14 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas From Casual to Romantic

From ultra-romantic dresses to deep and moody reds, there's something perfect for you to wear this Valentine's Day.

Published January 21, 2024


For the most romantic day of the year, it's fun to dress the part. Even better, the perfect Valentine's Day look will have you feeling great about yourself and ready to celebrate. We've got tons of Valentine's Day outfit ideas, plus tips to help you choose a look that sends exactly the message you want it to.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sweater


You really can't beat the classic of wearing a heart sweater or shirt for Valentine's Day. For a super cute outfit, keep it understated by pairing it with jeans or leggings and casual shoes. This makes a great option for wearing to work or school.

Quick Tip

Word to the wise: Don't go overboard with the heart decorations. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a walking valentine. Less is more, so stick with just one heart-decorated item.

Keep It Casual With a Red & Pink Combo


Another casual and cute Valentine's outfit idea is to wear a red and pink sweater or sweatshirt with jeans. If you don't have a top that has both red and pink on it, try adding a layer in the other color. For instance, you could wear a red hoodie with a pink tank under it.

Break Out That Flirty Romantic Dress


If there's a day that calls for romantic dresses, it's Valentine's Day. And nothing is quite as romantic as a flowy, floral dress in any shade of red or pink. If it's chilly where you live, layer it up with a jean jacket or leather moto jacket for a more casual vibe, or keep it simple and sweet with a wrap or sweater.

One of You Go Red & One Pink


You don't want to be too matchy-matchy with your Valentine's outfits for couples, but you can definitely coordinate a little. We love the idea of one person wearing red and the other wearing pink. Together, you're sending a super sweet message.

Quick Tip

Another way to dress up for Valentine's Day as a couple is to wear pops of the same shade of red. You can both dress in neutrals and add accessories like scarves, cardigans, ties, or hair ribbons that bring in some red.

Layer Up the Romance With a Pink Outfit


In most places, Valentine's Day isn't exactly the warmest holiday there is. Stay cozy by piling on some layers — plus plenty of red and pink. We love an all-pink tonal look with a soft pink blouse and a warm sweater over the top. You can add a scarf too if you're feeling chilly.

Get Cozy With Touchable Texture


Speaking of staying cozy, a fuzzy sweater and jeans make the ultimate casual and romantic Valentine's Day outfit. Go for any color you love, but make sure the texture is super soft. If your sweater is touchable, it will encourage plenty of cuddling.

Dive Deep With Darker Reds


You see a lot of bright red on Valentine's Day, but we love the idea of a deeper, more serious take on the classic. You can dress in a burgundy sweater or blouse, wear a deep red velvet dress, or stick with accessories like a dark red tie. There's no wrong answer to this moody and romantic look.

Let Your True Self Sparkle for Parties


A Valentine's Day party calls for a special outfit, and it should really show the world who you are. Go full-on glam with sequins and feathers if you're the kind of person who likes to turn heads. More is more for this kind of Valentine's party outfit.

Quick Tip

What if you don't want to sparkle quite so much? Satin, velvet, and other luxe fabrics are great for parties too.

Warm Up With a Sweater Dress


It's hard to beat a sweater dress for cozy style. It does a sweater one better because it's a dress, and it works really well with leggings or tights if you want to stay warm. Pick a red one for a Valentine's outfit that's perfect for work or date night.

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Don't Forget the Red Shoes


You've heard that it's the accessories that make the outfit, and that's never more true than on Valentine's Day. We'll let you in on a little secret: if you wear anything (literally anything) with red shoes, you have a Valentine's outfit. Red shoes are just magic that way.

Feel Beautiful on Your Valentine's Date


Turns out, the color of your outfit and whether it has hearts on it is way less important than how it makes you feel. Our favorite Valentine's outfit idea is to wear what you really love. If that's a red dress, perfect. If it's a black suit, that's great too. You can always add some colorful accessories (hello again, red shoes). It's all about what makes you feel confident.

Keep Your Romantic Look Casual


Wearing a casual T-shirt or sweatshirt can still be romantic if you pick a soft pink color. Pretty much everyone looks great in pink. The key is keeping everything else super laid back: jeans, joggers, that kind of thing. It's sweetly romantic without being at all sappy.

Embrace a Love of Lace in Your Valentine's Day Outfit


If you need a beautiful Valentine's outfit idea for a dinner out, we think it's almost impossible to beat a gorgeous lace top or dress. Think of it as a modern take on the lacy valentine. Keep your accessories minimal, since the lace is already plenty pretty.

Quick Tip

On a first date? White lace can be a little bit bridal and might send the wrong message. Opt for a different shade and you're all set.

Make It Special Without Trying Too Hard


For a foolproof Valentine's outfit to wear to work or out with friends, start with your normal denim jacket or jeans. Add a pink or red top and call it good. It's not about looking totally put-together and perfect; it's about adding just a little extra romance to your everyday outfit.

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Be Yourself on Valentine's Day


The perfect Valentine's outfit idea is the one that feels right to you. If it's something you're comfortable and confident wearing, you'll have more fun no matter what you do for the holiday.

14 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas From Casual to Romantic