Nonreligious Easter Ideas for a Secular Spring Celebration

Hop to it! Easter is here and we have just the ideas to get you egg-cited for a nonreligious Easter celebration.

Updated February 13, 2024
Easter eggs are perfect for a non religious party.

Even if you're not religious, you can still celebrate Easter. We love how much there is about this spring celebration that you can use for a nonreligious Easter gathering and activities. From spring baby animals to fun egg hunts, we have all kinds of ideas to celebrate a secular Easter.

Nonreligious Easter Party Themes

Put a sunny, floral spin on your Easter party with one of these nonreligious ideas. From honoring the earth coming to life to your close friends who are family, here are our favorite secular ways to celebrate Easter. 

Baby Animals

bunny with Easter egg

Bunnies, ducklings, chicks, and lambs are popular icons of both spring and Easter. A party theme embracing these cuties can represent the renewal of the season and all the new life that spring can bring! Pin the tail on the donkey? Not today. Today, it's pin the fluffy tail on the adorable bunny, obviously. 

Gardening and Flowers

Spring is a time to plant new flowers and vegetables, and a garden party is the perfect theme to use for an Easter celebration. Plant sunflowers, make bouquets with friends by hosting a party with a bouquet-building table, or dress up in your favorite floral prints. And yes, that favorite floral print can be on leggings and slippers. 

As the new season blooms with brilliant colors and fresh fragrances, hosting that flower-oriented spring party theme can really make joy bloom.


flowers and butterflies

Butterflies? Oh, you mean flying flowers. Add some fuzzy bumble bees, and you have the perfect Easter theme. You'll absolutely find that your friends are of the same hive mind as you, and this is one party you'll be buzzing about until next year. Take this opportunity to plot your pollinator garden for the summer, too! 

Easter Eggs

There are many ways to incorporate different sizes and styles of Easter eggs into a party theme, from decorations to activities to treats. Easter egg hunts certainly don't need to be religious-themed; in fact, you can make them geared towards adults

Brunch With Every Bunny

We might be biased, but we think the best part about Easter Sunday? Sunday is Brunch Day! Host a brunch-themed party at your house, even if that party is at night or actually at brunch. Mimosas and beverages, bagels, and croissants are all you need to get started. 

Self-Care and Renewal

When the world was turning long before our time, Easter was a holiday about renewal. So why not take this day to focus on filling your cup? Put a spin on renewing yourself with a day that's about making you feel good. Don't forget to loop your friends into this new tradition. 

Go Green for Easter

It's hard to resist the call to go green, especially in the spring. Opt for an eco and green-forward party. Make birdhouses using recycled materials or upcycle a pile of clothes. Pop on a movie, we think a romance is perfect for the Easter vibes, and veg out with friends while doing your part for the world. 

Games and Activities for a Nonreligious Easter 

Grab your bunny ears, there's more to Easter than dying eggs. Although, if we're being honest, that's totally one of our favorite parts. The dye that somehow seems to linger on our fingers for the weeks to come, not as much. It's a small price to pay for a little bit of fun.

Decorating Eggs

decorating Easter eggs

Dye your Easter eggs a rainbow of colors, add some jewels, and slap on some stickers; there's a world of Easter egg decorating ideas. The world may not always be your oyster, but today, the world is your blank Easter egg just waiting to be adorned. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Use dyed or plastic eggs for an indoor or outdoor Easter egg hunt. More obvious hiding places are perfect for youngsters, while older guests will enjoy the challenge of trickier hiding places. Don't forget to take the time to make yourself a map! 

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Spring Stories

Make way for some ducklings, read a book about Easter riddles, or get cozy with a certain Peter Rabbit. There's a world of warm and fuzzy Easter stories that kids will love hearing for the first time, and adults will love the trip down memory lane. 

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Use sleeping bags or cloth sacks for a classic yard game. Add even more bunny touches by pinning tails on the sacks and requiring participants to wear bunny ears. Let's get hopping! 

Spring in a Pot

Easter tulips

Planting seeds or floral seedlings in small terra cotta pots is a great activity for party guests. The pots can be decorated or plain, and when complete, they serve as living party favors. What's better than a party favor that continues to give? 

Sidewalk Art Gallery

A bucket of pastel-colored chalks is all that is needed to turn an ordinary sidewalk or driveway into an Easter art gallery. Invite guests to create pictures with a spring or Easter theme, or use the letters in "Happy Easter" and have each guest decorate a different letter for a colorful greeting to passersby. Alternatively, take your Easter egg decorating to the sidewalk with jumbo-decorated eggs. 

Jelly Bean Jar

Fill a jar with jelly beans and give guests slips of paper to guess the total number of beans or the total of a particular color. But make sure you count them first. The winner receives a prize or takes the jar home.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

This game is a variation of the familiar "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" kids' game. Other options may include pinning Easter eggs on a basket or pinning a bow on a baby animal. Opt for a game that meshes with your chosen theme. 

Egg Races

Use colored Easter eggs for guests to roll across a finish line using only a spoon or their noses. This race can also be designed as a relay, or guests may need to pass their eggs back and forth on spoons without dropping them in order to win. Hard-boiled eggs are a necessity to avoid accidental splats! 

Easter Scavenger Hunt

bunny with shopping cart

Scavenger hunts are great activities for indoor and outdoor parties. For an Easter theme, hide small colored eggs and other Easter candies, small plush bunnies, jelly beans, and spring objects such as butterflies, flowers, or feathers for participants to find. Be sure there are enough items so everyone can find one of each object on their scavenger checklist.

Nonreligious Easter Food and Decorations Ideas

You'll want to hop to it when you're planning the aesthetics and treats for your Easter bash


Party decorations are easy for Easter themes. Pictures of bunnies, chicks, ducklings, butterflies, and other spring animals are perfect choices. Add vibrant or soft hues by decorating with flowers and colorful spring plants.

Opt for pastel colors such as pink, yellow, green, and blue in streamers, balloons, plates, cups, and other essentials. Small Easter baskets can be filled with treats as party favors, or larger baskets can be used as serving dishes and themed decorations. And don't forget to decorate the cake


brunch setting

Hop aboard the Easter food train with your snack and food selection for your party. Cook up a tasty Easter dinner, complete with a side of creamy scalloped potatoes or a warming ginger carrot soup, complete with deviled eggs to snack on. Don't forget the mocktails for the little bunnies and the cocktails for the over-21 bunnies. Of course, it's not complete without Easter desserts and treats. With all the chocolate flavors and sweet candies abound, it would be a shame to hop over that chance. 

Have an Eggs-traordinary Easter

You know how people say not to put all your eggs in one basket? Not with this Easter party! Don't be a little chicken when it comes to pulling out all the stops. These nonreligious Easter ideas are all that they're cracked up to be, and then some! Let's get chicky with it. 

Nonreligious Easter Ideas for a Secular Spring Celebration