75 Spectacular Space Jokes & Puns That Will Light Up Your Year

These space jokes are out of this world!

Published May 15, 2023
Male astronaut in space suit sitting on steps during sunny day

Have you been searching for UFOs - Unbelievably Funny One-Liners? If so, this is a spectacular spot to park your spacecraft! We've explored the galaxy and have found an astronomical collection of space jokes and space puns to light up your solar system. Get your spacesuit ready for some side-splitting cracks about the cosmos!

Sun-sationally Funny Space Jokes That'll Rock Your World

Just like Cassiopeia, these are some five-star space jokes that will brighten your night!

Young girl looking through homemade telescope at home

What does an astronaut do when his hair gets too long in space?

Eclipse it.

What did the astronaut say when his date canceled on him?

All suited up with no space to go.

What did the star say to the moon who was having a tantrum?

Stop your waning!

What do you call an almond on the International Space Station?

An astro-nut!

How do aliens pay for their coffee in space?

With Star bucks!

What is an astronaut's favorite part of a keyboard?

The space bar.

How does Santa Claus get a kiss from Mrs. Claus when they are flying their sleigh through space?

He uses missile-toe!

My astronaut buddy became quite claustrophobic on the international Space Station…

He said he needed a little space.

What does a telescope say when he thinks someone is attractive?

Hubble, hubble.

How do you put a baby astronaut to sleep?

You rock-it!

How do you keep a rocket ship from floating off in space?

You tie it up with an astro-knot!

What is an astronaut's favorite song?

Amazing space!

How does a rocket scientist ask out an astronaut on a date?

He says "Want to go somewhere on my launch break?".

What did the astronaut say when she turned down the rocket scientist's date proposal?

Sorry, I'd rather us stay Pluto-nic friends.

How do astronauts say goodbye?

See you crater, space invader!

There was only one clear winner in the space race.

Don't worry though, they gave everyone who participated a constellation prize!

What do you call a space man who has gone crazy?

A lunar-tic!

How do spacemen make amends?

They apollo-gize and say they're starry!

What is a spaceman's favorite drink?


How do you park a rocket ship?

You simply moon-euver it into the space!

More Moon-umental Space Jokes That'll Bring Life to Any Planet

Outer my way! We have more stupendous space jokes to share!

Man dressed in alien costume looking at mobile

What do the moon's parents say when he is being particularly difficult?

Gibbous strength!

What do you call a lazy spaceman?

A procr-astronaut-er!

Did you hear that Mickey and Goofy went to space?

They were searching for Pluto!

What did the alien say to the gardener?

Take me to your weeder!

A rancher decided to start a dairy farm in space. Guess what he named it?

The Milky Way!

How do aliens catch up on Superman's latest saves?

They read comet books!

How did the other planets react when they found out that the sun was their leader?

They started a revolution!

What is the moon's favorite breakfast?

Cinna-moon raisin toast and crescents with space jam on top!

How did the space fight start?

Jupiter yelled "comet me bro!".

Where can you see a planet's latest photos?

On his Spacebook account.

Did you hear that the sun fell in love with a moon?

It was love at first light!

Why did the sun decide to not go to college?

Because he already had a few million degrees!

What is a planet's favorite amusement park attraction?

The solar coasters!

Why did the astronaut's grades drop?

He kept spacing out in class.

What is the first thing the sun says to his flare when he wakes up?

Rays and shine!

What does an astronaut order at his favorite restaurant on the moon?

A satellite dish!

Did you know that the sun is the ultimate optimist?

He's always looking on the brighter side of things.

Did you hear about the meteor shower that caused the rocket ship to crash?

It has d-astroid my faith in safe space travel.

My teenage moon is always in a mood.

I'm hoping it's just a phase.

Did you hear about Neil Armstrong's latest book about anti-gravity?

It's impossible to put down!

Spectac-solar Space Jokes That Are Always a Big Bang

Don't get sucked into a big black hole of sadness! We still have more silly space jokes for you to enjoy.

man wearing alien costume and bright red suit using smart phone

How does an astronaut get off all the moon dust after going on a space walk?

He takes a meteor shower!

Did you hear about the astronaut who broke his phone?

He Saturn it!

Why did the astronaut visit Saturn?

To find a ring for his girlfriend!

What is a spaceman's favorite accessory?

His asteroid belt!

Why should you always go to alien book stores to find romance novels?

Because they tell the best love starries!

Who is a planet's favorite superhero?


Did you hear the moon got a ticket?

He forgot to put his Starbucks in the parking meteor!

How do planets come up with the best business ideas?

They use their i-moon-ginations

Birthday parties in space are the worst.

They have no atmosphere.

How can you find out if a planet has passed away?

You read the orbit-uaries!

How did Mars ask Saturn on a date?

He told her to give him a ring sometime!

What does an alien eat with chocolate and graham crackers?

A martian-mallow!

How do Earth, Jupiter, and Mars prepare for a party?

They plan-it!

What kind of music do the astronauts listen to on the International Space Station?


Did you hear about the man who fell in love with an alien?

She abducted his heart!

What do you call a person who loves to eat brisket in space?

A meat-eor.

Did you hear that Einstein came up with a theory about space?

Well, it's about time!

How did the astronaut teddy bear make it across the moon?


Who can you count on to find the cow that jumped over the moon?

A space cowboy!

What do you call a bakery in space?

A spacetry shop!

Stellar Space Puns to Caption Your Out-of-This-World Photos

Got sun-thing space-ial to share on social media? Make sure it has a clever caption to pair with it.

Kids space theme birthday party with cake
  • I can't help but to gravitate towards you!
  • Don't take things so sirius-ly!
  • Catch you lunar!
  • No comet.
  • Happy b-earth-day!
  • Today truly eclipsed my expectations!
  • Better safe than starry!
  • Wait a moon-ite!
  • Shuttle up!
  • Is there life on other planets? The world may never know. #NeverAStraightAnswer
  • You are the center of my universe.
  • Comet me bro!
  • Rays and shine!
  • Let's get astrophysical.

  • Will you crater to my every whim?

Space Jokes Are Always a Blast

Whether you are a lover of the stars, the sun, or something in between, space jokes and puns are a great way to fill the void and keep the world turning in a positive way! Fun factoids are also a fantastic way to pass the time - check out our spectacular sun facts for more excitement.

75 Spectacular Space Jokes & Puns That Will Light Up Your Year