20 Meaningful Things to Say Instead of "Happy Memorial Day"

Honor the sacrifices while also wishing friends and family a special day.

Published May 1, 2024
A father and his daughter holding the US flag in nature during a beautiful sunset

Memorial Day symbolizes a lot of things, including the start of summer and a holiday we share with friends and family. The thing is, Memorial Day is also a very meaningful and important day, dedicated to remembering those we've lost in service to our country.

Wishing someone a "Happy Memorial Day" isn't always appropriate because it can seem to minimize the solemnity and sacrifice this day represents. Fortunately, we've got lots of ideas for what to say instead of "Happy Memorial Day" when you want to greet people and share the holiday with them.

What to Say to People You Know Instead of "Happy Memorial Day"

It's totally natural to wish people a good weekend or a happy holiday in most circumstances, so it can be difficult to find the perfect words for a more complex holiday like Memorial Day. Whether you're heading out of the office for the long weekend, chatting with the cashier at the grocery store, or picking up your kid from school, these are a few alternatives to use.

  • Have a great long weekend and a meaningful Memorial Day!
  • Wishing you a special day as we remember those who have sacrificed.
  • Have a really meaningful Memorial Day.
  • I hope you are spending Memorial Day with those you love.
  • I hope your weekend is awesome and your Memorial Day is full of meaning.
  • Have a special Memorial Day.
  • Hope your Memorial Day is all about remembering.
  • See you Tuesday! I hope you have a Memorial Day full of meaning.
  • Enjoy the long weekend and the day of remembrance.
  • Hope you get to spend Monday remembering with those you love.

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Quick Tip

Even though you might be telling people to have a meaningful holiday, avoid directing them about how they should and should not celebrate. Stay away from specific suggestions like telling people to pray or instructing them on their plans for the day.

What to Say Instead of "Happy Memorial Day" on Social Media

When you post on Instagram or any other social media, you've got lots of options for what to say. "Happy Memorial Day" may not hit quite right, especially if you have people among your followers who have served or lost someone. We like focusing on the togetherness of the holiday and the importance of remembering in this type of post.

  • Remembering all the men and women who sacrificed their lives for this great country.
  • Celebrating Memorial Day with those I love today and honoring the sacrifice of those who kept us safe.
  • Hoping you and yours have a safe Memorial Day and remember the sacrifices that make our country possible.
  • Memorial Day is the start of summer, but it's also about looking backward. Today, I'm thinking of all those who gave their lives for this country.
  • Enjoying time with family and friends this Memorial Day weekend as we remember those we've lost.

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Quick Tip

Avoid "Happy Memorial Day" in your hashtags, too, if you can. We like hashtags like #remember, #memorialday, and #honorthesacrifice.

Memorial Day Greetings for Texting

Texting can be a little impersonal sometimes, so it's extra important to consider your audience when you send a Memorial Day text. If you're talking to someone who has lost a friend or family member in service to our country, keep your message simple and meaningful. These are some good examples.

  • We're honoring all those who sacrificed this weekend, as well as those who loved them. Thinking of you.
  • Hope your Memorial Day is special and impactful this year.
  • Memorial Day is such a significant holiday. Sending you love today.
  • Have a really special Memorial Day!
  • I hope you're sharing this meaningful holiday with those you love.

What You Say Matters on Memorial Day

On most holidays, wishing people joy and happiness is almost always a good bet, but Memorial Day is different. Many people have been touched by the sacrifices that keep our country safe and make our celebration possible, and it's really important to acknowledge that when you greet people on the holiday. Ultimately, knowing what to say instead of "Happy Memorial Day" can help you honor those sacrifices.

20 Meaningful Things to Say Instead of "Happy Memorial Day"