40 Mind-Boggling March Trivia Questions & Answers to Make You Think

March is brimming with the excitement of spring, plus some fun holidays & interesting facts. Can you amaze your friends with your March trivia knowledge?

Published February 8, 2024
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March makes everyone think of spring, but did you know that the official start of the season doesn't arrive until the end of the third week of the month? If you're looking for more mind-boggling March trivia, then try your hand at the many interesting March trivia questions and answers below!

March Trivia Questions & Answers: Simple Stats, Symbols, & Superstitions

You may think that you know the basics of March, but these facts could leave you surprised! The third month of the year is a big time for change, which brings lots of superstitions and oddities. These March trivia questions and answers will help to grow your knowledge on this period of new beginnings. Use the questions in this printable for fun on your next trivia or game night

Which famous god is March named after? 

Mars, the Roman god of War

What are the birthstones of March?

Aquamarine and bloodstone

What is the official birth flower of March?


What is the full moon in March called?

The worm moon

What are the two zodiac signs for March birthdays?

Pisces and Aries

February, March, and what other month always start on the same day of the week?


Every year, March and what other month end on the same day of the week?


March is the start of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. What season does March usher in if you're in the Southern Hemisphere?


True or False: March used to be the first month of the year on early Roman calendars.


In early Roman times, the "Ides of March" was the deadline for what?

Paying off debts

What does the superstition "If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb" mean?

If the weather is roaring at the beginning of the month, it will be calm by the end of it.

According to weather folklore, if it's a rainy March, what other month will be rainy?


Oppositely, if it's a dry March, what month should you expect rain, according to weather folklore?


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Marvelous March Trivia Facts: Meaningful Moments of the Month

We all know that March brings the start of spring, but there are a handful of holidays that you may be missing! Can you make your way through this March trivia about the celebrations of this spectacular time of year?

What astronomical event marks the first day of spring?

The vernal equinox

When does daylight saving time officially begin in March?

On the second Sunday of the month

In the spring, do we gain or lose an hour for daylight saving time?

Lose an hour

What mathematical holiday do we celebrate in the middle of March?

Pi Day

If you really want to make the most of Pi Day, what time should you celebrate?

1:59 AM or PM

What year did the March Madness tournament begin?


Why is Easter sometimes in March and sometimes in April?

The date is determined by the first full moon, following the spring equinox. Easter occurs on the first Sunday following this event.

Similarly, Passover is typically celebrated in March or April following the first full moon of which Hebrew calendar month?


True or False: Saint Patrick was Irish.


What year did MTV's first spring break program premiere?


Who is the first NCAA championship winner?

Ohio State

In recent years, March Madness has been tied to an uptick in what type of male surgery?


What is the last Sunday of Lent called before Easter?

Palm Sunday

What Islamic holiday is celebrated in March?


What color should you not wear on St. Patrick's Day?


Need to Know

The reason why you should celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 at 1:59 AM or PM is because the number pi has a value of 3.14159.

Challenging March Trivia Facts: Remarkable Moments & People in March History

Over the years, a lot of significant moments have occurred in the month of March. These March trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge on this momentous time of year!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

What famous children's author was born on the 2nd day of March?

Dr. Seuss

What famous Roman ruler was assassinated on the Ides of March?

Julius Caesar

Which extraordinary scientist, responsible for the theory of relativity, was born in March?

Albert Einstein

Which famous inventor, responsible for the creation of the telephone, was born in March?

Alexander Graham Bell 

Whose death do we celebrate each year by wearing green in the middle of March?

St. Patrick

On March 2nd, 1836, the Lone Star State declared independence from what country?


What social media company was created in March?


What stretchy desk supply item was created in March of 1845?

The rubber band

What important government document written by our founding fathers went into effect on March 9, 1879?

The United States Constitution

Which famous song, that is used in celebrations with cake and presents, was published in a songbook in March of 1924?

"Happy Birthday to You"

On March 1st, 1872, what location in America became the world's first national park?


What famous doll was introduced to the world in March of 1959?


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March Trivia Facts Might Make You Want to Learn

As the world brightens with color and added sunlight, we become more inquisitive and eager to learn. If you want to explore more March trivia topics, check out our spring riddles and spring facts for kids!

40 Mind-Boggling March Trivia Questions & Answers to Make You Think