White Orb Meanings: Are There Spirits Present?

Many white orbs in photos & videos are probably dust or photographic artifacts. But a lot of people believe they're spirits sharing Divine love and support.

Updated May 24, 2024
White orbs

White is one of the most common orb colors, primarily because many things in the natural world (like dust or bugs) can look like white orbs in photographs and videos. But what about white spirit orbs that are clearly not bugs or dust? What do white orbs mean?

While there's a lot of debate in the paranormal community about whether orbs are a sign of spiritual energy, many people believe they are. And when a white orb appears, it's probably a positive sign. White orb meanings are associated with divine energy, innocence, and purity. So if a white orb appears to you, whether it's in a photo or video or you see it in person, the universe could be sending you a positive message of love.

White Orb Meanings: Divine Energy

White orbs are typically associated with divinity and spiritual energy. Many believe they are spiritual messengers, angelic beings, or a highly evolved soul. White orbs could also be intermediaries between the physical world and the spiritual world. Some white spirit orb entities are thought to have once been incarnated in the physical.

Both angelic and formerly human spirit orbs have specific missions. It could be:

  • A spirit guide that manifests in the form of an orb when it needs to deliver an important message
  • A spirit that has chosen to serve as a bridge between divinity and humanity to provide hope and love
  • A guardian that shows up during threatening situations or pivotal moments in the person's life.
  • The soul of a person who was a protector in their earthly life, such as medical professionals, caregivers, law enforcement professionals, and religious leaders
  • An innocent soul, such as the soul of a child or a very young soul
  • A manifestation of crown chakra energy
White Orb Meanings

White Orbs as Spirit Guides

White is the color of our higher selves, associated with the crown chakra. Many people believe that our spirit guides live in the divine realms and communicate with us through our higher selves (and our crown chakra). So if you spot a white orb, particularly if you see it in person (as opposed to in a picture or video), it could be a spirit guide reaching out to provide support.

White Orbs as Messengers of Hope

If you ever spot a white orb when you're feeling down or discouraged, it could be a spirit messenger sending you a message of hope. We love this white orb meaning, because we've all had times in our lives when we could use some hope and encouragement.

White Orbs as Guardian Spirits

When we seek spiritual protection, we often surround ourselves with the white light of spirit. So it makes total sense that guardian spirits could appear to us as white orbs, surrounding us with protective and nourishing white light.

White Orbs as Protective Souls

Souls who were protectors when they were living human lives often have white light energy. So if someone you love who has died was in a protective role such as a firefighter or a nurse, a white orb could be them, popping in to say hi.

White Orbs as Innocents

Sometimes, white orbs can also represent innocent souls, such as children who have died or very young souls who haven't yet incarnated on the planet. 

White Orbs as Crown Chakra Energy

Every chakra vibrates at a certain frequency that is associated with a specific color. And your crown chakra vibrates at a very high and pure frequency associated with the color white. If you have a very active crown chakra, a white orb could be a manifestation of your own energy, associated with your higher self and Divine energy.

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Meaning of Different White Shades of Orbs

Hand Touching Glowing Source of White Light

There are more colors of white than pure white. Here's what it could mean if you spot a white orb in different shades/presentations.

  • Murky/cloudy white orb: An evolved soul somehow trapped on the earthly plane or a spirit that is confused and unsure of how to move on to the next plane of existence
  • Brilliant white: An angelic being
  • Soft or pale white: A spirit with kind, compassionate, and tender feelings for the human condition; conveys unconditional love and empathy
  • Opaque white: Dense matter; may be the precursor to a full-bodied manifestation of a spirit or a larger spirit presence than an orb, such as a vapor or fog-like appearance

Assessing White Orb Meanings

If you see a white orb and wonder what it symbolizes, these meanings are a good place to start. When you encounter it, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and see what comes to mind. That may be all you need to tell you what the white orb is trying to communicate or why it has appeared.

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White Orb Meanings: Are There Spirits Present?