7 Meaningful Easter Colors & Tips for Using Them in Your Decor

The deeper meanings of traditional Easter colors can help you decorate for the season with thought and style.

Updated February 13, 2024

From your Sunday celebration to the seasonal decor in your home, Easter colors do much more than make your space bright and beautiful. Each of the classic Easter colors has a deeper meaning and a significant use for your Easter decor. With a meaningful Easter color palette, your seasonal spring display will be as thoughtful as it is lovely. 

Green Refreshes

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Symbolizing growth, rebirth, and new life, green gives your Easter decor a refreshing base. Green acts as a neutral among your other seasonal decorations if you use it in plant life. Faux greenery and real leaves with movement double the life-giving meaning of this soft spring color. 

Add greenery to your table centerpiece in a brightly colored vase or drape a bit of green garland across your spring mantel. This lively color feels natural and effortless in plant life so you can enjoy it long after the Easter season passes.

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Gold Glorifies


Gold represents glory and triumph, specifically Jesus' resurrection and triumph over death according to the Christian meaning of the holiday. Adding touches of gold to your table or your decorative Easter display gives a nod toward the joy of the celebration.

For a sophisticated and subtle approach, add gold details in candlesticks or decorative trays. You might choose gold or brass silverware for your Easter table settings or serve your classic Easter dessert on a painted gold cake plate.

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You can choose bright yellow in place of gold, as it can represent general joy, new life during the spring, and sunshine.

White Is Pure

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White can symbolize purity or grace in your Easter decor. From white flowers to soft white ceramics, this color is easy to weave into your spring decor.

Linens and textiles are elegant ways to add white decor to your Easter celebration. From your tablecloth at the dinner table to the blankets and pillows on your sofa, this approach is timeless enough to stick around all season long. 

Pink Is Joyous


Pink has many meanings for the Easter season. It can represent new beginnings, joy, purity, and hope. This color is easy to use in your seasonal spring decor, even if it's a color not often seen in your home throughout the year.

Pops of pink naturally fit into the floral aspects of your Easter decor. From the wreath on your door to the vase on your table, various pink blooms breathe new life into your space and can certainly add joy to your day.

Red Represents Love


Traditionally, red is meant to represent the blood of Christ during Easter. It can also represent love, sacrifice, and suffering.

This color may feel more bold or out of place among the usual pastels of the Easter season. Try using it in a classic pattern so the color feels at home among other decor. Timeless gingham or stripes on textiles or dinnerware help you include the color in a way that doesn't overpower the softer Easter shades.

Purple Is for Remembrance


Purple, or violet, represents quite a few things during Easter. It can symbolize sorrow and suffering as well as humility, remembrance, and royalty. This is one of the most popular Easter colors, often seen in altar cloths and floral displays in churches.

From florals and ribbons to sweet baskets and painted eggs, there are countless ways to incorporate purple into your Easter decorations. You might consider a monochromatic approach, with various shades of the color throughout your display. Deep purple, bright violet, and soft lavender make a seasonal statement from your wreath to your table settings.

Fast Fact

Violet also represents the season of Lent leading up to Easter.

Soft Blue Is Spiritual


In contrast to the deeper blue of Advent which represents the birth of Christ, a soft shade of blue fits the Easter season as it represents spirituality and grace. This is more like the pastel blue or robbin egg blue often used in Easter decor. 

The signature shade of sky blue works for nearly any area of your Easter decor. Use it to complement the other pastels in your spring decorations or let it make the deeper shades of the season, like gold and red, pop against a blue backdrop.

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Have a Colorful Holiday


Your spring and Easter decor can truly be in any shade or color you like. Traditional uses and meanings for colors may exist, but you're free to lean into the style and color palette that best helps you celebrate the season. Whatever decor colors you use, let them inspire you to focus on hope, joy, and growth.

7 Meaningful Easter Colors & Tips for Using Them in Your Decor