51 Funny Bee Jokes That Will Bring a Swarm of Laughs

Buzzworthy bee jokes are the best dose of sweetness!

Published May 16, 2023
Bee gathering nectar and pollen on yellow flowers

Oh, honey! If you've been buzzing around looking for some bee jokes, as luck would hive it, we have the sweetest ones around! In fact, we've built quite the colony of wisecracks, so get ready to hear a hum of laughter!

Un-bee-lieveably Funny Bee Jokes That'll Please Any Queen

Bee whizz! You need some laughs? Don't worry-these whim-zzzzzzies are simply bee-witching!

Funny Bee Joke

What do you call a bee who is always dropping his nectar?

A fumble bee!

How do bees style their hair?

They use a honeycomb!

What is a bee's favorite hairstyle?

The buzz-cut!

Why did the bee go to the doctor?

It got hives!

How do bees make a living?

They cell their honey!

Who is a bee's favorite musical artist?

Bee-yonce! Or maybe it's Sting?

What did the mother bee say to her baby when he was buzzing around with excitement?

Bee-have yourself!

Did you hear about the pretentious wasp?

He was just plain snob-bee!

What is an American bee called?


When can bees fly in the rain?

When they are wearing their yellow jackets!

What is the first thing a bee does when it moves into a new hive?

It throws a house swarming party!

Where can you always find a bee sitting?

On his bee-hind!

What is a bee's favorite type of candy?


What does a bee say when he is in the prime of his life?

Hive never felt better!

What do you call the bees who live next door?


Did you hear about the two bees in love?

It was love at first flight!

What did the little bee say to the prankster on April Fool's?

Quit pollen my leg!

Clover Bee Jokes to Sweeten Your Conversations

Don't miss a golden opportunity to share some honey bee jokes! These jests are sure to have your colony cackling.

Clover Bee Jokes to Sweeten Your Conversations

The queen got a great deal on her new hives! They were on a two-for-one special!

Talk about a sweet free-bee!

What did the robber bee say to the hive owner?

Your honey or your life!

Where is a bee's go-to vacation spot?


What did the queen say to her baby when she went on a field trip outside of the hive?

Bee on your best beehive-iour!

If I'm holding a bee in my hand, then what is in my eye?


Where did Noah keep his bees on the boat?

In the ark hives!

What did the bee say to the hornet about the 100° heat?

Swarm, isn't it?

Did you hear about the bee who got arrested?

He got into some sticky business!

What did the queen say to her worker when she fell in love with him?

We bee-long together!

How does a tween bee get to class on time?

He takes the school buzz!

What did the queen say when she was told that her honey was the sweetest in the land?

You better bee-lieve it!

How did the queen respond when someone asked how she made the best honey?

None of your bees-iness!

What would Martin Luther King say if he were a bee?

I hive a dream!

What is a bee's favorite fruit?


Why do bees make such good dentists?

They are great at pollen teeth!

Did you hear about the boring bee professor?

He droned on and on!

What do a banana and a bee have in common?

They both greet each other by saying 'yellow'!

Buzz-Worthy Bee Puns to Caption Your Comb

We want you to get your honey's worth, so we can't have you fly off without giving you a pick of punny bee-themed phrases about these fuzzy fellows!

Buzz-Worthy Bee Puns to Caption Your Comb
  • Strive to bee the change.
  • Sending swarm wishes your way!
  • Honey-thing is possible!
  • Born to bee wild!
  • I'll bee there for you!
  • Buzz off!
  • Hive never felt this way bee-fore.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder!
  • Time is honey!
  • Don't stop bee-lieving!
  • Bee afraid, bee very afraid!
  • I'd do honey-thing for you!
  • Bee cool!
  • Just winging it.
  • Mind your own beeswax!
  • Enjoying this bright and honey day!
  • Don't worry, bee happy!

Bee Jokes Are Simply the Best

Admit it - you think bee jokes are pretty sweet! And just bee-cause this list is complete, doesn't mean that you can't keep laughing. We have a sweet supply of spring jokes that are the bee's knees. Buzz on over and check them out.

51 Funny Bee Jokes That Will Bring a Swarm of Laughs