45 Captivating Christmas Riddles That Will Claus You to Think

These Christmas riddles for kids and adults are sure to perplex and puzzle you this holiday season.

Published November 29, 2023
Cheerful family talking on Christmas eve in dining room

Calling all Christmas experts! Are you a Noel know-it-all? These Christmas riddles are harder than you think, so your Yuletide knowledge better be in sync! We have Christmas riddles for kids, adults, and everyone in between, so if you are claus-itive that you know the facts, then go ahead and prove that you are the Christmas king or queen! 

Easy Christmas Riddles for All Ages

These clever Christmas riddles for kids and teens are the perfect way to keep their minds moving while on winter break! All these Christmas brain teasers describe classic holiday things, but don't let that trick you into believing that they're easy to solve! Some may stump you! Yule never know until you try, so go ahead, prove your elf!

Christmas Riddles for All Ages

Everyone knows that you need to leave Santa a treat,
and we are what you leave him on Christmas Eve to eat.
What am I?

Milk and cookies

I am something that people decorate every year,
And whether or not I end up looking good, the process brings people good cheer.
When the decorating is done, my ginger sides are colorful and bright,
They are also sweet, making it hard to resist taking a bite!
What am I?

A gingerbread house

I am not a bat or a bird, but I still have beautiful wings,
And my job is to protect both commoners and kings.
You might find me perched at the top of your tree,
And I am a big part of the Christmas story.
What am I?

An angel

I am the epitome of merry,
And my face is very, very hairy.
I am famous for delivering presents in my giant red sleigh,
And I expect to see milk and cookies waiting for me on a tray.
Who am I?

Santa Claus

You can find us in Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, too.
Although, Will Ferrell's rendition of us caused a lot of hullabaloo.
We are the makers of the toys and the less recognized bringers of good cheer,
You could call us a bunch of Christmas engineers.
Who are we?


I am something that you make on a particular day,
But if it gets too warm, I melt away.
I have eyes made of coal and a carrot nose,
And I am the king of anytime it snows.
What am I?

A snowman

There are rumors that my origin is rooted in gold,
And most of friends have people’s names written on their top fold,
Santa fills me up with gifts on Christmas Eve night,
But if you are bad, you might find coal in your sight.
What am I?

A Christmas stocking

Some might call me a bit of a flake,
When I don't appear when you first wake.
My presence can really hinder your ability to learn,
And I make driving a bit of a concern.
Nonetheless, I bring children and many adults an abundance of delight,
When I coat the ground in a blanket of white.
What am I?


Every Christmas I am dressed to the nines,
With outfits covered in all kinds of designs.
People also wrap me in ribbons and bows,
Until you open me, what's inside of me is something that you will never know.
What am I?

A present

I am a place that's perfectly white,
Where you likely won't see anyone but elves and reindeer in sight.  
Well, there is also that Jolly Old Saint Nick and his sleigh,
That is where they all live, and work, and play.
What am I?

The North Pole

Typically I am long and lean,
Which is why the idea of Santa sliding down me is absolutely obscene.
Yet, he manages to make it down every Christmas Eve night,
To fill the stockings on my mantel with toys and other things that bring delight.
What am I?

A chimney

I am the spreader of love on Valentine's Day,
But you can also find me pulling Santa's sleigh.
Some may mistake me for an elk when taking a quick glance,
And I have two sisters who like to prance and dance.
Who am I?

Cupid the reindeer 

Some might say that I am a bit of a grump,
I live with my dog at the top of Mount Crump(it),
Green with envy, I stole Christmas one night,
But a little girl helped me to realize the need to make it all right.
Who am I?

The Grinch

I am a bit of a misfit, but that's okay,
Because I ended up becoming the leader of Santa's sleigh.
My red nose is my most recognizable feature, 
You could say that I am a pretty famous Christmas creature.
Who am I?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

People often compare me to a colorful rock,
Because I am filled with dried fruit, and I often come in the shape of a block.
Even if you do find my flavor a bit gross,
I am an ancient holiday dessert that will likely never say adios.
What am I?


Captivating & Challenging Christmas Brain Teasers for Adults

All right, you have proven that some Christmas riddles are not impossi-bell to figure out, but don't get too excited just yet and begin to scream and shout! The Claus for celebration can only come, when you make your way through these more challenging Christmas riddles and end up with a winning outcome!

Captivating & Challenging Christmas Brain Teasers for Adults

I'm a Christmas drink made with the product of a chicken,
If you drink me too fast, the alcohol inside me will kick in.
What am I?


I'm a small sprig of green, with accents of red, pink, and white.
If you want a kiss at Christmas, you just have to place me at a certain height.
What am I?


I am a little man who appears every December,
But sadly, my life is short because I tend to get dismembered.
My gaze is very sweet, and my body tastes like ginger,
And in the Shrek movies, you can see me getting injured.
What am I?

A gingerbread man

My flavor derives from a type of herb,
But to use my winter shape to season food would be absolutely absurd.
Nonetheless, you will be hooked after just one taste,
That's probably why my signature flavor is used in toothpaste.
What am I?

A candy cane

Every single Christmas, people get excited to murder me,
And then they decorate my sides with merriment and glee.
Thankfully, my pine scent lasts long after my demise,
And the decorations and lights that are draped upon me bring joy to children's eyes.
What am I?

A Christmas tree

I'm a little catchy carol that features a lot of birds,
And even if you hate my tune, you likely know the words.
My theme surrounds gift giving, in a very unique way,
I certainly wish I got 364 gifts throughout 12 December days.
What am I?

The 12 Days of Christmas

I am designed to make things merry and bright,
In fact, I turn houses and trees into beautiful sights.
My only downfall is that I am a one-for-all kind of guy,
So if any of my friends don't show their faces, then the whole lot of us die.
What am I?

Christmas lights

I am a sneaky little sprite who wanders around your house,
But I act as if I am living in a complete madhouse.
My job is to report back to Santa about whether you land on the naughty or nice list,
Too bad my mischievous antics have mom and dad pissed.
Who am I?

The Elf on the Shelf

I am two-thirds of the description 'rich, dark, and handsome,'
In fact, I am so delicious that some might consider holding me for ransom.
Marshmallows are almost always paired with me,
Go ahead and take a sip — it will give your tastebuds some glee!
What am I?

Hot chocolate

Like Santa Claus, I travel around the corners of the earth,
To help deliver gifts for the day of Jesus's birth.
However, unlike jolly old Saint Nick,
My only movement occurs when you give me a lick.
What am I?

A stamp

We like to bother you at the worst possible times,
And when we do, we serenade you with Christmas rhymes.
In movies we are dressed in old-timey attire,
And we are likely a part of your church choir.
Who are we?

Christmas carolers

I only come out in the dark of night,
Unless a Christmas tree is in your line of sight.
Dreamers always tell me their greatest wishes,
And when I'm moving really fast in the sky, I may be something that your vision misses.
What am I?

A star

Don't let my name fool you, I am not related to a lizard,
In fact, I am a species that has a gizzard.
I am typically thought of during the Christmas season,
My name being repeated in a holiday song is probably the reason.
I don't know why someone would give a pair of us to their true love,
I honestly think that we are something they would likely get rid of.
What am I?

A turtle dove

People gather around me at the beginning of the night,
To watch me dance under the beauty of moonlight.
My superpower is making your chill disappear,
This is why you typically only see me during the colder months of the year.
What am I?

A bonfire

You can find me in a treat, in the sky, and at your feet,
However, we cannot meet if there is any heat.
While most folks hate me while they're driving,
With skates on, you'll be gleefully sliding.
What am I?


Quick Tip

Christmas trivia is another entertaining way to keep your brain turning and test your knowledge of the holiday season. Make sure to check out our Christmas trivia, holiday movie trivia, and Christmas quizzes to find more fun.

Funny Christmas Riddles to Deliver a Few Laughs

We couldn't leave you without a laugh or two, so here are some joke-style Christmas riddles to gift you with some giggles before we say adieu!

What do you call a fake Christmas tree? A faux fir!

Where do elves vote on their Christmas work hours?

The North Poll!

How do kids always know that Santa has arrived?

They can sense his presents!

Which Christmas dinner attendee will never be hungry?

The stuffed turkey!

Why are elves bad at spelling?

They think the alphabet has no-EL!

Why are elves the kings and queens of social media?

They know how to take good elfies!

What did Charles Dickens name his cough drop company?

Great Expectorations!

How much did Santa's sleigh cost?

Nothing! It was on the house!

What does Saint Nick do the day after Christmas?

He takes a Santa pause. 

What do you call a fake Christmas tree?

A faux fir!

How does Kris Kringle stay healthy throughout the holiday season?

He uses Santa-tizer after each stop!

How did Father Christmas solve the mystery of the missing present?

He followed the Santa clues!

Why did Santa leave people feet for Christmas?

Because he thought they seemed like great stocking fillers!

Why do Christmas trees prefer living in the past?

Because the present's beneath them!

What do you call St. Nick when he falls down the chimney?

A Santa Klutz!

What do you call an elf who gets into mischief when Santa is not around?

A rebel without a Claus!

Christmas Riddles Are Great for Holiday Parties

A little competition can bring a sleighful of fun! For the folks hosting holiday parties this Christmas season, consider using these Christmas brain teasers for a trivia-style game. Split into teams and see who can figure out the answers the fastest. The winner gets an extra steal during the white elephant gift exchange, and the loser takes home the fruitcake!

45 Captivating Christmas Riddles That Will Claus You to Think