105+ Mystical Boy Names for Your Magical Baby

We love how these magical boy names will give your little guy the perfect sprinkling of pixie dust.

Updated April 30, 2024
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If you're looking for something a little different for your baby boy, perhaps a mystical boy name will suit your little man. We love the idea of giving your baby boy a touch of enchantment with one of our magical boy names. From names to names based on characters to those that literally mean "magic," you're sure to find an enchanting name for your magical baby boy. 

Mystical Boy Names That Sound Enchanted

Some names just sound enchanted as they roll off the tongue. We love the air of mystery that surrounds each of these magical boy names.

  • Abriel - Hebrew name that means "Our father" 
  • Alwin - Celtic for magical being
  • Ambrose - Latin for immortal one 
  • Ankh - Egyptian symbol that signifies life
  • Bodhi - Buddha became enlightened under a Bodhi tree
  • Caspian - Prince from the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Eldric - Old English name meaning "old wise ruler"
  • Elio - Spanish name that means "the sun"
  • Finnian - Irish name that we think sounds enchanted (and means "fair")
  • Griffin - mythical creature
  • Lan - Chinese name that means "mountain mist"
  • Lorcan - Irish name that sounds magical (and means "little fierce one")
  • Myst - adventure computer game with a cool name
  • Nebula - cloud of dust in space
  • Orion - a constellation, from Greek mythology
  • Phoenix - mythical bird 
  • Polaris - the North star
  • Rune - Old Norse for a mark or letter of mysterious significance

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Magical Boy Names

If you're looking for a magical boy name that literally means "magic" or "magical one," these are the names for you. Since your little dude is about to bring a whole lot of magic into your life, doesn't he deserve one of these magical boy names?

  • Alvin - English 
  • Asa - Hebrew (magical healer)
  • Easton - Old English
  • Enki - Sumerian 
  • Galdur - Icelandic
  • Gondul - Swedish
  • Heka - Egyptian
  • Jadu - Persian
  • Kesem - Hebrew
  • Ramil - Arabic

Mystical Boy Names That Mean Dragon

Is there any other creature more evocative of mysticism and magic than the mythical dragon? All these mystical boy names mean "dragon," and one could be perfect for your fella. 

  • Aiden - Celtic
  • Arad - Persian
  • Belindo - German
  • Ddraig - Welsh
  • Doryu - Buddhist
  • Drache - German
  • Draco - Greek
  • Dragon - English
  • Drake - Greek
  • Dreki - Old Norse
  • Ejder - Turkish
  • Eragon - Fictional dragon
  • Firnen - Irish
  • Hakuryu - Japanese
  • Ladon - Greek
  • Mireu - Korean
  • Ryu - Japanese
  • Ryuki - Japanese

Boy Names That Mean Magic in Different Languages

These magical boy names literally mean magic or magician in different languages. So if you're looking for the right pixie dust to sprinkle on your baby boy, one of these names would be perfect. 

  • Bruxo - Portuguese for "wizard"
  • Burvis - Latvian for "wizard"
  • Cyfrin - Welsh for "mystic"
  • Dewin - Welsh for "sorcerer"
  • Galdur - Icelandic for "magic"
  • Guiden - Danish for "wizard"
  • Jaado - Hindi for "magic"
  • Kilokilo - Hawaiian for "magic"
  • Magia - Basque for "magic"
  • Mago - Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian for "magician"
  • Magus - Latin name for "magician"
  • Mahika - Filipino for "magic"
  • Maho - Japanese for "magic"
  • Sahar - Arabic for "magic"
  • Sahir - Arabic for "sorcerer" or "wizard"
  • Sihir - Indonesian for "magic"
  • Sorgin - Basque for "sorcerer"
  • Taikuri - Finnish for "magician"
  • Uchawi - Swahili for "magic"
  • Tovenaar - Dutch for "magician," "wizard," or "sorcerer"
  • Velho - Finnish for "wizard"

Mystical Boy Names From Mythology

Is your baby boy bound to be the stuff of legend? Find the perfect name for the baby, the myth, the legend, your tiny man. 

Baby boy chewing on wooden box
  • Anulap - Polynesian god of magic
  • Amatheon - Welsh magician; brother of Gwydion
  • Gwydion - Welsh god of enchantment
  • Hermes - magical deity in Greek mythology
  • Loki - Norse trickster
  • Oberon - king of the faeries
  • Odin - Norse god of magic, wisdom, and war
  • Osiris - Egyptian god of the afterlife
  • Taliesin - Welsh god of magic
  • Vanir (call him Van for short) - Norse magicians and sorcerers
  • Woden - Anglo-Saxon god of magic and healing

Famous Magician Namesakes for Boys

If you would prefer a more common name for your son, but still want a nod to your love of magic, consider naming him after a well-known magician.

  • Blaine - for master illusionist David Blaine
  • Burton - for magician Lance Burton
  • Copper - for magician David Copperfield
  • Dante - in memory of Dante the Magician
  • David - for David Blaine or David Copperfield
  • Harry - in memory of Harry Houdini or Harry Jansen (aka Dante the Magician)
  • Lance - for master magician Lance Burton
  • Penn - for Penn Jillette, of the duo Penn and Teller
  • Roy - in memory of Roy Horn, of the duo Siegfried and Roy
  • Siegfried - for Siegfried Fischbacher, of Siegfried and Roy
  • Teller - for Raymond Teller, of the duo Penn and Teller

Magic Names for Boys Based on Fictional Characters

We love the names of these magical, mythical male characters from television, movies, and literature. Perhaps one will suit your little guy to a T.

  • Albus - for Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
  • Anakin - from Star Wars
  • Aragorn - from LOTR
  • Aslan - from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Atreyu - from The NeverEnding Story
  • Bronn - from GoT
  • Buck - For the namesake character of The Great Buck Howard
  • Burt - for the lead character in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  • Cedric - from Harry Potter
  • Daario - from GoT
  • Dobby - from Harry Potter
  • Gandalf - from The Lord of the Rings
  • Han - from Star Wars
  • Jareth - for the goblin king from Labyrinth
  • Jojen - for Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones
  • Merlin - for the wizard from The Sorcerors's Apprentice
  • Merritt - for Merritt McKinney, from the movie Now You See Me
  • Nelwyn - for the title character from Willow, who was a Nelwyn
  • Pippin - from LoTR
  • Pyat - from GoT
  • Sirius - from Harry Potter

Magical, Mystical Boy Names for Your Little Man

We love an adorable name with meaning. And these mystical names will lend your special guy an air of mystery, a touch of romance, and a generous dash of magic. 

105+ Mystical Boy Names for Your Magical Baby