The Ultimate Guide to Hosting an Easter Egg-Dying Party

An egg-dying party is a low-stress, high-fun way to celebrate the holiday with maximum egg-citement.

Published February 8, 2024

Easter is egg-stra special when you share it, and hosting an Easter egg-dying party is one of the best ways to have festive fun with your friends and family this season. Get ready to be inspired with everything from food ideas (egg-focused, naturally) to the best decorations ever.

Hand Out Eggs-elent Invitations

There's no shame in texting people to invite them to your egg-dying party, but we love the idea of handing out invitations in person. The invite itself can just be a piece of cardstock with the details (like place, time, and what to bring), but you should tape it to an Easter treat like a Cadbury egg.

Quick Tip

Want to make your invitation festive without spending a fortune? Cut cardstock into egg shapes and decorate with markers. Then write the details on the back.

Let Guests Contribute Supplies for Dying

A simple Easter egg dying kit is cheap, and you can get them at any grocery store. You'll need several to get the boldest colors and have plenty for your group. But you can go one step further and have guests bring something to add to the decoration. These are a few of our faves:

  • Glitter and glue
  • Washi tape
  • Paint pens
  • Decoupage medium and scraps of pretty paper
  • White crayons
  • Small rubber stamps and ink

Decorate for Dying

On party day, greet your guests with a beautifully decorated egg-dying space. This isn't an ordinary get-together, after all. You're going to be getting messy.

  • Protect your workspace with a layer of plastic and add a sheet of Easter-colored wrapping paper on top. We love mixing and matching with yellow and lavender, but any pastel will do.
  • Set out empty egg cartons at each place where guests will be working. They can put their decorated eggs in there to dry and take home.
  • Make sure you add plenty of paper towels and some egg dippers at each spot too.
Quick Tip

For a bonus decoration, we love using pastel crepe paper and white balloons to suggest eggs and all the colors you'll be using to dye them.

Prep Eggs & Dye Cups Ahead of Time

In the hours before guests will arrive, take some time to hard boil all the eggs. You'll need around 8-12 eggs per person, so it may take a couple of sessions to boil them all. Then chill all the eggs and dry them off. You can put them in a big bowl (or two) in the middle of the table.

For the dye cups, we like using disposable clear plastic cups to minimize clean-up, but any kind of cup is fine. It's nice if it's clear so you can see the color. Mix up the dye according to the instructions on the package and have it ready on the table when people get there.

Have an Egg-Themed Menu to Dye For

This is an egg party, so the menu should have plenty of egg dishes taking center stage. We adore a buffet here because you're going to have your hands full with all the egg-dying already. These are a few of the tasty dishes you might want to include:

Quick Tip

Break up the egg theme a little by including a veggie tray or a green salad. Cheese and crackers are always a hit too.

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Serve Easter Cocktails & Mocktails

Your guests are going to need something to drink with all those tasty buffet items, and you don't want them accidentally reaching for a cup of egg dye. Have plenty of tasty Easter-themed drinks on hand.

Easter mocktails are usually pastel colors, and you can serve anything from an Eggseptional Temple to an Easter Basket Bramble mocktail. There are tons of gorgeous pastel-colored Easter cocktails that will be perfect for your party too.

Get Your Easter Playlist Out

Dying eggs can involve periods of silence as people concentrate on their creations. If you like a little background noise, make a festive playlist to keep the party mood up. These are a few you might want to include:

  • Little Bunny Foo Foo
  • The Bunny Hop
  • Peter Cottontail
  • A Tisket, A Tasket
  • Easter Parade

Give the Most Egg-citing Party Favors

No party is complete without favors, and the perfect little gift for your guests at an Easter egg-dying party is a bag of candy eggs. You can make little goodie bags or fill plastic eggs with candy eggs. As guests get ready to go home, give them their decorated eggs and the tasty candy ones too.

Throw an Easter Egg-Dying Party Everyone Will Love

Hosting an Easter egg-dying party doesn't have to mean buying a lot of expensive decorations or going crazy with the food. You can keep it simple and focus on what's really fun — decorating Easter eggs with your friends and family.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting an Easter Egg-Dying Party