These Are the Colors Women Prefer on Men, According to Science

What's the perfect color for a man to wear to please women? According to science, these are the shades.

Updated June 18, 2024


Believe it or not, several studies have attempted to determine the most attractive color on a man. Of course, not all women will be attracted to the same colors, but these studies have identified some standouts with a broad range of appeal. If you're a guy who's looking to hone your wardrobe to get more attention from the ladies, these are the colors that you should consider focusing on. 

#1: Red

The most popular (and oft-cited) study on color perception and attractiveness was done in 2010, and it named red as the color that women are most attracted to on men. A similar study from the University of Rochester backs up this claim. 

Red suggests power, good health, money, social status, and passion. From a slightly different standpoint, red can boost the wearer's confidence, which makes him more attractive to women in general. The color red reaches across ages and cultures, too, with historical connections throughout the ages. 

If you're looking for a surefire hit, you can't go wrong with red, fellas. 

#2: Black

The second most attractive color for men, according to both studies, is black. Black inspires confidence, leading to others perceiving you as more trustworthy and capable, which is associated with intelligence and sexiness. Sixty-six percent of women in this survey preferred black over other colors (blue was in second place). Still not convinced? Here's another study that compared Pantone colors of the year, which are always trendy and varied, and black was still chosen as the favorite. 

Quick Tip

Black goes with just about everything, so it's a low-effort way to add some appeal to your wardrobe.

#3: Purple

Men are likelier to get a "yes" when they ask women for a date if they're wearing purple. That's a bold claim, but it's backed up by 36% of the women who responded to a survey at Medical Daily. Purple is a mellow color that inspires loyalty and devotion (which the U.K. royals have used exceptionally well), and women who have chosen purple as their favorite color really, really love it.

#4: Blue

Blue is the color that women (and men) most often identify as their favorite. As far as dressing in blue, though, 41.9% of the women who took part in this Esquire survey said that blue is the "most flattering color a man can wear." 

Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you should opt for the head-to-toe denim look, however. Show some restraint there. 

#5: White

More specifically, crisp white t-shirts and jeans. This look scored high on more than one of the surveys, and it's a classic outfit that any man can pull off. There's just something about a plain white t-shirt that is inherently attractive. It even beat out the tuxedo by about 35%!

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Whatever Matches Your Eyes

The Esquire survey is notable for a second response, "whatever matches his eyes." 35.5% of respondents chose this option. Now, if you have blue eyes, you've got it made here. But this can work for green, brown, hazel, or even grey eyes. Choose a shade that is similar to your actual eye color or just a little bit lighter or darker.

Colors to Avoid

In most cases, orange, yellow, and brown performed poorly in surveys. That's not to say that you can't wear these colors, but keep them away from your face. So brown pants and a blue shirt could work well for you (as long as the shades go well together), but you don't want to be rocking an orange sweater or t-shirt if you're after making a good first impression. 

Of course this is all subjective, and some women love to see a man wearing orange, yellow, or brown. As long as you love what you're wearing and feel confident, you'll be just fine. 

More Tips for a Flattering Look

Depending on your coloring, certain colors look better than others on men. Colors can make a bold fashion statement and are a great way to express yourself through your clothing. If you really want to make the most of your color options, start with these tips.

  • If you are blond or have a light complexion, stay away from extremely dark colors near your face. They will be too much of a contrast and too harsh. Soft and muted colors, like lavender, will be the most flattering for you.
  • For you redheads, warm colors work best on you. Try a color that matches your eyes to best complement your features.
  • Men with dark hair and coloring look best in bright colors and white. Blue and red are good colors for you, as well as jewel-tone colors.

If you're unsure, then opt for the classics. White, black, and navy blue are all solid choices, and all of them go well with a touch of red.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Sure, there's some science to back up the colors that women find most attractive on guys, but there's no reason to banish all the brown items in your wardrobe. Wear what you love and what makes you feel attractive. Or mix and match your favorite jeans with a brand-new purple shirt. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, after all. 

These Are the Colors Women Prefer on Men, According to Science