151 Irish Baby Boy Names That Are a Lucky Choice for Your Little Lad

These Irish baby boy names will make everyone green with envy!

Updated July 21, 2023
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Irish baby boy names are a spectacular choice for the families who have ties to the land of saints and scholars! These strong names have been influenced by the history of the Celtic civilization, the Vikings, the Normans, and the English.

We've scoured the Emerald Isle for the top traditional Irish boy names as well as some more modern monikers so that you can select the best name for your boyo!

Modern Irish Boy Names

While some of these epithets sound foreign to an American ear, others will sound quite familiar! Either way, these trending titles are a solid choice for your little Irelander.

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  • Aidan - Little fire or fiery one
  • Aodhán - Little fire or fiery one
  • Brendan - Prince or stinking hair
  • Cathal - Battle ruler or mighty in battle
  • Cian - Ancient or enduring
  • Cillian - Church or war
  • Colm - Dove or peaceful
  • Connor - Lover of hounds or wolf lover
  • Cormac - Charioteer or son of defilement
  • Darragh - Oak tree or oak-like
  • Declan - Full of goodness or man of prayer
  • Diarmuid - Without enemy or free from envy
  • Donal - World ruler or proud chief
  • Eamon - Rich protector or wealthy guardian
  • Eoghan - Born of the yew tree or yew tree warrior
  • Finn - Fair, white, or bright
  • Fionn - Fair or white
  • Kieran - Black-haired or dark-haired
  • Liam - Resolute protector or helmet of will
  • Lorcan - Little fierce one or fierce one
  • Niall - Champion or cloud
  • Oisin - Little deer or young deer
  • Padraig - Noble or patrician
  • Ronan - Little seal
  • Rory - Red king or red-haired king
  • Ruairi - Red king or red-haired king
  • Seamus - Supplanter or one who replaces
  • Sean - God is gracious
  • Tadhg - Poet or philosopher
Fast Fact

Liam is a popular name in Ireland, but it is also a preferred choice in America! In fact, this modern Irish baby name has held the number one spot as the most popular baby name in the U.S. since 2017. Prior to that, it landed in the top ten from 2012 to 2016!

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Traditional Irish Boy Names

For the parents looking for more customary titles, these traditional Irish boy names are a fierce choice. Check out these magnificent monikers that are perfect for your little paddy!

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  • Aengus - One strength or unique choice
  • Bran - Raven
  • Ciaran - Dark-haired or black-haired
  • Dermot - Free man or without envy
  • Eoin - God is gracious
  • Fearghal - Man of valor or brave man
  • Garvan - Rough or rough little one
  • Hugh - Mind, spirit, or heart
  • Iarfhlaith - Lord or ruler of the west
  • Jarlath - Tributary lord or plentiful lord
  • Keane - Ancient or sharp-witted
  • Lughaidh - Battle or warrior
  • Naomhan - Little saint or holy one
  • Odhran - Little pale green one or pale green
  • Peadar - Rock or stone
  • Quinlan - Well-shaped or muscular
  • Rian - Kingly or little king
  • Searlas - Man or warrior
  • Senan- Little wise one
  • Tadhg - Poet or philosopher
  • Turlough - The lord of the lake or plunderer
Fast Fact

Are some of these names stumping you? They can be hard to say, but that can make them the perfect middle name! Research shows that when people use their middle initial, they are hold an increased perception of status. This ensures you get a traditional title without the worry of people flubbering over the name is said.

Unique Irish Boy Names for Your One-of-a-Kind Son

Every parent wants their child to have a one-of-a-kind distinction. These unique names are an exceptional choice for your little lad that no one else will have in their future classes!

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  • Ailill - Elf or sprite
  • Branigan - Descendant of Branagán or little raven
  • Breccan - Speckled or freckled
  • Caolan - Slender or fair
  • Corcran - Purple
  • Daire - Fruitful or fertile
  • Eireann - Ireland or of Ireland
  • Faolán - Little wolf or wolf cub
  • Fintan - White fire or white bull
  • Iollan - Youthful or handsome
  • Keir - Dark-haired or dusky
  • Loman - Little bare one or bare-headed
  • Malachy - Devotee of Saint Malachy or servant of the church
  • Maccon - Son of the wolf
  • Naoise - The name of a mythical Irish hero or warrior
  • Odran - Pale green or pale little one
  • Olcan - Wolf
  • Phelan - Wolf or like a wolf
  • Quillan - Cub or whelp
  • Riordan - Royal poet or king's poet
  • Sweeney - Little hero or small warrior
  • Teague - Poet or bard
  • Yestin - Just or fair
Helpful Hack

Some Irish names have odd pronunciations. This brief guide can help you navigate through the Irish sounds that come with their odd spellings.

Cute Irish Boy Names for an Adorable Little Lad

Some of the more traditional Irish boy names are hard to pronounce, so for the parents who are hoping to honor their Irish roots without the worry of everyone butchering their baby's name, these cute Irish boy names can be a great option!

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  • Ailbe - White or bright
  • Banan - White
  • Barry - Fair-haired
  • Beacan - Small or little one
  • Blaine - Lean
  • Cael - Slender or slim
  • Cuan - Little wolf or little hound
  • Derry - Oak grove or red-haired one
  • Eireamhon - Green or greenery
  • Faelan - Little wolf or wolf cub
  • Finnian - Little fair one
  • Gannon - Fair-haired or fair-skinned
  • Glen - Secluded wooded valley
  • Hagan - Young or youthful
  • Kaelan - Slender or mighty warrior
  • Larkin - Rough or fierce
  • Lir - The sea
  • Mannix - Monk or little monk
  • McCoy - Son of Hugh
  • Nolen - Noble or famous
  • Oren - Pale or fair-haired
  • Paddy - Noble or patrician
  • Phinean - Fair or white
  • Quin - Intelligent or wise
  • Rafferty - Abundance or prosperity
  • Shea - Admirable or hawk-like
  • Tierney - Descendant of a lord or noble
  • Ultan - Man from Ulster
Fast Fact

In Irish folklore, there is a King name Lir. He had four children, and after the tragic death of his wife, he remarried a woman who was a witch. She cast a spell and "for 900 years the Children of Lir were doomed to live as swans by daylight and only in the light of a full moon could they take their human form." This serves as the basis of the famous story ballet Swan Lake.

Strong Baby Boy Names That Have Classic Irish Influence

When you give a person a name, you are building a part of their identity. Choosing a bold Irish baby boy name is a wonderful way to help your son exude confidence before he can even hold his head up!

  • Aedus - Fire
  • Alan - Handsome or noble
  • Alroy - Red-haired
  • Angus - One choice or one strength
  • Art - Bear
  • Brick - Swift
  • Carrick - A rock
  • Carroll - Fierce in battle
  • Conall - Strong wolf or friendship
  • Conan - High, wise, and wolf
  • Conri - King of the wolves
  • Cullen - Handsome
  • Devlyn - Brave
  • Duke - Leader of the seas
  • Felan - Little wolf
  • Keegan - Fiery one
  • Keen - Brave
  • Kenneth - Handsome
  • Kevin - Handsome
  • Grady - Noble
  • Neil - Champion
  • Oscar - Champion
  • Raghnall - Powerful judgement
  • Redmond - Protector
  • Roark - Champion
  • Ryan - Little King
  • Shane - God is gracious
  • Shannon - Wise one
  • Tully - Peaceful

Irresistable Irish Baby Boy Names

Of course, we had to save the best for last! These admirable Irish epithets not only roll off the tongue, but they also have powerful meanings, making them a spectacular choice for your tough little spud.

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  • Brian - High or noble
  • Carlin - Little champion
  • Cassidy - Curly haired or clever
  • Conley - Great chief, strong-willed, or wise
  • Connelly - Love or friendship
  • Curran - Dagger or hero
  • Delaney - Dark challenger
  • Donahue - Dark fighter
  • Donovan - Brown-haired chieftain
  • Egan - Little fire
  • Fallon - Superior
  • Fergus - The strong one
  • Ferris - Strong man or of iron
  • Hogan - Young warrior
  • Lorcan - Little fierce one
  • Murphy - Sea warrior
  • Nolan - Champion
  • Reilly - Courageous
  • Sheridan - Searcher
  • Sullivan - Dark eyes
  • Troy - Foot soldier
Fast Fact

Notice a name missing from this list? St. Patrick is the parton saint of Ireland, but his name has Latin roots. Not only that, but Patrick was not a true Irishman. He was originally from Britain! He came to Ireland to convert the Irish to Christianity.

Irish Names for Babies That Are Pure Gold

You don't have to have an Irish heritage to use an Irish baby name, though it's a good way to celebrate your culture if you do. These names can convey strength, fierceness, goodness, abundance, or perfectly describe a specific kind of beauty.

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151 Irish Baby Boy Names That Are a Lucky Choice for Your Little Lad