35+ Easter Trivia Questions Everybunny Should Give a Try

Hop into your Easter celebrations early with these eggcellent Easter trivia questions.

Updated February 29, 2024
Easter Fun Facts for Everybunny

Grab your bunny ears and prep the microwave for some Peeps marshmallow action because Easter is coming in hot. Give yourself something to do in the downtime between hiding eggs and dying them by challenging yourself and your family to our festive Easter trivia questions. 

35+ Easter Trivia Questions No Bunny Can Beat

You may think you’re a trivia master, but we wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. We’ve got some Easter trivia questions that no bunny will see coming.

Easter Candy Trivia Sweet Enough to Stump You

From Cadbury Crème Eggs to jelly beans, everyone has their favorite Easter treats. Put your confectionary knowledge to the test with these delicious trivia questions.

What year did Peeps Marshmallows come out?


What religious practice evolved into the Easter baskets we prep and give today?

Early Medieval Catholics would bring baskets filled with goods they’d like to be blessed at the end of Lent.

Before they were called Cadbury Crème Eggs, they were called what?

Fry’s Crème Eggs

What famous Easter candy is banned in the United States?

British-made Cadbury Crème Eggs

What is the crème inside of Cadbury Crème Eggs made out of?

Liquid fondant

What’s the earliest mention of jelly beans in the historical record?

An 1861 William Schrafft advertisement.

Jellied candy like jelly beans became popular during which conflict?

World War II due to chocolate rationing

Eggciting Easter Egg Trivia

You can’t have an Easter celebration without a few chocolate eggs to eat and fresh ones to dye. Kickstart your Easter morning with these eggciting trivia questions.

What is the name of the Ukrainian folk practice of decorating hollowed-out eggs with wax?


What year did the White House Easter Egg Roll debut?


Easter brings Lent to a close, and the ban on what act?

Eating eggs

What year was the hinged plastic Easter egg patented?


Which legendary jeweler created the famed Imperial Easter eggs?

Peter Carl Fabergé

What’s the brand name of the most popular Easter egg dyeing kit?


What religious event is the Easter egg roll supposed to represent?

Rolling the stone covering Jesus Christ’s tomb to kick-start the resurrection.

How many eggs were hidden during the largest Easter egg hunt in 2007?

501,000 eggs

What year did William Townley master the dye tablet formula that revolutionized Easter egg dyeing?


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Easter History Trivia That’ll Send You Back in Time

Important historical events don't stop just because it's a holiday. Test how well you know your Easter history with these trivia questions.

What pagan goddess does the name Easter come from?

Eostre, a goddess linked to spring and fertility

Where do many people believe Jesus Christ’s tomb is located?

In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

You can thank Martin Luther and the denomination that follows his teachings for what common Easter activity?

Easter egg hunts

What high-society event happens in Manhattan every year?

The Easter Bonnet Parade

The first reference to the Easter Bunny goes all the way back to what year?


Pope Innocent III’s 1198 treatise laid the foundation for what popular Easter convention today?

Easter colors

What time-specific activity started in the United States on Easter Sunday, March 31, 1918?

Daylight Savings Time

The first Tony Awards were presented on Easter Sunday of what year?


Easter Bunny Trivia We’re All Ears For

Intercept the Easter Bunny while he’s hopping down his bunny trail to get a leg up on these bunny-centric trivia questions.

Who wrote the beloved bunny-centric story The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter wrote coded messages in her childhood journal. Leslie Linder cracked the code on what day in 1958?

Easter Monday

What German folk character is the Easter Bunny based on?

Osterhase, an egg-laying hare

How tall was the promotional Easter Bunny that appeared in Robert Strohecker’s store in 1890?

5’ tall

What’s the largest type of rabbit in the world?

Flemish giant rabbit

What are Peter Rabbit’s sisters’ names?

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail

Challenging Easter Pop Culture Trivia

From movies to memes, we have an array of Easter pop culture trivia that’s sure to give you something to talk about over Easter dinner.

What musician released both Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Peter Cottontail?

Gene Autry

What famous movie musical starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire ends with an Easter Sunday celebration?

Easter Parade

In 2012’s Rise of the Guardians, the Easter Bunny, aka Bunnymund, wields what weapon?

A boomerang

What historic photograph makes its rounds around social media every Easter?

Josef Stalin wearing bunny ears

Which accessory do people trick out for Easter?


What’s the unofficial flower of Easter?

Easter lilies

Shell-abrate Your Trivia Win

So many Easter activities center around the kitchen table. While you’re gabbing over tasty treats and festive coloring pages, pepper in a little competition with this Easter trivia. After all, why should the kids get to have all the fun?

35+ Easter Trivia Questions Everybunny Should Give a Try