48 Soup Quotes & Captions to Make Your Instagram Posts Mar-pho-lous

Savor your starter and show off your love for soup with these sensational soup quotes! Share these during National Soup Month or all year to serve up smiles.

Published January 3, 2024
Cheerful diverse female friends eating soup together in cafe

When the cold of winter settles in, it's only natural to gravitate toward a spectacular selection of soups to keep you warm! As you slurp up these scrumptious starters, make sure to take a snapshot and share them on your social feeds with some scintillating soup quotes.  

No matter if you go with something heartwarming or funny, these soup quotes will serve up some smiles!

Funny Soup Quotes to Ladle Out Some Laughs

Funny soup quotes can be the perfect captions to show off your love for soup-erb soups and bring some pho-nomenal laughs! 

  • To say I love soup is an understatement. I prefer to be called a seasoned broth-essional.
  • Whoever made this soup is a real soup-erstar!
  • I never share my lobster bisque. I know that it's shellfish, but I can't keep my claws off of it!
  • You don't like soup?! Are you pho real?!
  • My sister believes that every soup stock is delicious. I mean, look. Dashi goes again, and she hasn't even tasted it yet. 
  • If you didn't know that I like Japanese soup, udon know me at all.
  • I can't decide if I like this soup. I’ll simmer over it and let you know. 
  • Go with the pho or I might have some beef with you.
  • Don't worry, pea happy!
  • All soup-ed up with nowhere to go.
  • Have you ever seen a more beautiful bowl of soup? It's simply broth-taking!
  • I had great eggs -pectations for this egg drop soup, and needless to say, it was im-peck-able!
Fast Fact

Another spectacular source for funny soup quotes is soup jokes and puns! They will not only bring some laughs, but they can also highlight the amazing assortment of soups that are available to enjoy.

Heartwarming & Happy Soup Quotes to Soothe the Soul

The warm feeling you get after eating that first delicious spoonful of soup is not just good for the belly. It's good for the soul! These cute and inspiring soup quotes can show off the real impact a simple meal can have on your mood.

Who knew that you serve up love in a bowl? 
  • True happiness is the first spoonful of warm soup on a cold day.
  • A steamy and savory soup is like a long-awaited, warm hug.
  • You can't make good soup quickly. As The Soup-remes explained, you can't hurry love.
  • Every meal seems a little bit better when it starts or ends with a bowl of soup.
  • Soup is a lot like people. When you make it from scratch, each batch is unique and brings something new to the table. 
  • Life's too short for bad chowder.
  • Good soup happens when a culmination of fantastic flavors brings comfort to the tastebuds and the soul. 
  • Serving up a taste of home, one bowl at a time.
  • Happiness comes from homemade soup. 
  • Savory soup is the perfect way to melt your troubles away on a cold winter’s day.
  • Who knew that you serve up love in a bowl? 

Chicken Soup Quotes That Will Stimulate Your Soul

No matter if you are sick or just looking for a hearty meal, it's no soup-rise that chicken noodle holds the title of America's favorite soup! Here are some happy soup quotes about this rich and savory dish!

  • Chicken soup — it warms the soul and cures your stresses.
  • Chicken soup is only as good as what you put into making it. #homemadealltheway
  • The best way to test a chef's skills is to have them make chicken noodle. If they can simmer up a soup that soothes the soul, they are a true culinarian.
  • Feeling a bit peckish. Might order some chicken noodle later. 
  • I bowl-ieve in the healing power of chicken noodle!
  • The best part of being sick is the relief and comfort that a bowl of chicken noodle brings. There is nothing quite like it.
  • Nothing tastes more like home than a steaming, hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.
  • Did you hear about the chicken who went for a soak in the tub and never came back? Soups to nuts, I think she kicked the bucket and is swimming with the farfalles. 

Alphabet Soup Sayings for Folks Who Are Kids at Heart

Most people can remember being served bowls of alphabet soup when they were kids. This makes it another spectacular source of inspiration for soup quotes!

Alphabet soup can be a dangerous dish to order if you're a souperstitious person. You never know what it will spell out. 
  • If anyone says I like eating this alphabet soup, they are putting words in my mouth. 
  • Alphabet soup can be a dangerous dish to order if you're a souperstitious person. You never know what it will spell out. 
  • Someone put an explosive in my alphabet soup. If it goes off, it could spell disaster!
  • Elves are always confused when eating alphabet soup. They seem to think that there should be no L!
  • I almost choked on my alphabet soup today, but thankfully, a man asked me if I needed some help. He took the words right out of my mouth. 
  • When I poured myself this bowl of alphabet soup, the letters H through K lined up together. I thought my meal was saying HI, but then I realized it was just kidding (JK). 
  • If I were a pirate, this would be a pretty awesome bowl of alphabet soup to get served. I found seven C's!
  • I’m extremely disappointed. My alphabet soup was really watered down. It only had two H's and an O!
  • I'm just going to spell this out for you, if you see alphabet soup on a menu written in Times New Ramen, you are going to get the best type of soup.
  • Yesterday, I saw the police crowded around a bowl of alphabet soup that spilled in the middle of the road. I asked what the word on the street was, but no one wanted to spell things out for me. 

Famous Soup Quotes for the True Broth-essionals

Soup isn't only something you enjoy in the cold or during times of illness. It's also something that can bring comfort on any day of the year. These famous soup quotes show off our love for this signature starter! 

Sensational Soup Quotes Are Perfect for Your Foodie Posts

It's a spectacular starter as well as a satisfying meal. Soup is that jack of all trades, which makes soup quotes the perfect addition to your soup-filled social posts. And for those who get their soup to go, make sure to check out our fast food quotes for more fun food captions!

48 Soup Quotes & Captions to Make Your Instagram Posts Mar-pho-lous