38 December Jokes That Will Make Your Month Merry & Bright

These December jokes are guaranteed to sleigh all season long! Share one of these festive funnies to get everyone laughing.

Published November 27, 2023
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December jokes are the perfect way to ensure that the most wonderful time of the year is filled with good cheer! With so many holidays and events throughout the month, it's easy to find jests and jokes relating to this fantastically festive season.

If you're shopping around for some humor, check out our funny December jokes for kids and adults as well as our holiday riddles. 

December Jokes for Kids That Are Claus-itively Hilarious

Santa, his elves, snowmen, and much more are all a part of these funny December jokes for kids. Let's see if you find them as ho-ho-larious as we do!

What does a loaf of bread say to his family during Hanukkah? Happy challah days!

How does Santa pay his elves throughout December?

With cold hard cash!

What is a toddler elf's favorite part of a December school day?

Snow and tell!

What do you call latkes that are leftover after the Hanukkah feast?

Later taters!

What does a parent consider the best Christmas present ever for their child?

A broken drum — you just can't beat it!

Did you hear about the snowmen who fell in love in December?

It was love at frost sight!

What does a loaf of bread say to his family during Hanukkah?

Happy challah days!

What does a 14-foot Christmas tree read to his son throughout December?

Tall tales!

What is a monkey's favorite tune to listen to in December?

Jungle Bells!

Why should you never start a fight with Santa in December?

Because he has a black belt!

Why did the snowman skip the December formal?

He had snow-one to go with!

What is the coldest month of the year?


Why can you always find snowmen at Wendy's in December?

It's where all the Frosties are made!

What do bees wear in December to stay warm?

Their yellow jackets!

Dashing Dad Jokes That Will Sleigh All Season

Dear old dad is notorious for dolling out droll quips, but these December jokes are actually quite comical! Go ahead, we dare you not to giggle all the way through the list.

What do you call a group of happy fathers who love Christmas? Feliz Navi-dads!

Why do Advent calendars always live every December day like it's their last?

Because their days are numbered!

What do you call a group of happy fathers who love Christmas?

Feliz Navi-dads!

What band will you never catch the Grinch listening to in December?

The Who!

What did the man say to his phone on New Year's Eve?

My New Year's revolution is to not use autocorrect in 2024.

What happened to the kid who couldn't figure out how to tie his shoes in December?

He was put on the knotty list!

What did the lumberjack say to the Christmas tree who said he was tired of living on the farm?

Axe and you shall receive!

Why is the Christmas tree getting coal in his stocking this year?

He kept throwing shade at Santa all December!

Did you hear about the Fraser Fir who got ill right after his new family brought him home in December?

The doctor says he has a case of tinselitis!

What do you call a skeleton who signs up to volunteer for the Red Kettle Campaign?

A dead ringer!

What does a dreidel say to get a December date?

Challah at me!

Why should you never go to Times Square to celebrate New Year's Eve?

They drop the ball every year!

What happened to the snowman who got in a fight with a polar bear in December?

He got frostbitten!

How did the snowman become a secret agent before the new year?

He got a license to chill!

Knock-Knock Jokes About December to Deliver Some Smiles

Everyone knows that a December jokes list is incomplete without some classic knock-knock jokes! These are sure to bring some silliness to your celebrations.

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Snow who?
Snow time to waste! We need to get these presents wrapped!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Ima who?
Ima dreaming of a white Christmas!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Yule who?
Yule be sorry if you weren't a good boy/girl this year!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Santa who?
Santa Christmas present to you! Make sure to look for it!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Mary who?
Mary Christmas!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Coal who?
Coal me when it's time to go Christmas shopping!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Ho-ho who?
Ho-ho-hope you have a merry Christmas!

Puzzling December Riddles to Test Your Knowledge

For those looking for a bit of a brain teaser to go along with their December jokes, we have some December riddles that are sure to test your knowledge of this holiday-filled month!

Christmas Riddle, Angel Tree

There are a lot of holidays that happen in December,
But this is one where you might think that Muhammad Ali would be remembered.
That is, unless, you know the history behind this day,
Which involves more fortunate individuals giving boxes of gifts away.
What am I?

Boxing Day

Don't let the blue color fool you, these days are anything but sad,
Eight days filled with gifts really doesn't sound that bad.
Every one of those nights is filled with love and light,
And my name has many spellings, all of which are considered right.
What am I?


I am a day that circles around two very important men,
One is very jolly, and the other died and came back to life again.
On this holiday you can expect to see some stockings, a tree, and presents galore,
There is even a big fat man who rides in a sleigh that can soar.
What am I?


I help kids whose blessings are slim,
By letting people pull angels from my limbs.
Then, they buy presents that are sure to bring a smile,
I show that the impact of kindness can be felt for a while.
What am I?

An Angel Tree

The ring of a bell is how donations come in,
Triggering people to place cash and coins in a little red bin.
You can see them in front of storefronts every December,
It's a cause that The Salvation Army wants you to remember.
What am I?

The Red Kettle Campaign

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The fun doesn't need to end here! We also have silly Christmas jokes, Noel trivia and quizzes, Hanukkah trivia, and even Yuletide mad libs to keep you entertained all season long.

December Jokes Can Fill Your Season With Joy

Funny December jokes can be a great way to break the tension during the many events that you have to attend throughout the season. They can also serve as a fun way to pass the time when stuck in long shopping lines or when making long trips to see family and friends. Share a joke or two and bring some cheer to someone you know! 

38 December Jokes That Will Make Your Month Merry & Bright