60+ Egyptian Boy Names From Nature, Culture, & Arabic Words

The perfect name for your little guy might just be inspired by the beauty of Egypt.

Updated January 2, 2024
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From the names of the pharaohs and kings to Arabic words with special meanings, there are plenty of great Egyptian boy names to choose from. You'll find names that are traditional, modern, and everything in between, all with a special magic.

Take your time sifting through these Egyptian names for boys to find the ones that work best for you, and have fun picking out the perfect one for the little guy in your life.

Popular and Common Egyptian Boy Names

Although trends are always shifting, these are some of the most popular Egyptian names for boys. Many have religious associations or powerful meanings that make them top choices:

  • Abayomi - Joy
  • Abraam - Father
  • Amr - Long life
  • Aly - Champion/great
  • Bassel - Brave
  • Femi - Love
  • Ibrahim - A variation on Abraham
  • Khaled - Means immortal and eternal
  • Mo - Means defender
  • Mohamed - Founder of Islam
  • Ramy - Love and loving
  • Salem - Safe
  • Shakir - Grateful
  • Set - God of storms
  • Waaiz - Advisor
  • Youssef - Means power
  • Ziad - Growth and plentiful

Modern Egyptian Names for Boys

Although the classics are always cool, there are lots of modern Egyptian names for boys that capture the contemporary spirit. We love these options:

  • Ahmed - Praiseworthy
  • Cairo - The capital of Egypt
  • Giza - The city where the great pyramids are located
  • Karim - Means noble
  • Maat - Truth and balance
  • Mido - Nickname for Mohammed
  • Nile - Refers to the Nile or from the Nile
  • Nour - Light
  • Omar - Long-lived
  • Seth - Means pillar
  • Tarek - Morning star
Quick Tip

Think about what you love most about Egyptian culture and use that to direct your name choice. For instance, if you love the pyramids, Giza would be a really cool name. If you're into Egyptian mythology, let one of the gods inspire you.

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Powerful Egyptian Names That Mean Pharoah or God

Famous Egyptian names often reference a god, king, or pharaoh. If you're already thinking of your little one as powerful and royal, try one of these:

  • Babu - Osiris's first-born child
  • Horus - Refers to a falcon-headed god and means power
  • Khufu - Refers to an Egyptian pharaoh
  • Menes - Refers to a king of Egypt
  • Osiris - The judge of the dead and means powerful
  • Pharoah - Ruler of Egypt
  • Sethos - A Pharoh of Egypt
  • Shabaka - Refers to a king of Egypt
  • Sobek - The crocodile god
  • Thoth - The god of wisdom
  • Tutankhamen - Refers to an Egyptian king

Unique Egyptian Boy Names Starting With A

If you're starting at the beginning of the alphabet and looking for names for boys that start with an A, there are tons of Egyptian options to choose from. We love these because they're unique and interesting:

  • Abasi - Tough and stern
  • Abrax - Distinct
  • Adom - One who gets help from the gods
  • Aharon - Warrior
  • Akil - Means wise
  • Ali - Champion
  • Ammon - Refers to the sun god and also means mysterious
  • Amsu - Refers to reproduction
  • Amenhotep - Peace, also the name of a pharaoh
  • Amun - Refers to the god of the sun
  • Anubis - References the afterlife
  • Aswan - A city in Egypt
  • Ata - Twin
  • Ausar - A friend or a companion
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Meaningful Egyptian Boy Names

One of the great things about Egyptian names for boys is that they have lots of meaning. You can choose a name for your little guy that reflects your values or what you wish for him:

  • Bassel - Brave and royal
  • Bes - One who brings joy
  • Donkor - Humble
  • Hager - Flight
  • Jabari - Brave
  • Lateef - Gentle and kind
  • Luxor - A city in Egypt with a temple and monuments
  • Masuda - Happiness and joy
  • Shakir - Grateful
  • Ra - Refers to the sun god
  • Ramses - Son of Ra and son of God
  • Yahya - Gracious and from God
  • Zahur - Flower or blossom
  • Zosar - Bright

Egypt Offers Amazing Name Inspiration

With its beautiful natural features, like the famous Nile River, and its fascinating culture and history, it's easy to see why Egypt has inspired so many lovely names. While picking the perfect name can be tricky, there are some incredible Egyptian names for boys to choose from. Take your time picking a name that works best for your needs and make sure the meaning fits what you're looking for. You're going to choose perfectly.

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60+ Egyptian Boy Names From Nature, Culture, & Arabic Words