131 Bold & Beautiful Brazilian Names for Boys & Girls

These Brazilian baby names are a bright choice for your beloved bundle of joy!

Updated January 26, 2024
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Brazilian names are a beautiful choice for a baby boy or girl. Since Portuguese is one of the main romance languages, these titles tend to roll off the tongue, creating an appealing sound to the ear.

No matter if your search for a Brazilian name is to honor your heritage or to serve as a nod to your soccer obsession, these Brazilian baby names for boys and girls are a brilliant choice for your little filho or filha!

Popular Brazilian Baby Names From Across the Globe

Like America, the most popular names in Brazil don't always have Brazilian roots. Here are some of the top registered names for boys and girls for 2023.

  1. Alice - Noble (German)
  2. Anthony - Priceless one (Latin)
  3. Antonella - Priceless one (Latin and Italian)
  4. Arthur - Bear (Celtic)
  5. Aurora - Dawn (Latin)
  6. Benicio - Blessed (Latin)
  7. Bernardo - Strong as a bear (Portuguese)
  8. Cecilia - Blind or hidden (Italian)
  9. Davi - Beloved (Hebrew)
  10. Gabriel - God is my strength (Hebrew)
  11. Gael - Generous (Brazilian)
  12. Heitor - To hold or restrain (Greek and Portuguese)
  13. Helena - Shining light (Greek)
  14. Heloisa - Famous warrior (Brazilian and German)
  15. Isaac - He will laugh (Hebrew)
  16. Isis - Thrown (Egyptian and Greek)
  17. Joaquim - Established by God (Hebrew and Portuguese)
  18. Laura - Bay laurel (Latin)
  19. Levi - Joined (Hebrew)
  20. Liz - God's promise (Hebrew)
  21. Lorenzo - From the town of bay trees (Latin, Italian, and Spanish)
  22. Maite - Beloved (Brazilian)
  23. Miguel - Who is like God (Portuguese and Spanish)
  24. Noah - Rest or repose (Hebrew)
  25. Pedro - Rock or stone (Spanish)
  26. Ravi - Sun (Sanskrit)
  27. Samuel - God has heard (Hebrew)
  28. Sophia - Wisdom (Greek)
  29. Theo - God's gift (Greek)
  30. Valentina - Strong and healthy (Latin)

A Note on Brazilian Naming Customs 

A Portuguese name is usually composed of one or two given names along with a number of family names. 

For women, the first name is typically Maria. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that amongst the top 50 most registered names in Brazil, the most popular compound names for girls included Maria Alice, Maria Cecilia, Maria Clara, Maria Julia, Maria Helena, Maria Luiza, and Maria Eduarda.

Strong & Savvy Brazilian Names for Your Little Boy

Brazilians are known for being powerhouse athletes, passionate dancers, charismatic celebrators, and coffee connoisseurs. If you want to give your son a strong Brazilian name, then you want to give him a title with a powerful meaning! This makes these epithets an excellent choice to consider. 

  1. Ademir - Glorious (Brazilian)
  2. Afonso - Noble and ready (Brazilian)
  3. Alexandre - Defender of mankind (Greek, French, and Portuguese)
  4. Alfonso - Ready for battle (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  5. Alto - Tall or big (Portuguese)
  6. Alvaro -  Guardian (Portuguese and Spanish)
  7. Artur - Noble or bear (Portuguese)
  8. Cauã - Hawk (Brazilian)
  9. Cujo - Fierce (Portuguese)
  10. Duarte - Wealthy guard (Portuguese)
  11. Eduardo - Wealthy guard (Portuguese and Spanish)
  12. Estevão - Crown (Portuguese)
  13. Gonçalo - Smart in battle (Portuguese)
  14. Guilherme - Resolute Protector (Portuguese)
  15. Inacio - Fire (Portuguese and Spanish)
  16. Justino - Just or righteous (Portuguese)
  17. Kauê - Falcon (Brazilian)
  18. Leopoldo - Bold man (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  19. Luiz - Famous warrior (Portuguese)
  20. Martim - Warlike or son of Mars (Portuguese)
  21. Renan - Luxuriant (Brazilian)
  22. Ricardo - Powerful or strong ruler (Portuguese, Spanish, and Mexican)
  23. Rodrigo - Famous ruler (Portuguese and Spanish)
  24. Rui - Famous ruler (Portuguese)
  25. Sabio - Learned or clever (Portuguese and Spanish)
  26. Valente - Valiant (Portuguese)
  27. Vicente - To conquer (Portuguese and Spanish)
Need to Know

Gael is a gender-neutral Brazilian baby name. What's interesting is that if you give this title to your little girl, it is pronounced gale (one syllable). However,  if you choose this name for your little boy, it's pronounced as two syllables — gay-EL.

Unique Brazilian Baby Names for Your Heavenly Little Lad

Over two-thirds of Brazil's population declares themselves Catholic, so it should be no surprise that many of their names have divine meanings. The Brazilian names for boys that are listed below can be a one-of-a-kind choice for your little angel.

  1. Bento - Blessed (Brazilian)
  2. Carmo - Garden of God (Portuguese)
  3. Celestino - Heavenly (Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish)
  4. Cruz - Cross (Portuguese)
  5. João - God is gracious (Portuguese)
  6. Jorge - Farmer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  7. Kaua - Sensitive (Portuguese and Brazilian)
  8. Ligongo - Who is this (Brazilian)
  9. Luan - Moon (Portuguese)
  10. Luciano - Light (Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian)
  11. Marcelo - Dedicated to Mars (Portuguese and Spanish)
  12. Marcos - Dedicated to Mars (Portuguese and Spanish)
  13. Mateus - Gift of God (Portuguese)
  14. Matheus - God’s gift (Portuguese)
  15. Mauricio - Dark-skinned (Spanish and Portuguese)
  16. Paulo - Small or humble (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  17. Rafael - God has healed (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and Roman)
  18. Renato - Born again (Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  19. Santos - Saints (Portuguese and Spanish)
  20. Silverio - Woods (Portuguese)
  21. Teodoro - God's gift (Portuguese)
  22. Thales - To blossom (Brazilian)
  23. Tiago - May God protect (Portuguese)
  24. Tomás - Twin (Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish)
  25. Tristao - Filled with sadness (Portuguese)
  26. Vidal - Life (Portuguese)
  27. Zacarias - God remembers (Portuguese)
Fast Fact

As of 2023, Miguel was crowned the most popular boy name in Brazil, dominating the charts in nine states. Heitor, Theo, Gael, and Noah rounded out the top five boy names for the year.

Beautiful Brazilian Names for Your Vibrant Little Girl

baby girl

Gorgeous, confident, spirited, and passionate — these are just a few traits inspired by Brazilian names! For parents looking for an enlivened epithet to match their soon-to-be daughter's engaging and energetic personality, these Brazilian baby names can be breathtaking options.

  1. Aline - Noblewoman (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  2. Balei - Inquisitive and intelligent (Portuguese)
  3. Bia - Force (Portuguese, Greek, and Romanian)
  4. Bibiana - Full of life (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  5. Branca - The white one (Portuguese)
  6. Caique - Waterbird (Portuguese)
  7. Cesaria - The head of hair (Portuguese)
  8. Cloé - Blooming (Portuguese and Greek)
  9. Dylla - Self-reliant individual (Portuguese)
  10. Fernanda - Adventurous (Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian)
  11. Iemanja - Mother of fish children (Portuguese)
  12. Iracema - Lips of honey (Portuguese and Brazilian)
  13. Janaina - Mother of fish (Brazilian)
  14. Luara - Glorious (Portuguese and Brazilian)
  15. Luiza - Famous warrior (Spanish and Portuguese)
  16. Madalena - Woman of Magdala (Portuguese)
  17. Maiara - Wise person (Brazilian)
  18. Neusa - Swimmer (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  19. Pedrina - Rock (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  20. Taciana - Warrior (Portuguese)
Fast Fact

The most popular baby girl name in Brazil for 2023 was Helena. It's also the title of the patron saint of new discoveries.

Ethereal Brazilian Baby Names for Your Divine Daughter

As mentioned, Portuguese is a captivating language and Brazil is a largely devout country. Thus, when looking for Brazilian baby names for your little girl, parents may be looking for titles that are beautiful both inside and out. These ethereal epithets have both a poetic quality and pious meanings, making them the perfect choice for your little lady. 

  1. Baia - Bay (Portuguese)
  2. Benedita - Blessed (Portuguese)
  3. Beatriz - Brings joy or blessed (Portuguese and Spanish)
  4. Camila - Attendant at a religious ceremony (Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian)
  5. Célia - Heavenly (Latin and Portuguese)
  6. Deolinda - Beautiful God (Portuguese)
  7. Doroteia - Gift of God (Portuguese)
  8. Eloa - Goddess (Brazilian)
  9. Ines - Pure (Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian)
  10. Izabel - God’s promise (Portuguese and Brazilian)
  11. Joaninha - God is gracious (Portuguese)
  12. Leonor - Light (Portuguese or Spanish)
  13. Lisbella - Very Beautiful (Portuguese)
  14. Lorena - Laurel (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  15. Lua - Moon (Portuguese)
  16. Manoela - God is with us (Portuguese and Brazilian)
  17. Manuéla - God is with us (Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew)
  18. Margarida - Pearl (Portuguese)
  19. Mariana - Star of the sea (Portuguese)
  20. Miciela - A blessed gift from God (Portuguese)
  21. Morena - Brown-haired (Portuguese. Spanish, and Italian)
  22. Neves - Snows (Portuguese)
  23. Paolina - Small (Portuguese and Italian)
  24. Perola - Pearl (Portuguese)
  25. Sereia - Mermaid - (Portuguese)
  26. Soraia - Princess (Brazilian and Portuguese)
  27. Yara - Small butterfly (Brazilian and Arabic)
Quick Tip

Catholic saint names are another popular choice in Brazil. These typically have Latin, Hebrew, and Greek origins. 

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Brazilian Baby Names Are a Breathtaking Choice

Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are the top romance languages, making them all a beautiful source for name inspiration! And if you are looking for more name ideas, consider checking out our Roman baby name list. Since Portuguese stems from the Latin language, so you may find more perfect monikers there. 

Whether you're celebrating a family background or just finding inspiration in names of Brazilian origin, these beautiful names can inspire the perfect option. 

131 Bold & Beautiful Brazilian Names for Boys & Girls