65 Eggciting Easter Party & Event Names to Make You Hoppy

Give your event a funny or sweet Easter party name to set it apart.

Published February 6, 2023
Family celebrating Easter

Easter is a time when many families and friends come together to celebrate, and if you're in charge of hosting, there's a lot to do. One aspect of throwing a fantastic event that many people forget about is coming up with a clever Easter party name. Whether you're planning a school event, family-friendly party, or adults-only boozy brunch, these Easter event names will take your party from great to eggceptional.

Easter Party Names for Family and School Events

Are you throwing a family-friendly Easter event? Impress invitees with a catchy party name. Once you find one you like, you can use it on invitations, fliers, banners, or whatever else you choose to incorporate.

  • All Ears Easter Bunny Bash
  • Blessed Easter Celebration
  • Hop 'til we Drop Dance
  • Sunnyside Up Easter Soiree
  • Somebunny Loves You
  • Easter Spring Fling
  • Bless Our Nest
  • Hallelujah Easter Egg Hunt
  • Hop on Over Easter Open House
  • Shake Your Bunny Tail Dance Party
  • Blessings and Bunnies
  • Hoppin' Good Time
  • Bunnies and Bonfires Beach Bash
  • To Dye for Easter Soiree
  • Easter Blessings Ball
  • Hop Hop Hooray!
  • Peace, Love, and Peeps

Punny Easter Party Names

Puns and wordplay can make for eggcellent Easter party names. It's your clucky day because these are to dye for; we're not yolking.

  • Eggcellent Easter Gathering
  • Sweet Eggscape
  • Bunny Hop Eggstavaganza
  • Ultimate Easter Eggsperience
  • A Very Hoppy Easter Adventure
  • Eggstreme Easter Fun
  • Easter Eggstravaganza
  • Eggstra Special Easter Event
  • Hoppy Easter Celebration
  • Eggcited to Party

Boozy Easter Brunch Names

Many adults like to celebrate Easter with a decadent brunch complete with a ham and bubbles. If you're planning your own boozy brunch on Easter Sunday, use one of these spirited names to set the tone for the event.

  • Bunnies Who Brunch
  • Cocktails and Cottontails
  • Easter Baskets and Brews
  • Somebunny Needs a Mimosa
  • Chocolate Bunnies and Champagne
  • Over-easy Like Sunday Morning Brunch
  • Bunnies and Booze
  • Everybunny Loves Brunch
  • Don't Worry, Be Hoppy
  • Boozy Easter Brunch
  • Bunny Tails Cocktail Hour
  • Easter Brunch and Bubbly

Cute Kids' Party Names for Easter Events

Children Wearing Bunny Ears Enjoying Outdoor Easter Party In Garden At Home

Between hunting for eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, Easter is an exciting time for young children. Plan a kid's party with Easter-themed games and tasty treats, then select a party name to match.

  • Little Peep's Party
  • Basketful of Fun
  • Bunny Tails and Treats
  • Jellybean Jamboree
  • Breakfast With the Bunny
  • Fun in Bunnyland
  • Little Bunnies Easter Festival
  • Funny Bunny Fling
  • Peter Rabbit's Carrot Patch
  • Follow the Bunny Bash
  • Hoppin' Boppin' Easter Fun

Adult Easter Event Name Ideas

Easter parties aren't just for the kids. If you're hosting an adults-only egg hunt or cocktail hour, you can pick an Easter event name that's a little more complex. See if any of these names align with your party's theme.

  • Everybunny Was Easter Egg Hunting
  • No Eggcuses, Let's Party
  • Feelin' Clucky
  • Angels and Deviled Eggs Hare-raiser
  • Let's Get Eggstra
  • Dye Hard
  • Cool Chicks Only
  • Party With My Peeps
  • Hunt for the Red Easter Egg
  • Grab Your Peeps
  • Let's Get Yolked Hoppy Hour
  • Let's Party, for Peep's Sake
  • The Hoppening
  • Candy Is a Girl's Best Friend
  • Chillin' with my Peeps
  • Hop Stuff Shindig

Easter Party Names for Everybunny

Small details, like a funny or sweet Eater party name, can really set your event apart from the others. Be sure to pick yummy dishes, seasonal cocktails, and fun Easter activities for your guests. On the day of the event, they'll be so eggcited to see what you have planned and spend time with you!

65 Eggciting Easter Party & Event Names to Make You Hoppy