109 Animal Trivia Questions & Answers: Test Your Critter Quotient

How much do you know about the animal kingdom? Test your knowledge with our animal trivia questions and answers.

Published April 9, 2024
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As dedicated animal lovers, we adore learning more about all the critters that inhabit our world. And answering animal trivia questions is a super fun way to do it. Are you an animal novice or an expert? Try our animal trivia and find out.

Marvelous Mammals Trivia Questions & Answers

We adore mammals — our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. These animal trivia questions and answers range from easy to difficult so anyone can test their knowledge and learn a little something along the way.

What is the largest land mammal in the world?

African elephant

Which type of monkeys are the smallest?

Pygmy marmosets

What is the only flying mammal?

The bat

What types of animals are llamas and alpacas?


What is the gestation period of an elephant?

22 months

What type of animal is the capybara?

A rodent

What are marsupial infants called?


Red pandas are members of which animal family?


What do whales spout out of their blowholes?


What are civet secretions used to make?


What is the slowest land mammal?

The three-toed sloth

What mammal has the strongest bite in the world?


What color is yak’s milk right after they calf?


Remarkable Reptile Trivia Questions & Answers

Just because they're cold-blooded doesn't mean reptiles aren't lovable. Try our animal trivia questions about reptiles and see how much you know. 

What is the purpose of scales on reptiles?


What is the largest reptile on the planet?

Saltwater crocodile

What process allows a lizard to regrow a lost tail?

Blastema-based regeneration

Where do sea turtles lay their eggs?

On the beach

What type of animal is a red-eared slider?

A turtle

What type of snake is the largest in the world?


What do chameleons do to regulate their body temperature?

Change color

How long can a crocodile go without eating?

A year

What type of lizard that walks on water is also known as the Jesus Christ lizard?

Plumed basilisk

What is the study of reptiles called?


How many eyes does an iguana have?


Astounding Amphibian Trivia Questions & Answers

They live on land and water, which makes them absolutely astounding by nature. Our trivia questions will help you discover how much you know about these amazing creatures.

What are the three main types of amphibians?

Frogs & toads, salamanders & newts, and caecilians

What type of frog is the largest in the world?

The Goliath frog

What type of salamander has the longest lifespan?

Blind salamander

What type of frog doesn’t have lungs?

Bornean flat-headed frog

What is the largest amphibian in the world?

Chinese giant salamander

What type of amphibian is a newt?

It’s a salamander.

Which has teeth — toads or frogs?


What is the larval stage of frogs called?


Are amphibians cold-blooded or warm-blooded?


Where must all amphibians live to survive?

In a moist environment

Questions & Answers About Animal Groups

From a pride of lions to a concavation of eagles, some of the official group names for animals make a ton of sense, some are a little strange, and some are downright funny. So brush up on your names for groups of animals and answer our trivia questions. 

What do you call a group of crows?

A murder

What do you call a group of baboons?

A troupe

What do you call a group of caterpillars?

An army

What do you call a group of boars?

A sounder

What do you call a group of donkeys?

A drove

What do you call a group of jaguars?

A shadow

What do you call a group of hyenas?

A cackle

What do you call a group of grasshoppers?

A cloud

What do you call a group of stingrays?

A fever

What do you call a group of skunks?

A stench

Trivia Questions and Answers About Animals in Pop Culture

We love a good book, movie, or TV show that features an adorable animal. From cartoons to Broadway hits, animals pop up everywhere. How well do you know your animal pop culture?

What kind of dog is Scooby Doo? 

A great Dane

What type of animal was responsible for the sounds made by the dolphin in the television show Flipper?


Were the Snakes on a Plane real or CGI?

They were real.

What dog breed was Eddie from Frasier?

Jack Russel terrier

What dog breed was Toto from The Wizard of Oz?

Brindle cairn terrier

What’s the name of the rat in Charlotte’s Web?


What’s the name of the donkey in Animal Farm?


What was Grumpy Cat’s real name?

Tardar Sauce

Which cat is the magical cat in the Broadway show Cats?

Mr. Mistoffelees

How many different pigs played Babe in the movie?


What type of whale was Moby Dick?

White sperm whale

Beautiful Birds Trivia Questions & Answers

From the tiniest bird to the one with the largest wingspan in the world, our bird trivia questions and answers lend insight into these amazing creatures.

Which bird has the largest wingspan?

Wandering albatross

When it gets very cold, hummingbirds are able to protect themselves by going into what?


What is the smallest bird in the world?

The bee hummingbird

How much water can an American white pelican hold in its bill?

3 gallons

What is a group of birds flying together in synch called?

A murmuration

What is the fold of flesh that hangs from a turkey’s throat called?

A wattle

What type of birds are doves?


What bird can fly the fastest?

Peregrine falcon

What species of penguin is the largest?

Emperor penguins

What makes flamingos pink?

Their diet

What kind of beak do all birds of prey have?


Insect & Other Creepy Crawlies Trivia Questions & Answers

We know spiders aren't insects (they're arachnids), but they're creepy crawlies. Test your knowledge of the bug kingdom.

Cool funny macro image of a dragonfly on a leaf.

What on houseflies is about 10 million times more sensitive than the human tongue?

Their feet

What is silk made from?

Silkworm cocoons

What’s the difference between millipedes and centipedes?

Millipedes have two sets of legs per body segment. Centipedes have one.

What is the study of bugs called?


What bugs were the first living creatures to be sent into space?

Fruit flies

How many eyes do caterpillars have?


What butterflies have the longest migration?

The painted lady

Which insects are the fastest runners?


How far away can you hear male cicadas?

¼ mile

Which type of insect has lived on Earth the longest?


How many eyes do spiders have?


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Fantastic Fish Trivia Questions & Answers

Underwater worlds are mysterious and full of all kinds of interesting creatures. What do you know about fish? 

What are fish gills used for?

Getting oxygen from the water

Why do eels emit electric shocks?

To detect prey and navigate

What species of fish is the most poisonous?


What are fish called before they reach adulthood?


What is the largest species of fish?

Whale sharks

What do sharks have that other fish don’t?


What type of fish produces the most eggs?

Ocean sunfish

What species of fish is the fastest?


Salmon are anadromous. What does that mean?

They can migrate between saltwater and freshwater.

What differentiates the opah from what we know about other fish?

Opah are warm-blooded.

Pet Trivia Questions & Answers

Dogs and cats live beside humans, so there's a good chance we know a lot about them. Our trivia questions test your knowledge about humanity's closest companions.

What country of the world has more pet dogs than any other?

The United States

How do dogs sweat?

Through their paws

What breed of dog can’t bark?


What type of cat has no tail?


What do cats use their tails for?

Balance and communication

How many sets of eyelids do cats have?


How many bones do cats have?


What is the purpose of a cat’s whiskers?


Do cats dream?


What breed of dogs is the fastest?


What is the most common command people train their dogs?


What sense don’t puppies have when they’re born?


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Trivia About Baby Animal Names

They're super adorable, and they have cute or interesting names. Just like a human baby is called an infant (as are monkeys and gorillas), baby animals have different names than their adult counterparts. 

What is a baby alpaca called?

A cria

What is a baby cicada called?

A nymph

What type of animal baby is a leptocephal?

An eel

What’s the term for a baby fox?

A kit

What’s a baby hare called?

A leveret

What is the term for a baby jellyfish?


What’s the term for a baby otter?


What are baby oysters called?


What's a baby platypus called?


What is a cygnet?

A baby swan

Animal Trivia for Animal Lovers

How did you do? Chances are, if you love animals as much as we do, you did okay. And while some of our animal trivia questions were expert level, we hope you learned a little and developed even more appreciation for the amazing animal kingdom. 

109 Animal Trivia Questions & Answers: Test Your Critter Quotient