45 Fanta-stick Candy Cane Quotes for All Your Sweet Holiday Moments

Make your holiday posts more mint-eresting with these clever and cute candy cane quotes & captions!

Published December 7, 2023
 Heart Shape Of Candy Canes By Christmas Tree Clear

When you think of Christmas treats, candy canes probably come to mind. No matter if you are dipping these fanta-stick sweets in your hot cocoa or crafting a jolly gingerbread house, these sugary sticks are sure to make an appearance.

Try a few candy cane quotes as the perfect captions for your holiday posts or to add some sweetness to your holiday messages!

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are original and written by LoveToKnow Staff.

Cute Candy Cane Quotes for Any Christmas Occasion

Are you planning to paint the town white and red this holiday season? If so, these cute candy cane quotes can be a sweet addition to any social post or holiday craft. 

  • Hello candy cane season!
  • Hooked on the holidays!
  • Sugar and stripes, and everything nice!
  • Sweets always come in candy at the holidays!
  • Christmas is such a stripendous time of year.
  • I'm just here for the candy ... canes.
  • We all know that a candy cane can't change its stripes. 
  • May your holiday be as sweet as candy canes!
  • Encourage-mint is all you need to help you believe that you cane do anything!

Funny Candy Cane Captions for Seasonal Social Posts

These sweet treats have a long history of being a holiday staple! Make sure to hook your followers with some clever candy cane sayings. We think that they are simply confection!

There is no such thing as silent bites when candy canes are involved!
  • There is no such thing as silent bites when candy canes are involved!
  • Christmas is a time that anything cane happen!
  • Did you hear about the candy cane who landed on the naughty list? He's quite the delinq-mint!
  • Oh dear! It looks like you took quite the lickin'!
  • This candy cane crew is sweet, but a bit twisted. 
  • Candy canes are such a breath of fresh air!
  • Sleigh it ain't so! We get candy canes all season?!
  • Every person deserves a candy cane at Christmas. It's in the Bill of Stripes!
  • I have a confection to make .. .candy canes are not my favorite Christmas candy.
  • I earned my stripes this Christmas after hosting the holiday dinner for the first time!

Short Candy Cane Quotes for Christmas Crafts or Cards

When putting together Christmas cards, designing holiday ornaments and candy cane-themed decorations, and DIYing Yuletide gifts, these simple candy cane quotes can be stri-pendously fun additions that are sure to make people grin!

  • Hooked on candy canes. 
  • Let's stick together this holiday.
  • Yes, we cane!
  • I think I might snap this holiday!
  • I'm a sucker for a good candy cane!
  • Mint-eresting. Very mint-eresting.
  • Talk about a candy cane cutie!
  • Candy canes are simply fanta-stick!
  • I think I cane, I think I cane!
  • We couldn't resist playing hooky around the holiday!

Sweet Candy Cane Captions for Couples Hooked on Each Other

The cold of winter makes it easy to cuddle up with your partner. If these moments are captured, make sure to add a charming candy cane caption for couples to make your posts extra sweet!

Candy cane kisses are simply stripe-tacular!
  • I'm hooked on you!
  • You and me are peppermint to be!
  • Candy cane kisses are simply stripe-tacular!
  • Planning to stick with this guy/gal/person for the long hall. He/she/they is/are pretty sweet!
  • Hello candy cane love — you piece together the other side of my heart. 
  • Candy cane kisses are the result of mistletoe wishes!
  • I love you more than candy canes and Reese's trees. I really think that we are mint to be!
  • If you are wondering if we are sweet on each other, just read between the lines! 

Famous Quotes for Your Sweet (& Sometimes Twisted) Instagram Posts

If you are looking for something a little less punny, these famous candy cane quotes can do just the trick!

Candy Cane Sayings Can Sweeten the Season

Candy canes and Christmas go hand in hand, making candy cane captions a fitting choice for an array of holiday projects or messages! These quotes can be a sweet choice for holiday letterboards, Christmas ornaments, and winter social posts. 

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45 Fanta-stick Candy Cane Quotes for All Your Sweet Holiday Moments