13 Ways to Romanticize Your Life & Find Joy in Everyday Moments

Romanticizing your life is about cultivating a life you truly love — and these are some of the simple, practical ways you can do just that.

Published August 24, 2023
Woman at peace while watching sunset at water

Romanticizing your life is the process and practice of creating a life where you’re the main character of the story. It’s about cultivating moments and routines of joy in the middle of the mundane and learning how to engage your senses as you go about your day.

You’ll likely romanticize your life in a unique way, but there are countless ways you can do it and find more joy in your daily life.

How to Romanticize Your Life & What It Can Do 

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or trying to adjust to a new chapter in your life, learning how to romanticize your daily life can make a big difference. Once you start searching for joy in the smallest of moments, you’ll probably find it becomes second nature. 

Caught up in the struggles of new motherhood, I knew I needed a new perspective and process for carrying out my day. I wanted to feel like myself again and bring some light to my life after a season of dimness.

When I discovered this idea of romanticizing your life, I knew I had to make it my own and give it a try. These are all the things I did that changed my daily life for the better. 

Woman looking happy while she enjoys morning coffee

1. Seek Out Nature & Sunlight

I’m fundamentally an indoor girl. But there is something about being outdoors or basking in the sunshine that makes time stand still for a moment. I try to get outside or at least near a window as often as I can. Walking, reading, or just sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of nature while I’m outdoors are my favorite ways to embrace this principle. 

2. Dine on Beautiful Dishes

This one is simple and it might seem a bit frivolous, but it’s a non-negotiable way to romanticize daily life for me. Sitting down to breakfast with my favorite china, sipping coffee from a beautiful cup, or enjoying a glass of wine from elegant stemware makes the simple tasks of nourishment and hydration feel like a true joy.

Need to Know

For you, this practice might not involve dishes. It could be soft and fluffy towels, beautiful stationery, or quirky raincoats. The point is to bring beauty and personality to the simplest parts of life while leaning in to an opportunity to slow down and simply enjoy.

3. Create Morning & Evening Routines You Love

This one was the game changer for me, but possibly the hardest step to embrace. Building morning and evening routines I love took some trial and error. I had to play around with timing, structure, and order of events to get things just right.

I discovered slow and early mornings are my favorite and they actually make me excited to roll out of bed. Just the practice of getting dressed, making breakfast, and preparing for the day turned into a ritual of peaceful awakening each morning.

I discovered that I love an evening routine that’s family-focused and ends with a tidy and quiet house. You might need to play out a few routines before you find the one that suits you best. 

4. Make a Soundtrack for Your Life

Woman listening to music while on the bus

You probably already know the exact songs you would want on the soundtrack to the movie about your life. Already thinking of a few, aren’t you? So put them on a playlist!

You might use different soundtracks at different points in your life or you might lean into your ultimate playlist. Play it when you’re getting ready for the day, working out, driving, or just need a dance break. If all the songs speak to you or a chapter in your story, you can officially title it your life’s soundtrack.

5. Eat Meals & Sip Drinks Slowly

I remember eating as fast as I could when I was wading through the waters of new motherhood. I had about 90 seconds to eat when I finally got my daughter down for a nap. I realized that I no longer actually enjoyed meals or could even name a favorite food. 

So, I decided to slow down my meals. This was hard to do with a needy baby who would grow into only a slightly less needy toddler. But I knew it was important. These days, I don’t always get the chance to slowly sip my coffee or eat my meal without distraction. But when I do have the time, I take advantage.

Quick Tip

Dining alone at a restaurant is another way to romanticize your meals. The first time might feel awkward, but going out to eat alone can be a restorative and joyful practice.

6. Create the Mood You Want in Your Home

This goes back to the idea of creating beauty in every space of your life that you possibly can. Cultivating the mood and style in your home that speaks to you is an important part of romanticizing your life. When your surroundings reflect the best parts of yourself, you might feel more at home in your life. 

7. Embrace Your Personal Style

Remember being a teenager and trying so hard to discover the line between your personal style and trying to look like all of your peers? There are seasons of adulthood like that too. For me, it was my late 20s and trying to figure out how to dress my age, still have fun with fashion, and feel like myself when I put on an outfit.

This is another part of romanticizing your life that might take some trial and error. I purchased quite a few garments with excitement, only to realize they didn’t feel like me once I put them on. Go try things on in stores. Have your own 2000s rom-com fashion montage. Buy things you’ve always wanted to wear. You’ll discover your personal style in time.

8. Wear Your Best as Often as Possible

Once you know your personal style, you can lean into it and wear your favorite pieces as often as possible. As a work-from-home mom, it’s important for me that I still put effort into looking and feeling my best every day. Even if I have no plans to go out for the day, I throw on a simple outfit I love. 

Need to Know

Part of romanticizing your life means no longer waiting to enjoy the best things in life. Wear what you love now. Don't wait until a special occasion or your ideal body. 

9. Dig Deeper Into Relationships 

If you’re the main character in this story, you need some additional characters who make the story interesting. Romanticizing your life also involves leaning into your relationships and cultivating deeper connections with the people around you. 

Try reconnecting with old friends, prioritizing date nights with your spouse, or spending quality time with your kids. It’s often the people we love that help us feel the most like ourselves, and being close to them keeps us grounded. 

10. Engage Your Senses Often

You experience life through your five senses. What you see, hear, and smell impacts so much of how you feel. Whenever you get the chance to lean into one of those senses, take the opportunity to really think about (and enjoy) what you’re experiencing.

  • Think of the sounds in the bustling coffee shop.

  • Breathe in the scents of early spring blooms while on a walk.

  • Take the time to really taste your favorite dessert.

  • Observe the colors, textures, and movement all around you.

  • Run your fingers through grass or crush a leaf in your palm.

11. Write Your Thoughts Down

Woman writing in her journal

Journaling is a practice of most romantics. So, adding it to the journey of romanticizing your life just makes sense. 

I’ve journaled for most of my life, but I stepped away when the busyness of motherhood came knocking. Once I settled into that new chapter of my life, I knew it was time to reach for my journal again. Doing so made a huge impact on my day-to-day life. Getting my thoughts down on paper is freeing and allows me to write my own story as it unfolds. 

12. Make Alone Time Enjoyable

Whenever I do get alone time as a busy mom, I’m so tempted to use it for tasks that just need to be done. But, we don’t have to spend every waking moment doing something productive. It’s okay if you use your free time to do something you actually enjoy. 

13. Work or Enjoy Hobbies in New Places

If you work remotely or have a hobby you enjoy, try going to a new place while you’re working. Working in a coffee shop, reading a book at the park, and working on your next crochet project on your front porch helps the mundane feel more exciting. 

Romanticizing My Life Changed Everything

Learning how to cultivate joy in the mundane moments of life changed my entire perspective. It helped me strike that fine balance between wanting to show up as a good mom, wife, and friend while also wanting to enjoy some parts of my life just for myself. I learned how to see each moment as an opportunity to smile, if I’m willing to put in the effort and simply be present.

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13 Ways to Romanticize Your Life & Find Joy in Everyday Moments