8 Easter Bunny Ideas to Keep Your Kids Eggscited About Easter

We've got "proof" the bunny has been there with these awesome ideas for Easter morning.

Published February 20, 2024

No matter how old you are, Easter is full of magic (any holiday where a rabbit leaves you chocolate is kind of miraculous in our book). You can amp up the mystery and excitement with a few Easter Bunny ideas that offer kids plenty of "evidence" that the bunny is the real deal. From bunny prints to bunny poop, you can make the holiday even more exciting.

Build an Easter Nest


The Easter Bunny is actually a German tradition, dating back to at least the 1600s (and possibly before). As German immigrants came to America, they brought the story of the Easter Bunny with them. But German kids didn't look for Easter baskets — they actually made nests for the bunny instead.

We love the idea of making an Easter nest the day before Easter. Kids can build the nest out of grass or paper or dried flowers and leave it out for the bunny to fill.

Leave a Snack for the Easter Bunny


Sure, you put out cookies and milk for Santa, but what does the Easter Bunny eat? Carrots, of course! Have kids put out carrots the night before Easter to make their bunny friend extra hoppy. They can leave a note, too, if they want.

Quick Tip

Don't forget to leave evidence of the bunny's visit in the form of bite marks on the carrots. After all, seeing is believing.

Make a Little Bunny Noise


You can have the Easter Bunny visit quietly, but chances are pretty good that a rabbit jumping around your house is going to cause a bit of a ruckus. Kids who have promised to stay in their rooms to avoid scaring off the bunny might hear a few thumps and crashes and maybe even a little squeaking outside their bedroom doors.

Create Some Bunny Footprints


Kids might not see the Easter Bunny, but they can definitely see the bunny's footprints with this fun Easter Bunny idea. If you're okay with a little bit of mess (you have kids, so we'll assume you've made your peace with that), let the bunny leave some prints on your living room floor.

Make a paper stencil in the shape of a bunny print. Mix white glitter with baking powder. Using the stencil, sprinkle the baking powder mixture to make powdery bunny prints all over your living room.

Look for Bunny Poop


There's nothing quite like potty humor to get kids laughing (and excited about basically anything). Here's the thing: no one has ever claimed that the Easter Bunny was house-trained. This rabbit is not a pet, after all. It's no surprise then that the Easter Bunny might leave a trail of chocolate droppings behind (Milk Duds are perfect here).

Find a Few Tufts of Bunny Fur


A busy bunny is likely to leave a little fur behind, too. This is such easy evidence to create when you take some cotton balls and fluff them out to make tufts. Leave them here and there where kids will discover them Easter morning.

Don't Forget the Hidden Baskets


Perhaps the most compelling evidence of all, Easter baskets are proof that the Easter Bunny paid your home a visit. We love the idea of hiding them, adding an extra layer of challenge to the Easter morning fun. The hiding places can get harder as your kids get older.

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Leave Some Easter Breakfast Surprises


One of our favorite ideas for Easter morning is to have the bunny leave some breakfast surprises. You can dye the milk a pastel color with a few drops of food coloring, dye the raw eggs after the kids go to bed and put them back in the fridge, and leave muffins decorated with candy Easter eggs. There are so many ways to make an Easter breakfast really fun.

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Make It Even More Magical With Easter Bunny Evidence


Easter is already such a fun holiday, but trying a few new Easter Bunny ideas can make it even more magical. When you see the way their eyes light up when they discover evidence that the bunny has been there, it'll become the best Easter for you, too.

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8 Easter Bunny Ideas to Keep Your Kids Eggscited About Easter