10 Disney Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Show Off Your Soaring Excitement

These Disney pregnancy announcement ideas are an enchanting way to share your big news!

Published January 9, 2024
Happy expectant couple sitting on carousel at amusement park

Disney pregnancy announcements can be a magical way to show off that your dreams can come true! If you're expecting and consider yourself the ultimate Disney fan, here are some whimsical ways to share your big news.

Classic Disney Pregnancy Announcement Ideas 

If you want to make everyone shout "Zip A Dee Doo Dah!", these Disney pregnancy announcements will do just the trick!

1. We Have Something Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to Share!

The El Capitan Theatre Presents Special Opening Night Fan Event For Disney's "Mary Poppins Returns"

Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way, which means that she can serve as a spectacular source of inspiration for your Disney pregnancy announcement. For this baby proclamation, we love the idea of the mom-to-be taking a silhouette-style photo, where she's standing with an umbrella over her head and showing off her rapidly growing baby bump.

This picture can then be made into a birth announcement card or shared over social media. Captions can include:

  • Guess who's Poppin?!
  • Something practically perfect is coming our way in [Month Year of your due date]!
  • It's a jolly holiday for the [your last name]'s! 
  • Winds in the east, mist comin' in, like a baby is brewin' and excitement is 'bout to begin!
  • We have something supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to share!

2. Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Is there anything that screams Disney more than Cinderella? For families who have struggled to get pregnant and had to turn to IVF treatments, this meaningful Disney movie quote can pair perfectly with a picture that shows off just a few of the many pricks that you had to endure to get to this moment. 

Need to Know

Another Cinderella-style pregnancy announcement can be done at a Disney theme park. Just find the elusive Fairy Godmother and take a candid photo of her pointing her wand at your belly! Pair this with the caption "Bibbidi Bobbidi Bump!" and you have a pretty perfect Disney pregnancy announcement. 

3. We Can't Let It Go Any Longer!

Smiling pregnant woman outdoors in snowfall

For Frozen fans, a fantastic Disney pregnancy announcement can be as simple as posing for a picture in a beautiful, snowy space. Then, pair your post with the caption "We can't let it go any longer! We are Frozen with excitement because we are building our own little snowman!"

Fast Fact

If you want to include your spouse in the photo, you also have the option of taking a snapshot of the two of you in the middle of building a snowman! Just make sure your baby bump can be seen in the photo. 

4. We Feel Like We Can Fly!

Fatherand daughter are playing with shadows in backyard of their home

This cute pregnancy announcement can be a great one for the parents expecting baby number two! Similar to the Mary Poppins announcement, you can take a silhouette-style photo, but this time you can involve your oldest child.

The intent is simple — make it look like your little one is flying through the night sky, just like Peter Pan. Then, pair it with the caption "We feel like we can fly! Expecting our little darling to arrive in [Month Year of your due date]!"

5. To Please Your Proper In-Laws

Mulan Costume

If you were a Mulan fan like myself, you will immediately recognize this quote! What better way to announce the arrival of a baby girl than with a Disney pregnancy announcement that circles around the theme of a strong woman? For this proclamation, just find a mini Mulan costume and pair it with a simple letterboard that states "We are expecting a girl worth fighting for in [Month Year of due date]!

Then, in your social post, add a caption that says "To please your proper in-laws, you must demonstrate a sense of fertility." This is a fun play on the quote in the matchmaker scene in the movie! 

6. We Are About to Enter a Whole New World

Pregnant Jasmine and Aladdin

If you are announcing your pregnancy at Disney World, why not involve one of Walt Disney's power couples — Aladdin and Jasmine? All you need is to find Agrabah's favorite duo and have them reveal that you are about to enter a whole new world — parenthood! This can be a fantastically fun reveal to do with family and friends. 

7. [Your Name]'s Belly Is About to Expand to Infinity & Beyond

Toy Story fanatics have likely seen the classic Disney pregnancy announcement that reads "You've Got a Friend in Me," so if you are looking to find something a little farther outside of the toy box, this can be a creative twist!

This announcement can be done in person at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom or you can dress up with your significant other as characters from the movie and post your news online.

8. We Are Tangled Up With Excitement!

Rapunzel (and Disney's Tangled) fans will love this idea — the mom-to-be can put on her finest lavender dress, grab the nearest frying pan, and create a sign that says "We are tangled up with excitement! There is a little Rider on the way!"

9. We Smell a Child! A Baby [Your Last Name] Is Brewing!

This isn't just a bunch of hocus pocus! If you have a baby brewing and love this Disney Halloween classic, then consider asking your three closest girlfriends to channel their inner Sanderson sisters and help you pull off an epic photo shoot. 

Have them dress up as the three famous witches and pose holding a sign that says "We smell a child." Then, have you and your significant other pose nearby, showing off your new baby bump!

10. We Cannot Wait For You to Be a Part of Our World!

Happy pregnant woman enjoying on the beach at sunset.

Beach lovers who live near the seaside or have a sandy vacation in the near future will enjoy this fitting Disney pregnancy announcement. The Little Mermaid is a classic and a beach at sunset is a gorgeous spot to take pregnancy photos. Once taken, this is another easy birth announcement or social post. The caption can read "We cannot wait for you to be a part of our world!"

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Announcing Pregnancy at Disney World Is Another Magical Choice

Of course, the biggest Disney fans will want to break their big news on Disney's main stage. This can be done with any of the ideas above or with a classic pair of Minnie and Mickey ears and a sonogram in front of Cinderella's iconic castle. Pink and blue Mickey balloons are another popular choice. No matter what Disney theme you choose, your family and friends will be thrilled!

10 Disney Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Show Off Your Soaring Excitement