - Man's defender 
  • Andrew - Strong or manly
  • Christopher - Bearer of Christ
  • Cole - Victory of the people
  • Deacon - Messenger
  • Gregory - Watchful or vigilant
  • Hector - Steadfast
  • Jace - Healer
  • Jason - Healer
  • Jerome - Sacred name
  • Neo - New
  • Nicholas - Victory of the people
  • Peter - Rock
  • Philip - Horse lover
  • Theo - God's gift
  • Theodore - Divine gift
  • Timothy - Honoring God
  • Sebastian - Venerable or revered
Fast Fact

The most popular Greek boy name in America is Theodore. It has held the top 10 slot for two years running.

Glorious Greek Names for Boys for Your Divine Dude

The Greeks are known for their strong faith. This makes Greek boy names with devout meanings a divine choice for your little guy. Best of all, these heavenly epithets have a melodious quality. In other words, they're beautiful inside and out!

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  • Aero - Of the Stars
  • Ambrose - Immortal 
  • Ambrus - Immortal
  • Anastasios - Resurrection
  • Angelo - Messenger of God
  • Athan - Eternal life
  • Athanasios - Immortal
  • Christos - Follower of Christ
  • Damen - Gentle or to tame
  • Dimitrios - Follower of Demeter
  • Dion - Follower of Dionysus
  • Galen - Calm or healer
  • Haris - Grace
  • Iason - Healer
  • Icarus - Follower
  • Ioannis - God is gracious
  • Keandre - Ancient
  • Kýrillos - Lordly or masterful
  • Loukas - Bringer of light
  • Makarios - Blessed
  • Michalis - Connected to God
  • Morpheus - Shaper of dreams
  • Orion - Heaven's light
  • Stavros - Cross
  • Tadeo - Praise
  • Takis - All holy
  • Teodor - God's gift
  • Thanos - Immortal
  • Tivadar - Gift of God
  • Yannis - God is gracious
Fast Fact

In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed amongst the stars. The Orion constellation is said to be the most recognizable constellation in the sky.

Greek Boy Names From Ancient Mythology

Greek mythology is filled with legendary gods and goddesses who have not only graced history books but also the big screen. If you want to give your son a truly significant moniker to live up to, then consider giving him the title of a titan or god!

  • Aeolus - God of the winds, meaning "swift"
  • Aether - God of light, meaning "brightness"
  • Apollo - God of light, prophecy, and healing, meaning "destroyer"
  • Ares - God of war
  • Bacchus - God of wine, fertility, and agriculture
  • Chronos - God of time
  • Dionysus - God of wine and theater
  • Erebus - God of darkness
  • Eros - God of love, meaning "desire"
  • Hercules - Son of Zeus and a demigod, meaning "Hera's glory"
  • Helios - God of the sun
  • Hermes - God of wealth, trade, and travelers, meaning "messenger"
  • Hyperion - Titan god of heavenly light
  • Pan - God of the wild, shepherds and flocks
  • Pluto - God of the underworld, meaning "wealthy"
  • Poseidon - God of the sea
  • Morpheus - God of sleep and dreams
  • Tartarus - God of the deepest and darkest part of the underworld
  • Triton - God of the sea
  • Uranus - God of the sky
  • Zeus - God of the sky
Fast Fact

Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, but interestingly, his name translates to "lord of the earth." 

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Great Greek Boy Names for Your Little Leader

Alexander the Great and King Leonidas are just two of the powerful and influential rulers of Ancient Greece. If you're looking for a title fit for a king, these majestic Greek boys' names can be a grand choice for your little leader!

Portait of a 1 year old boy
  • Adonis - Handsome
  • Archelaus - Ruler of the people
  • Archimedes - Master planner or thinker
  • Basil - Royal or kingly
  • Basilius - Royal or kingly
  • Bishop - Overseer
  • Cadmus - One who excels
  • Charon - Fierce brightness
  • Cleon - Renowned or glorious
  • Cyril - Master or lord
  • Darius - Possessing goodness
  • Eugene - Noble or well-born
  • Evander - Good man
  • Georgios - Farmer
  • Homer - Security or pledge
  • Kairos - Opportune moment
  • Kostas - Steady and stable
  • Leonidas - Son of a lion
  • Philo - Lover and friend
  • Plato - Broad-shouldered
  • Solon - Wise
  • Stéphanos  - Wreath or crown
  • Stephen - Wreath or crown
  • Vander - Good man
  • Vasili - Royal
  • Vasilios - Royal or kingly
Fast Fact

Archimedes was a leader in the fields of math and science in Ancient Greece. Fittingly, this mathematician and inventor's name means "master planner or thinker." If you like the idea of this title but want something a little less complicated, Archie can be a great nod to this Greek genius.

Greek Baby Boy Names Can Give Your Guy a Strong Identity

The Greeks helped to shape our modern world, making their epithets an excellent choice for inspiration for a better tomorrow. We love that these Greek boy names have genuine meanings  and that this extensive list features both common and unique options for parents who want to keep Greek traditions alive in their family. 

125 Powerful Greek Boy Names for Your Little Titan