18 Colorful Nail Ideas Inspired by Pantone's Colors of the Year

Stay on top of the latest colorful nail trends with all the stylish shades from Pantone.

Published January 17, 2024

If you're looking for the perfect colorful nail look to brighten your style, take a hue cue from Pantone. Pantone's colors of the year keep your nails in vogue and we can show you how easily you can get the looks. From multicolor nail variations to nail designs that show off this year's hottest colors, your fingertips will be anything but boring. 

Peach Reigns as Nail Queen This Year


Pantone named Peach Fuzz 2024's color of the year and it's a warm and creamy color we can't wait to slather on our nails. From the soft shades of winter to the warm tones of summer, we plan to sport the color all year.

If you want in on the stylish action, try testing out the trendy color with a simple manicure. Short rounded and squared nails are back and perfect for showing off the sweet shade. 

Use Fuzzy Peach on Colorful French Tips

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If you want to blend trendy peach into your multicolored nail design, French tips are a classic style choice. Pair the color of the year with other pastel shades like lavender, blush, and mint. 

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You'll also find fuzzy peach on our list of cocktails inspired by Pantone's colors of the year.

Lilac Lit Up New York Fashion Week


Pantone didn't just give us a dreamy color of the year for 2024. They also gave us the fashion color trend report for spring. Topping the list is the lovely shade of lilac that was popular in the fall of last year. We're loving it for our next glitter or chrome manicure. 

Add Lilac to a Pastel Rainbow Swirl

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Lilac breathes elegance into your next multicolor nail look. Combine it with other soft colors to make a rainbow swirl as sweet as you are. 

Need to Know

Longer nails work best for this nail design. Ask for almond tips to get that soft-girl aesthetic you're looking for. 

Muted Green Gets the Fashion Stamp of Approval


We've been loving shades of sage for quite some time and it looks like the color is here to stay. Muted green is just as lovely with a glossy top coat as it is paired with a neutral polish. This earthy and sophisticated nail color works in nearly every manicure shape and style. 

Rich Green Deepens Gemstone Nails

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Gemstone nails are the next big trend and deep, muted green shows just how in vogue you are. Give green, and the rest of the rainbow, the glitter treatment for your next multicolored manicure. 

Rusty Red Made the List

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Pastels are headed for a big revival, but the deep and earthy tones still have a place. We're loving this rusty red for a glossy nail look fit for a fall manicure or to stand out among softer hues all year long. 

Rust Warms Up Marble Nails

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Marble nails are trendy, but you can stand out with this shade of warm rust. Choosing rich or saturated shades for your marble nail look adds depth to your style and works as well for fall as it does for summer. This is a rainbow nail design that will capture all the best attention.

Quick Tip

For a fun spin on the popular marble look, ask for watercolor nails. They have a free-spirited sort of vibe to add stylish fun to your fit.

Deep Blue Is Fashion Forward


Rusty red isn't the only deep color expected on the runway this year. Pantone forecasts an ocean blue for New York and London fashion weeks. If ever there were a color for an iridescent or chrome top coat, it's this rich blue.  

Go Deep With Your Aura Nails

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Aura nails are like Nothern Lights for your fingertips and your stylist can make them with nearly any color combination. Trending deep blue blends a stylish shade with an up-and-coming nail design that truly sparkles.

Specify with your stylist if you prefer the traditional aura look with your feature color in the center of each nail or an aura stain look with tons of different colors. 

Lemony Yellow Brightens Your Style


Cool-toned yellow is the bright color you need for spring and it's an unexpected color for your warm-weather manicure. You'll probably see the color a lot this year, but you'll be ahead of the trend with sunny yellow nails. Bright yellow is also a great choice for your next vacation nail look

Yellow Makes a Striking Gradient Nail

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Gradient nails are similar to ombre nails in the way they gradually move from one color to the next. For a bright yellow, ask for a gradient that flows into a soft seafoam green.

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The key to a gradient nail is to move the hue across your hand rather than each nail individually. This gives you a more striking nail look with plenty of attention on that trendy yellow. 

Mint Makes a Comeback This Year


Remember how crazy we all went for mint green in the 2010s? Well, get ready to lose your mind again. Mint green is projected to be popular on the spring runways and it's the perfect way to lean into bright or pastel shades. 

Blend Mint With Iridescence

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For a multicolored nail design that's ahead of the trends, iridescent rainbows with an ombre effect combine all the current nail styles. With soft mint green as the star player, this manicure has all the shimmer and shine you're looking for in a stunning nail design. 

Denim Blue Beckons Y2K Style Back

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Deep ocean blues are just one shade of the color making waves this spring. Denim blue is also on Pantone's list of color predictions and it's somewhat symbolic of all the early 2000s styles climbing through the trends. 

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Glittery Stripes Help You Sport a Trending Shade

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If we're embracing the trends of pop star crazes and bucket hats, we may as well get on board with tons of glitter and bold stripes. Striped nails with a glittering top coat show off your knowledge of the coming styles and let that dusty denim blue take center stage. 

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If ten glittery striped nails are a bit much for you, ask for stripes on your ring fingers and stick to that moody blue on all your other nails.

Bold Orange Captivates

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Pantone predicts quite a few muted and pastel shades in the coming months and even a deep hue or two. But none of the colors quite compare to the rich and bright qualities of a citrusy orange. If you're going to choose the neon shade, go bold with every aspect of your manicure and ask for shapes like stiletto or coffin. 

Tie Dye Nails are Totally Cute

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There are so many ways to create a multicolor nail look, but tie dye seems fit for a bold color like this shade of orange. Paired with yellow, white, red, or pink, your tie-dyed nail design feels cohesive and complementary. Try tie-dye spots or stamps rather than painting the entire nail to help your bold colors stand out.

Nail the Multicolor Look


Ombre, tie-dye, and marble are just a few ways you can rock the multicolor nail look all year long. Now that you know all the season's hottest colors and just how to show them off on your manicure, everyone will be dying to know where you got your colorful style inspiration. 

18 Colorful Nail Ideas Inspired by Pantone's Colors of the Year