160+ Classic Girl Names That Embody Elegance & Charm

Classic girl names are a cool and confident choice for any little lady! Discover captivating names that have stood the test of time.

Updated January 8, 2024
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Classic girl names give you the perfect combination of elegance and tradition. This makes them a strong and sophisticated choice for any little girl. Choose an old-fashioned name or a modish moniker — either way, these traditional girl names can be an inspiring choice for your daughter.

Classic Girl Names That Are Simply Timeless

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These classic girl names have managed to stand the test of time, and for good reason. They are bold and beautiful, just like your baby girl!

  • Allison - Noble (French)
  • Amelia - Industrious or hardworking (German)
  • Amy - Beloved (French)
  • Anne - Grace (Hebrew)
  • Ava - Bird (Latin)
  • Charlotte - Free man (French)
  • Claire - Bright or clear (French)
  • Deborah - Bee (Hebrew)
  • Diana - Divine or heavenly (Greek)
  • Emma - Whole or universe (German)
  • Faith - Devotion (English)
  • Helen - Light (Greek)
  • Hope - Desire of fulfillment (English)
  • Isabella - Devoted to God (Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew)
  • Jessica - God beholds or rich (Hebrew)
  • Kate - Pure (Greek and English)
  • Margaret - Pearl (Greek)
  • Marie - Star of sea (French)
  • Mary - Beloved, bitter, and wished for child (Latin and Greek)
  • Mia - Dear or darling (Italian)
  • Megan - Pearl (Welsh)
  • Olivia - Olive tree (Latin)
  • Pamela - Honey and sweetness (English)
  • Rachel - Ewe (Hebrew)
  • Rebecca - To tie or bind (Hebrew)
  • Sally - Princess (Hebrew)
  • Samantha - God has heard (Hebrew)
  • Sarah - Princess (Hebrew)
  • Sophia - Wisdom (Greek)
  • Virginia - Maiden, virgin, or pure (Latin)
Fast Fact

Names like Emma and Olivia are not just timeless, they are also quite popular! These titles have been holding the title for the top two most popular baby girl names for two decades.

Adorable Classic Girl Names for Your Little Cutie

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Some classic girl names are simply adorable monikers. You can't help but smile when you hear one of these names spoken out loud. If this seems appealing, then check out the names below!

  • Alicia - Noble natured (German)
  • Bella - Beautiful (Italian)
  • Caitlyn - Pure (Irish)
  • Cassandra - Shining (Greek)
  • Chloe - Blooming and fertility (Greek)
  • Eliza - Pledged to God (Hebrew)
  • Ella - Fairy maiden or goddess (German and English)
  • Evie - Life (Latin)
  • Georgia - Farmer (English)
  • Jemma - Dove (Hebrew)
  • Katrina - Pure (Greek)
  • Leah - Delicate or weary (Hebrew)
  • Lydia - Beautiful one or from Lydia (Greek)
  • Opal - Jewel (Sanskrit)
  • Pearl - Precious stone (Latin)
  • Penelope - Weaver (Greek)
  • Priscilla - Ancient (Latin)
  • Ruby - Deep red precious stone (Latin)
  • Scarlett - Red (French)
  • Theodora - Gift of God (Greek)
  • Zoe - Life (Greek)
Fast Fact

Georgia and Virginia are traditional titles that are also state names. For the parents who want to give a nod to the place they call home, other adorable options include Alabama and Carolina as well as Cali (California) and Dela (Delaware).

Strong Classic Baby Girl Names for Your Leading Lady

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Another attribute of traditional girl names is a sound of strength. Why not also choose a moniker that shares this meaning? These names are a fantastic choice for a little girl who will one day set the world on fire with her determination and brilliance.  

  • Alexandra - Defender of mankind (Greek)
  • Alice - Noble (German)
  • Andrea - Brave (Greek)
  • Audrey - noble strength (English)
  • Bree - Strong (Irish)
  • Bridget - Power, strength, and virtue (Irish)
  • Ebba - Strength (German)
  • Gabriella - God is my strength (Hebrew)
  • Heddy - Hidden weapon (English)
  • Heidi Noble kind (German)
  • Hilda - Warrior (German)
  • Joan - God is gracious (Hebrew)
  • Kelsee - Victorious ship (British)
  • Louisa - Warrior maiden (German)
  • Mildred - Gentle strength (English)
  • Nancy - Grace (Hebrew)
  • Patricia - Noble (Latin)
  • Sandra - Defender of mankind (Greek)
  • Trudy - Adorned warrior (German)
  • Valerie - Strong, brave, and valiant (French)
  • Victoria - Victory (Latin)
  • Wilma - Fierce protector (Teutonic)

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Timeless Girl Names That Are as Unique as Your Little Lass

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If you want to give your little girl a name that's timeless but unique, you might want to consider some classics that are rarer. This can give your baby girl a truly unique first name that she can be proud to call her own.

  • Adeline - Noble kind (German)
  • Alette - Beautifully dressed (Greek)
  • Calliope - Beautiful voice (Greek)
  • Delilah - Delicate (Hebrew)
  • Dorothea - Gift of God (Greek)
  • Edith - Riches, blessed, and prosperous in war (English)
  • Eleanor - Bright or shining light (Greek)
  • Esther - Star (Persian)
  • Evelyn - Desired or wished for (English)
  • Faye - Fairy (English)
  • Felicity - Happiness (English)
  • Frances - Free one (Latin)
  • Hannah - Favor or grace (Hebrew)
  • Irene - Peace (Greek)
  • Janet - God is gracious (English)
  • Lottie - Petite beauty (Latin)
  • Nessa - A butterfly
  • Nola - Of noble birth (Latin)
  • Nora - Light (Latin)
  • Vesper - Evening star (Latin)
Need to Know

Eleanor is not just the name of a female leader in history, it is also a bold title that has a myriad of variations. If you are looking for alternative options, diminutives of Eleanor include Elle, Ellie, Nellie, Nora, and Leonora, to name a few.

Elegant Girl Names That Never Go Wrong 

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An elegant baby girl deserves an equally elegant name. You may decide that a classic girl name is the perfect one for your little princess, then consider one of these ethereal epithets.

  • Anastasi - Resurrection (Greek and Russian)
  • Angelica - Messenger of God (Latin)
  • Angelina - Messenger or angel (Greek)
  • Anna - Favor or grace (Greek and Hebrew)
  • Athena - Goddess of wisdom and war (Greek)
  • Camilla - Helper to the priest (Italian)
  • Caterina - Pure (Greek)
  • Catherine - Pure (Greek)
  • Christina - Follower of Christ (Latin)
  • Elizabeth - My God is an oath (Hebrew)
  • Evangeline - Messenger of good news (Greek)
  • Grace - Generosity or favor (Latin and Greek)
  • Julia - Youthful (Latin)
  • Lorena - Laurel (Spanish)
  • Luciana - Light (Italian)
  • Maria - Of the sea (Latin)
  • Natalia - Christmas Day or birthday (Latin)
  • Selena - The moon (Greek)
  • Seraphina - Burning ones (Hebrew)
  • Serena - Tranquil or serene (Latin)

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Old-School Girl Names to Give Your Gal a Vintage Feel

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If you want a name that truly stands out, then you might consider a list of classic girl names that aren't frequently used in the present day. This can be a great way to honor beloved relatives and start a trend to bring back more traditional titles.

  • Abigail - My father's joy (Hebrew)
  • Ada - Noble (German)
  • Aubrey - Elf ruler (German)
  • Beatrice - Blessed one or one who brings happiness (Latin)
  • Caroline - Free woman (French)
  • Cecilia - Blind (Latin)
  • Claudia - Enclosure (Latin)
  • Cordelia - Ropemaker (Latin)
  • Cynthia - From Mount Kynthos or moon (Greek)
  • Danae - Bright as day (English)
  • Della - Noble kind (German)
  • Eowen - Horse joy (English)
  • Eve - Living (Hebrew)
  • Gwen - White or fair (Welsh)
  • Jane - God is gracious (English)
  • Josephine - Jehovah increases (Hebrew)
  • Juliet - Youthful (Latin)
  • Lilian - A flower (Latin)
  • Miranda - Worthy of admiration (Latin)
  • Miriam - Drop of sea or beloved (Hebrew)
  • Monica - Advisor (Latin)
  • Rosalyn - Gentle horse (German)
  • Vanessa - Butterfly (British)
  • Verity - Truth (Latin)
Fast Fact

When you think about it, Hollywood is already starting to draw character names for 21st-century characters from the "olden days." Examples include Rosalyn in The Rookie and Eowyn in Lord of the Rings. Why not hop on this trend and give your girl a name that no one will ever forget?

Traditional Girl Names Inspired by Flowers & Plants

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Is there anything more classic than flower-inspired names? These have been popular since the early 1900s, making them another terrific traditional girl name. They're also downright beautiful, making them hard to resist.

  • Aster - Star or flower (Greek)
  • Camellia - Priest's helper (Latin)
  • Dahlia - Dahl's flower (Scandinavian)
  • Daisy - Day's eye (English)
  • Daphne - Laurel tree (Greek)
  • Flora - Flower (Latin)
  • Hazel - Hazel tree (English)
  • Holly - Holly tree (English)
  • Iris - Rainbow (Greek)
  • Ivy - Vine (English)
  • Jasmine - Gift from God (Persian)
  • Laura - Bay laurel plant (Latin)
  • Lily - Pure or Lily flower (Greek)
  • Lora - Laurel (Latin)
  • Lori - Laurel (French)
  • Magnolia - Magnol's flower (Latin)
  • Myrtle - Evergreen shrub (Latin)
  • Poppy - Red flower (Latin)
  • Rose - A flower (Latin)
  • Rosemary - A flower (Latin)
  • Susie - Lily (Hebrew)
  • Susannah - Lily (Hebrew)
  • Viola - Violet (Latin)
  • Violet - Purple (Latin)
  • Violetta - Violet or little flower (Latin)
  • Zinnia - Zinn's flower (German and Latin)

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Classic Girl Names Will Never Go Out of Style

With so many charming and confident classic baby girl name choices, there's no excuse for not finding the ideal one for your little princess! However, if you're looking for even more ideas, also check out our unique baby girl name list.

160+ Classic Girl Names That Embody Elegance & Charm