85 Inspiring Japanese Names Perfect for Your Baby

Japanese baby names are bursting with joy and drenched in rich cultural heritage. Explore unique and popular name ideas for any gender.

Published December 8, 2023
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Japanese names are rich in meaning and can be an incredible choice for parents looking for a unique name idea or looking to honor their heritage. These ideas offer flexibility and a timeless appeal whether you're expecting a little girl or boy. They're beautifully versatile, reflecting the rich nuances of Japanese culture.

We've compiled some of our favorite gender-neutral Japanese names, each one a blend of tradition, elegance, and universal beauty, ready to be the perfect fit for your bundle of joy.

Japanese Naming Traditions 

In more recent times, traditional naming practices have evolved. The contemporary Japanese naming system usually places the family name before the given name, reflecting a strong emphasis on family lineage and heritage. The use of kanji characters (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) in names adds layers of meaning and symbolism, as each kanji has a unique interpretation.

Modern parents also have the option to use hiragana (native Japanese) or katakana (other languages) for their children's names, offering a more phonetic and stylistically diverse choice. These text types, while visually simpler than kanji, allow for a wide range of phonetic expressions in naming.

Historically, in Japan, naming practices were deeply rooted in cultural and familial significance. Boys were often named using numerical sequences, such as "Ichirō" for the eldest son, "Jirō" for the second, and so on, with "rō" denoting "son." Girls, on the other hand, frequently had names ending in "ko," symbolizing "child." These practices are less common today. 

Need to Know

The traditional method reflected not only a child's position in the family but also a connection to broader cultural values.

Traditional Japanese Baby Names That Are Gender-Neutral

This name hunt is a fun mix of historical charm and the excitement of starting a new chapter, giving you a name that's both unique and full of meaning. Even the most common names have the most beautiful meanings in Japanese culture. 

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  • Akai - Red
  • Akie - Intelligence
  • Akira - Bright, clear
  • Amane - Serene
  • Aoi - Green/blue
  • Asako - Morning child
  • Atari - Success
  • Ayami - Exquisite
  • Bento - Blessing
  • Chisato - Distance
  • Daichi - First
  • Enso - Zen
  • Haruka - Distant
  • Hiro - Generous
  • Hiromi - Abundant
  • Imari - Exotic
  • Jin - Tenderness
  • Kaku - Strong and powerful
  • Katana - Sword
  • Katsumi - Overcome
  • Kazumi - Beautiful peace
  • Kei - Wise
  • Makoto - Sincerity
  • Michi - Beautiful wise child
  • Mochi - Sweet Japanese dessert
  • Natsu - Born in summer
  • Nori - Ceremony
  • Rin - Companion
  • Sana - Brilliance
  • Seiko - Accomplish

Nature-Inspired Japanese Baby Names

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These names are not just words, but a celebration of the changing seasons and the vibrant tapestry of nature that is so cherished in Japanese culture. They're like a playful dance of nature's elements, capturing the essence of Japan's picturesque outdoors.

  • Aoki - Blue tree
  • Doi - Mountain
  • Enkal - Deep ocean waters
  • Harue - Springtime bay
  • Izumi - Spring
  • Kaede - Maple
  • Kairi - Sea
  • Kanon - Flower
  • Minori - Fruit
  • Ren - Lotus blossom
  • Yuki - Snow
Quick Tip

To find even more ideas, browse our Japanese girl name and Japanese boy name lists for hidden gems and incredible name ideas that might be perfect for your little one. 

Japanese Baby Names Based on Famous People

Each of these names comes with its own cool backstory of success and big dreams. It's like giving your kiddo a sprinkle of celebrity magic right from the start, and who knows, it might just spark their own journey to awesomeness.

  • Hayao - Hayao Miyazaki
  • Hiroyuki - Hiroyuki Sanada

  • Kento - Kento Yamazaki
  • Mari - Mari Osaka
  • Masami - Masami Nagasawa
  • Naoko - Naoko Takeuchi
  • Naomi - Naomi Watanabe
  • Shinji - Shinji Kagawa

  • Tomohisa - Tomohisa Yamashita
  • Yoko - Yoko Ono

Japanese Baby Names Based on Historical Figures

Embark on a playful journey through Japan's past, and you just might discover a name sparkling with qualities like bravery and wisdom. It's like picking a timeless gem that links your little one to the grand tapestry of Japan's heritage and traditions. 

  • Himiko - Himiko was an early and semi-legendary queen of Yamatai-koku in ancient Japan.

  • Matsuo - Matsuo Bashō was the most famous poet in Japan during the Edo period.

  • Miyamoto - Miyamoto Shigeru is one of the top video game designers at Nintendo.

  • Natsume - Natsume Sōseki One of the most well-known writers in Japanese history.

  • Noguchi - Noguchi Hideyo discovered the cause of syphilis and developed a new test for the disease.

  • Oda - Oda Nobunaga was one of the most famous historical figures in the late 16th century.

  • Sakamoto - Sakamoto Ryoma had visions for a modern Japan without hierarchy.

  • Sen - Sen no Rikyu is considered a figure with the most profound influence on chanoyu.

  • Toku - Tokugawa Ieyasu was an influential military leader in the civil war in Japan.

  • Tomoe - Tomoe Gozen was a female samurai warrior (onna-bugeisha), famous for her bravery and skill in the Genpei War.

Quick Tip

Since we're taking a look at historical figures, most will be either male or female, but you can use your judgment to determine if they can be used for both. 

Japanese Nicknames for Any Gender

Whether you're seeking a playful pet name for a loved one or a sweet moniker for a little one, these nicknames are like little expressions of love, each with its own special flair and endearing quality. They're little verbal hugs, ready to add a touch of joy and cuteness to your daily interactions.

  • Akuma - Devil
  • Ai - Nickname meaning 'love'
  • Chō - Butterfly
  • Dārin - Darling
  • Furūtsu -  Fruit
  • Ranzen - Perfect
  • Kami - Divine
  • Kawaii - Someone cute
  • Kirameki - Someone who sparkles
  • Koibito - Loved one
  • Mahō - Magic
  • Nikkō - Sunshine
  • Ningyō - Doll
  • Noa - My love
  • Ohimesama - Beautiful girl
  • Raito - Someone who brings light to your face
  • Rōzu - Rose
  • Saki - Blossom hope
  • Shin'aina - Dear
  • Shinkō - Faith
  • Tamashī - Soul
  • Yōkina - Jovial
  • Yume - Dream
  • Yūsha - Hero

Finding the Perfect Japanese Baby Name

Explore the stories and meanings behind each name, play around with initials, and dream up adorable nicknames. Look for a name that sings to your heart and is packed with meaning. Picking the perfect name for your little bundle of joy is a big deal — so enjoy the journey and find that one special name that feels right. 

85 Inspiring Japanese Names Perfect for Your Baby